By the Numbers

Numbers. I like them.

1. The gas station by my house sells pizza super early in the morning.

That was the only good part of my 16-miler last weekend. The good news is I didn’t have any calf or shoulder pain. The bad news is I had a new hip/glute pain. It’s always gotta be something, right? Training started out great but now my long runs are getting worse by the week. I did more walking in the last three miles than running, so I’m not sure that’s good news for the 18-miler I have scheduled tomorrow morning.

2.  I’ve been trying out some new running fuel.

Usually I eat PB&Js on long runs since it’s the only thing that agrees with my stomach, but since Hammer Nutrition is really low in sugar, I’m hoping I can find something to interchange with my PB&Js. (No, this isn’t an ad. This is me trying to not poop while running.)

During my last marathon, I ate two PB&Js (1/4 at a time) before the thought of them made me want to barf, so I hope this will help me not get that feeling. So far I’ve tried the Perpeteum Solids which worked fine but they took a while to chew. I just ordered the regular Perpetueum (maybe it’s a drink? I couldn’t tell online) and some gels. I’m hoping they are in the mail today because I need them for tomorrow.

3.  I saw Guardians of the Galaxy.

I know, along with everyone else in the world. I was prepared to hate it because the trailer did nothing for me, plus I hate talking animals and there is that whole raccoon deal. I don’t think talking animals are cute, I think they are stupid and they make me stabby. I could never watch Babe for this reason, but I digress. With that all said, I thought the movie was great and the raccoon was kinda, sorta funny and not annoying at all. Definitely in the top 5 best superhero movies for me.

4.  Last weekend, I went out for an annual ladies night with some of my favorite people.


This year






I’m starting to mourn my long hair, I have to admit.

It was a fun time. There was pre-drinking, there was bar hopping, there was Cheyanne winning eight lemon drop shots in a twerking contest.


On a side note, Cheyanne complains she’s not on my blog enough, so I hope she’s happy now.

Ok, back to ladies night. There was Michelle rubbing her boobs on my back.


It was pretty much everything one could ask for in an annually planned ladies night. The most important part of the night however, is that I got into several clubs and bars with my driver’s license picture looking like this.

2014-08-03 16.40.42

I have hubs to thank for that. Never leave your license unattended. That is the lesson here. And seriously, bouncers took one look and were all, “Yep! That’s you!” WTF.

5.  Hubs and I finished season 1 of The Fall last night.


I know one of you recommended this show to me, so thanks! I really liked it. Season 1 is only five episodes so it’s low commitment. The serial killer in the show is the new Christian Gray. When I saw the trailer for 50 Shades, I thought he wasn’t cute enough for the role, not that I’ve read the book or will ever see the movie (because porn still exists and porn is always better) but I have opinions about it anyway that everyone must listen to. I think Jamie Dornan is much cuter in The Fall (and kinda looks like he could be Chris Pratt’s brother), so take that for what it’s worth because he plays a serial killer.

Since we are still a month away from our normal shows coming back for the fall season, we started Firefly. No, I have never seen it nor have I ever been interested in watching it even though Joss Whedon is my homeboy. Only time will tell if I have the 13-episode patience for a space western. Space western. Honestly. Those words should not go together.

6.  Pants turned 5!


We usually don’t feed her a lot of fruit because rabbits don’t digest sugar well, but she got extra birthday treats including a piece of banana with a little peanut butter on it. She ate that while pretending she’s a lop ear. I must say, she doesn’t look a day over four.

What movie did you think you’d hate but ended up loving? There are so many and it’s usually ones hubs guilts me into watching, like Lilo and Stitch. I thought that movie looked like a piece of crap and I was crying like a baby halfway through when Stitch got lost.


