The Chicago Picture Fest Part 2

If you read Part 1, you’re probably thinking that all we did in Chicago was eat. Ok, that’s true. But we walked a lot too. I just want to put that out there so you don’t think we were hanging around outside restaurants waiting for the next meal time. Not that I’m opposed to that.


In the morning, I went to the expo with Michelle and Melissa. After that, we parted ways and I walked back to the hotel by myself (didn’t get lost!) to meet up with hubs. The first order of business was getting hubs a Chicago hot dog. The man talked about his future dog for weeks before we left. The mere mention of Chicago put him into a hot dog frenzy.

We went to Portillo’s (another fave of mine) and I was very excited that our whole meal was only $12. That was basically free compared to our other tabs. Hubs had his dog and I had my pre-race bacon cheeseburger. Hubs said the dog was everything he imaged it would be, so I’m happy that one of my favorites did not disappoint.

After lunch, we were nice and carbed up for our walk all over creation, a.k.a, the Navy Pier. Hubs was particularly excited to ride the Ferris wheel.

We walked around the pier for a while and checked out a few shops. It was close to dinner time, so we walked back to the hotel area to find a place to eat around there. I was feeling pretty meh about all the places we were passing. Finally, we decided to give Gino’s East a try. Gino’s is Lou Malnati’s direct competition so I was a little apprehensive to cheat on my man, Lou. We’ve had a really close relationship for a long time and I didn’t want to jeopardize that. Hubs asked me before the pizza arrived if I was scared that I would like it better and man, I really was.

The verdict: meh. The crust was undercooked (maybe on purpose?) and tasted corn-starchy. Not my thing. I still ate it all so it’s not like I went hungry but Lou’s is so much better. Lou and I have decided to continue dating and I’m not going to mention that fling with Gino. It meant nothing!

After dinner, we walked to Firecakes for a donut ice cream sandwich. I spotted the sign for it a few days earlier and would not shut up about it until it was in my mouth.

Unfortunately, the idea of it was better than the execution. It wasn’t bad, but I would never get it again. We didn’t even finish it between the two of us.

I think you all know how Saturday night went. I won’t rehash that one.


Of course, Sunday was race day. While I was running, hubs booked a harbor cruise we had been eyeing for a day or so. There wasn’t much time between my shower after the race and cruise time, so we had to fast track it if we wanted to eat. We took a cab over to the cruise area and then walked to D4 Irish Pub because it was the closest thing that wasn’t Subway. We sat at the bar and shared two appetizers in lightning speed. I was wearing my medal and as luck would have it, that got me a free mimosa.

I don’t usually drink mimosas because I’m not a big fan of orange juice but when free and alcohol come together, I can make exceptions. We made it out of the restaurant in less than 30 minutes and walked back over to the harbor cruise.

The cruise was all about the architecture and design of the skyscrapers. It was fun to learn how Chicago pioneered the skyscraper. The first one in the world was built in Chicago in 1884. Also, the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) was the tallest building in the world for 25 years after it was built in 1973. The cruise was 90 minutes long and really interesting. That was also 90 minutes in which I got to sit and that made me extremely happy. Plus, they had giant cookies.

After the cruise, we met up with everyone at Rock Bottom for a post-race celebration. I can’t even recall what I ate for dinner but I do remember a bunch of jalapeno bread sticks and beer, so we’ll just go with that. After dinner, everyone went back to the hotel except me, hubs, and Michelle. We were all tired but felt the need to stay out because it was 8:00pm and we had a strong desire to not be lame. We ended up at an Irish pub near the hotel. We made it an hour and a half.


On Monday, we wanted to check out the sky deck of the Willis Tower. Unfortunately, there was zero visibility so we decided to skip it. I swear the sun was out when we left the hotel.

That was a fun 20-minute walk for nothing. After that disappointment, we walked over to Ed Debevic’s for lunch. Ed’s is a diner that’s famous for having waiter’s that are rude to you. The waiters were more sarcastic than rude. I would describe them as that cool waiter you get every now and then at a regular restaurant. Unfortunately, the food was awful. I had the three-way chili, which was really greasy. I could see the grease separating from the chili. Apparently, the grease didn’t even like it. I also got a Cesar salad and sent it back because it had a lot of black, wilted lettuce. I did have an Oreo shake that was good. Except the whipped cream wasn’t good.


Hubs had a chocolate shake that he liked as well but overall, I wouldn’t recommend it. I did think it would be good place for kids since the waiters stand on tables and sing. So if  you have kids, drop them off for the day. Just kidding, don’t drop them off. Unless that’s what you do with kids. How should I know?

After lunch, we went on The Untouchables tour. Hubs was really excited to learn about Chicago’s mobster history but the tour took a big dump on his dreams. The tour guides were pretty good but the tour itself was terrible. We didn’t learn where things happened, like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, and instead were pointed to general areas. I feel like the guides also needed to kill a lot of time because they didn’t have enough material to cover, so they would play the Godfather theme randomly, which was a little weird.

I know that’s Scarface but I just don’t know how to segue to something that amazing.

To top it off, the bus got stuck in a construction zone and, while trying to 3-point turn the way out, hit an overpass. It took the driver a good 10 minutes to get us out of the area, which I think cut the tour short. They didn’t cover John Dillinger (who was captured in Chicago) even though he was on the brochure and they covered everything else on it up to him. It was just a big suck fest. After the tour, I really wanted to check the damage on the back of the bus but I chickened out. We left for the airport after that.

Lastly, here’s a picture I found that Michelle texted me at some point over the weekend. Thanks to her husband, I have been immortalized somewhere in Chicago.

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  1. I was about to be super jealous of your donut ice cream sandwich and not talk to you ever again, but then you said it wasn’t that great, so I guess we can still be friends.

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