October 12, Get Here Already

I’ve been meaning to talk about running more than I have been but [insert excuse here]. It’s four weeks until Chicago. Or less. I don’t even know anymore. Basically, it’s gotten to that point where I’ve gone from supercrazyexcited to uncomfortably nervous.

Shameless Hannibal plug right there. Someone start watching that show so we can talk. That’s Hugh Dancy if you didn’t know and he is so ahh-maze-ing. He makes everyone else who has played the Will Graham character look like amateurs.

Anyway, running. I’ve been really good at finding excuses to skip my Tuesday runs, which I’m sure is doing wonders for my overall training. While I am so over training, I still feel like I might be running too few miles but I’m not motivated enough to change that. My long runs have been going ok, but they’re slow. I know that’s normal, I know I’m running on the face of the sun down here, and I walk at least .10 of every mile which all factors into my pace, but seeing my pace at the end of a run still hurts my ego a little.

This past weekend, Brad and I hit our peak 22 mile long run which I ran with a cold, thankyouverymuch.

Even sick, it was still better than our first 12 and 14 milers, which was surprising. The “highlights” – Having Fools Gold by Fitz and the Tantrums in my head for 10 straight miles (I was not amused) and Brad describing a whole horror movie plot he made up involving runners who are systematically killed off. That was a fun story at four in the morning in the pitch black next to the woods.

Also making me nervous is the thought of 1.8 million spectators at the race. ONE.POINT.EIGHT.MILLION. I don’t even know how that number is possible. Spectators stress me out with their cheering and their happiness and their motivation. It’s the worst when all you need to do is walk but there’s a group of cheering people making you feel like an ass for it.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to wear my Camelbak during the race. I’ve run one marathon with it and one without. I wear it during all my long runs and fill it with a mixture of half water/half Powerade Zero but it’s empty around mile 18 and becomes this annoyance because it no longer serves a purpose. I thought about carrying a water bottle with my half/half mixture (I can’t drink the regular Gatorade on the course) but this past weekend I found that I kinda like the Hammer Perpetuem powder for running nutrition.


That’s a problem because you mix it with water, which is something else I’d need to carry. It tastes like licking an old chalkboard but I prefer drinking to chewing. Chewing during runs makes me nauseated. If I want both drinks, I would need to carry a water bottle while wearing a Camelbak, which is a lot of weight and super annoying. Plus, I hate having anything in my hands while running.

My other option is no Camelbak, holding a water bottle, stuffing a bunch of PB&Js in my sports bra, and not using the Perpetuem. I don’t love that idea either. You know me, I’m never happy. What I need is for volunteers to be at specific miles of the race to hand me things exactly when I need them so I can be the snobby running princess I’m meant to be.


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20 responses to “October 12, Get Here Already

  1. Marcy

    This probably won’t help you for your marathon but have you tried Nuun Hydration? I hate full on gatorade too and this was a tab you put in your water. I had strawberry lemonade. It was a little fizzy, very tasty and only 7 calories.

  2. Adrienna

    Can you even carry your Camelbak during the marathon? I know a lot of races have outlawed them since the Boston Marathon bombing.

  3. Amy

    Hugh Dancy is so pretty! Hannibal scares me, so I can’t watch it, but I’ll just stare at that gif instead.

    22 miles is crazy far! Who cares how long it took you? Go kill that effing marathon!

  4. But fools gold shines like diamonds in our eyes
    Thought we had a million, but, baby, we got nothing
    But fools gold shines like words that make us cry
    We just keep on digging, find us something better
    For the next time, next time
    Something better for the next time, next time

    Thought you might need a little inspiration for your (much shorter) run this weekend… No?

  5. Melissa

    Just remember: NO HUMIDITY.

    I’d carry the camelbak and put your drink in it, then just drink water for the rest. It sounds like there are water stops every mile, so I bet you’ll be ok. And then your hands will be free to swat away obnoxious encouragement from the crowd.

  6. Check out Kid snippets ‘runners’ Imagined by kids on you tube. You can dooooo ittttt Rhonddddaaaaaa!!

  7. Michelle C

    I watch Hannibal! I’m kinda obsessed even though it scares me. I don’t understand how the brain that made pushing daisies makes this show as well!

    • Paula

      You’re the first person I’ve found that watches! Pushing Daisies is another one of my favorites. That one ended too soon. It’s kinda like, how did the brain that came up with Nip/Tuck guy also come up with Glee and American Horror Story? I need to meet these guys. 🙂

      • Michelle

        Yesss! Also have you ever watched Wonderfalls? It’s a Bryan Fuller show too and is the greatest. There was sadly only one small season.

        So have you watched season 2 of Hannibal yet? Or is that not online yet? I need someone to theorize about the finale with 🙂

        • Paula

          Wonderfalls was cute! And yes, I lasted about 30 minutes until I had to buy season 2 of Hannibal. I loved the second season just as much as the first. Now we’re gonna have to wait 5 months for another season. This just won’t do.

  8. Internet high-five for the Michael Bolten gif. I always thought Office Space was mildly funny until I started working in an office. Then I realised it was a tragically hilarious documentary.

    Hannibal’s on my list for shows so I’ll put you as another ‘recommended tick’ beside it. Move it up the list a bit.

  9. Angie Hackett

    Chicago had a full block of water and some type of electrolyte drink every mile. So it’s very easy to go without a bottle if you can stomach whatever they are serving. Or do your camelback and take water from course to make it last longer. The spectators are awesome. Enjoy every step! I loved it!

  10. Paula, I think you’ll be find without the Camelback. There are a lot of water stations on the course. Oh, and I am not running the marathon anymore and will be at mile 19 in Pilsen so let me know if you need something for me to give to you.

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