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19 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. Nicole

    I thought I was going to hate Divergent because the lead character was the lead from Secret Life of an American Teenager and while I religiously watched that show, I found her constant crying annoying. Well I had been home sick with a flare for most of the week so I rented it and was pleasantly surprised. I loved it! Yes, the lead still cried quite a bit but only in the most appropriate scenes. The over all story is good and the visuals are muted for effect but good. There were a couple of yummy looking gentlemen in the film too. Mikhai Pfiffer (sure I am mangling the spelling) is in it and while I love him as an actor, this movie doesn’t show off any of his acting ability. Luckily, his role was ancillary so it did not diminish the enjoyment of the film. All in all, I would say to give it a try if you haven’t already seen it.

    • Paula

      Oh, I have seen it and read the book. Loved them both. The guy that played Four was almost TOO good-looking. So, so pretty.

  2. When I get together with my family for too long, I start to sound a little like the characters in the Fall. Random fact.

    Also, I am not-so-secretly judging you for never having seen Firefly. Next, you’re going to tell me you’ve never watched Arrested Development and just really leave me shaking my head.

    • Oh, and Minority Report. My brother convinced me to watch it (we may have were both been drunk at the time) and I actually really enjoyed it.

    • Paula

      Rest assured I love Arrested Development and own seasons 1-3. I still need to watch season 4 though. I only got two episodes in and stopped. Totally forgot about that. I need to get on that.

      • I binge watched seasons 1-3 before watching s4 and found that I enjoyed it a lot more than most of my friends, I think perhaps because a lot of the running gags were fresh in my mind. Take that for what it’s worth.

        Also, I believe you watch Game of Thrones and I don’t know if you know about this blog:

  3. I go in thinking I’m going to hate most superhero movies. For the most part, I’m pleasantly surprised. Also, if you tell me a movie is longer than approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes, I’m predisposed to go in with a serious bitch-eating-crackers attitude. I did managed to enjoy Braveheart for its 3-hourness. Still will not give three hours of my life to Avatar, though, no matter how many people tell me how great it is.

    • Paula

      Ha! I was just about to watch Wolf of Wall Steet on-demand and noticed it was 3 hours long just before I clicked “buy.” I did not watch Wolf of Wall Street.

  4. Melissa

    I am going to watch the Fall. I’m not going to forget. (ok, I might, so remind me in about 2 weeks).

    I watched The Other Woman randomly because I was bored and the story was kind of dumb and all the stuff they did to the dude was very Van Wilderish, but the dialogue between the women was funny and I really like Leslie Mann and she is a hilarious disaster in it. Also, Don Johnson plays Cameron Diaz’s dad, and I sort of loved that.

  5. Happy birthday Pants!! All you can eat carrots!

    I was fully prepared to hate World War Z when I saw it with some friends, but ended up becoming a bit obsessed with it. It was one of my favorite movies of last year.

    • Paula

      I loved that one too! Everyone was giving it a bad rap and I didn’t get why people hated it. Maybe because it’s not like the book? But for what it was, super entertaining and tense!

  6. Love your pizza eating in the tub! you crack me up

    good luck on your 18 miler!!!

  7. Cute socks!

    I tried perpetuem solids but also find them hard to chew. I prefer the powder and mix it with water. The orange vanilla is my favorite. I love their products and recently became a VIP member. I figured I need everything I can to get me through marathon training.

    • Paula

      Do you pre-mix it or bring it with you? It says you have to drink it within 1-2 hours or it can spoil which kinda worries me around hour 4 of a marathon.

      • I pre-mix it. The website states “Ideally, it should be within 3-5 hours, with up to perhaps 6-8 hours (depending on the temperature) being the longest we recommend.” You’re supposed to drink a bottle per hour. I use two smaller water bottles on my run and don’t think I want to mix one bottle and then separate them into the two bottles. Then again I don’t know if I will use this for the marathon or just use gels with the solids. So much to think about. 🙂

  8. It makes me feel a little better that you can’t fit your legs into your bath either.

    What the hell was I doing in that picture?

  9. Jenny

    I just found this and thought of you since you have problems with sugar (I do too!) This has no added sugar and it’s a drink mix that it looks like you take once or twice (for a marathon).
    I mean if Meb uses it … 😉
    Happy Birthday to Pants!!! ❤

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