Spending Time Doing Nothing At All

I have a new obsession.

I don’t want to go placing any blame here, but why didn’t any of you tell me about this show? Especially you Jackie, who I just heard is a big fan. You know I hate doing legwork and finding things out on my own. Anyway, I’m almost done with season 1 and damn, it’s good. I super love Hugh Dancy in it too. He’s so perfect for the Will Graham character. Now when I’m watching, all I can think about is how cute he and Claire Danes are as an IRL couple, which has nothing to do with the show but I’m thinking a Hannibal/Homeland crossover might be in order. Season 2 isn’t on Amazon Prime, so we’ll see how long it takes me to break down and pay for it.

Hubs and I also finished Firefly. We are officially the last people on the planet to watch it. BOOM.

I gotta say, seven episodes in and I could not figure out why the world loves it so much. It was decent but not doing anything for me. Then all of a sudden, episode eight and after was awesome. Now I love Firefly and I’m sad there’s no more Firefly.

We watched Serenity again too and I liked it so much better than the first time I saw it. Probably because I had a basis for the characters instead of staring at the screen blankly not knowing wtf was going on. So that was nice.

We got our dirty little mitts on Season 5 of Archer and now we’re all caught up.

Archer is one of our favorite shows now. I need season 6 to start already! Hubs said it has joined the ranks of those shows he could watch any episode at any time, kinda like The Simpsons or Friends. Except he didn’t say Friends because he hates that show.

And just when you thought all I do is watch TV (which is actually true), I also read a few books. I finished book 11 of the Sookie Stackhouse series. The end of the series is kinda meh, but I have this need to finish it because there are only two books left and because True Blood dropped such a steamy poo on them that they have to be better than what the show turned into. Also, Michelle recommended Before I Go to Sleep.

Do I even need to say Michelle recommended it to me or is that a given? From now on, just assume everything I read that is not a Sookie Stackhouse book is because she told me to. #dowhatImtold.  It was a lot like Memento and a little predictable but it was still really good and got me away from TV for about two days.

I still want to update you guys on my marathon training, an “unstinkable” running top that I bought that I am putting to the test with my stinky body, and my low sugar existance. Until then, have a great weekend!



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7 responses to “Spending Time Doing Nothing At All

  1. Linsay

    Love your television recaps. They’ve lead to many binge watching evenings for me. 🙂

  2. So…Archer…OMG! I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it, but at the recommendation of your hubs, actually, and P saying we’re going to watch it…I was like okay, I’ll check it out. BAM…I was addicted after a few eps and we binge watched all that we could on Netflix…and then, magically got our grubby hands on Season 5 (binge watched of course)….and now anxiously awaiting Season 6. I’m addicted and found myself telling P just last night that I want to watch ALL the episodes again! This show is insanely up there. Also, at first when not seeing the screen the guy that plays Sterling, I would only hear Bob Belcher, but now….it’s hard to even watch Bob’s Burgers and not hear Archer! Hah.

  3. I don’t understand what my problem is because I love the couch and laziness and TV, but I’m super picky and can’t find any shows to get in to. I haven’t watched any of the above. Maybe I’ll try them.

  4. That Breaking Bad GIF filled me with such joy.

  5. I haven’t watched any of those shows. Have you seen the new one with Ron Pearlman (aka monkey man from SOA)? He’s a judge and goes a little crazy after his son killed himself. I can’t remember the name right now, but we just started it. We also got into Ray Donovan, which is pretty good.

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