Last long run. Cue panic.

My last long run before the Chicago Marathon was on Saturday [deep breath]. While I know I *can* run a marathon, I don’t know how well I can run one. I skipped a lot of week day runs because [life] and [beer]. My long runs have been slow and I’ve walked a lot during them, like last week’s 14 miler that turned into 13.5 miles because my car was there and there was no way I was running farther away from it.

I did that run alone and it was miserable, but I did get a picture of this sweet piece of artwork (barkwork?) in someone’s lawn.

Obviously I’d have a giant, metal bunny with a carrot in the middle.

Going into training, I had the big idea that I was going to PR Chicago. A PR for me would be anything below 4:43:44, but I’d kiss Michelle right on the lips for a 4:30. Once my training runs hit the 11:00-12:00 minute mile range, I sort of gave up on that idea. Then, this past weekend was my last long run, an eight miler that was much faster than usual. So who knows what’s going to happen.

The highlight of that run, besides being faster, was this fancy water fountain with a spout for filling your water bottle. I stood there in awe for about a minute. Finally, Orlando gets nice things!

So what I’m saying is, who knows how Chicago is going to go. I want to enjoy it and not worry about my time, so I think that’s what I’m going to do. If that leads to a PR, then great. If not, then I still ran 26.2 miles and can eat a shit ton of pizza. Both would make me happy.

Oh, and a quick update on Jon Hamm: he’s feeling much better. I even took him to work all last week so I could feed him during the day.

Today, I took him to get his teeth cut since they were overgrown so hopefully he’ll have an easier time eating now. He’s not a fan of being force fed and now that he’s getting better, he likes to spit the food back onto my hand and bite me.

That’s the thanks I get.


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16 responses to “Last long run. Cue panic.

  1. Victoria

    1) i think the weather is going to really help you this weekend. It should be ideal for running.

    2) where is that water fountain? I want!

    3) Gooood luck!

  2. Ali

    I am really excited to hear how your Chicago Marathon goes. I don’t even like to run (sometimes I go for a sedate jog, only when I’m in the mood, which is about once a quarter), and I am dying to hear the details about it. I don’t think I’ll do the live-tracking thing, but I might stalk you on social media for awhile as I eagerly await updates.

    Where the hell was that water fountain?! WHERE?!

    And finally – yay Hammy!!!! I can’t handle his little legs. I’ve actually avoided commenting on your other posts about him because I was so fearful of the outcome but now I can say it – hamsters are freakin’ cute and I love how smooshed he looks when you hold him like that! LOL!!!

    • Paula

      It’s at Lake Underhill park, far away from Ali-land. 🙂 Hammy is so cute but he keeps throwing me curve balls. His energy is really low today. I’m leaving for Chicago soon, he needs to make up his mind what he wants to do soon.

  3. I hope you have a fantastic race! I know you’re currently in panic mode, but if you survived your 20 miler, I firmly believe that you’ll more than survive the marathon. Plus, this ain’t your first rodeo. I like your idea to enjoy yourself. I raced the clock on my full in February, and it made for a miserable four and a half hours.

  4. Jenny

    Good luck this weekend! It’s an amazing race and I hope you have a great time!

  5. I too am very excited for your marathon. I am going to follow you live from my couch. I wish it worked out that Evan and I were coming to Chicago this weekend to stalk you in person, and then party with you guys. We would have such fun times!!! (I really did consider it but this time of year is insane for me at work, I am dying)

    That picture of Jon Hamm makes me want to come to your house and force a snuggle on him immediately.

    • Paula

      I think Hammy would like a good force snuggle from you.

      You just gird your loins for my visit next year. It’s happening, so start looking at April-June and pick a time that you think you can handle ALL OF THIS.

  6. Melissa

    Woohoo! This means I am seeing you so soon! Can’t wait!!!

    Also, I want that barkwork. Just carry it off next time you run by there.

  7. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it went (aka you are going to rock it!)

  8. Lena Duffy

    I ran Chicago last year. A bit empty at the finish due to security but a great race. You’ll do great!

  9. In the photo of your office desk, all I noticed was “hey, that’s the phone our office just upgraded to last month!” It’s been a month of everyone switching your ringtone when you’re away from your desk. Super mature group of people I work with.

    And I’ll be cheering you on in the marathon from my bed. So when you need a pick up, you imagine you can hear me yelling: YAY, YOU! RUN FAST! GOOD JOB! I SLEEP MORE NOW!

  10. Good luck! I will be running Detroit in a week and feel the same way in regards to training and having no idea what is going to happen. I do agree with a commenter from above – the weather will be helpful!

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