Catch Up

I hate catch up posts. They’re the worst and now somehow I’m writing one. I’ll try to make this as painless as possible.

1.  I’m officially in taper (again) now that the Space Coast Marathon is this weekend. Although, I feel like I’ve been tapering since Chicago because there hasn’t been much running happening. My longest run in the past five weeks was 14 miles and my eight miler yesterday turned into a sad three miles that I stopped because I felt like eating instead. So let’s just call this the hope-for-the-best marathon.


2.  My first semester of school is almost over. I only have to turn in my final paper (which is a group effort) and the final exam. I wish I could say I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been so busy with school, but I have seriously put in minimal effort. I probably could have taken an extra class. I was told by several people that master’s classes are by far easier than bachelor’s classes, but man, I didn’t expect this. So either the teacher is insanely easy or this explains why I’ve met so many people with a master’s degree that aren’t that smart.

3.  This girl came in town for work so Michelle, Jackie, and I scooped her up to go out for tacos and drinks.

me, m, and m

We had a lot of fun and hung out for a few hours yet that is the only picture I got. I’m sure there has to be one with Jackie somewhere but it’s not on my phone. My phone is 90% pictures of Pants.

4. Speaking of.


She is not interested in having her picture taken but I keep trying. Whenever I get the camera out, she either gives me bitch face (see above) or runs to me and sticks her face in the lens.

5. I caught up on American Horror Story: Freak Show. Is anyone else watching? I hate this season but I keep watching for some reason. I have hope it’s going to get better but I’m not sure I’ve really loved it since the first season. Either way, the conjoined twins from this season are based on a true story. I found this video about the real girls and think it’s facinating.

6. Hubs and I went to Tampa with our friends Ken and Jamie to see Evil Dead The Musical. It was a birthday celebration weekend for Jamie so we made sure to drink all the drinks.

me and Jamie

I’m a firm believer that if you have a free hand, it should be holding a drink. Or food. That’s acceptable as well.

We all thought the show was funny and had a good time but I noticed there was a lot more dialogue and less singing than the first time I saw it. Not that that’s a bad thing because I don’t really enjoy most musicals. There was also less blood and blood I enjoy. So the show could have used more of that, but overall it was a good time.

7. I saw this at a gas station last week. Totally normal.


Toonces, is that you?

8. My Christmas tree has been up for at least a week.

tree 2014

I don’t even wanna hear that it’s not Thanksgiving yet. I’m not one of those Christmas fanatics but there is nothing that I hate more than putting up that tree and having to take it down two weeks later. So that shit is staying up for six weeks. I’m going to have to figure out how to fix the top of the tree because it’s already driving me crazy that it isn’t lighting up.

9.  Hubs sent me this song and it made me laugh a lot. It’s not safe for work, unless your work loves F-bombs.

10. I saw Mockingjay. I’ll go ahead an reserve my opinion of this movie for a later date when I can watch it a second time. All I know is there was not nearly enough Finnick.


When he was cast, I thought it was the worst casting ever but he won me over big time. Also, I was pretty impressed with JLaw’s singing voice. So I guess she can just do everything. Ugh.

Mockingjay…yay or nay?


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19 responses to “Catch Up

  1. I found that education masters are way easier than undergrads (to the point that I don’t even tell people that I did it) but my political science masters was WAY harder than undergrad. I think it all depends on the program and the school. My husband can vouch for this too because he has two engineering masters and he said one was a cake walk compared to the other.

    I liked Mockingjay. I enjoy my despair and death with a side of romantic drama.

  2. Melissa

    That song is the perfect way to start a Monday.

  3. I love the Christmas tree- my Christmas decorations are up too! YES YES YES to Mockingjay. I know people are annoyed that it’s cut in two, and I agree, but I thought the movie was much better than expected. Also- I think it depends what program or content area with masters vs. bachelors. For most people I’ve talked to, their counseling master’s programs were MUCH harder than undergrad, and I agree. I was exhausted for months after I finished my program. It’s a lot of academic work, a lot of emotional work in yourself as they push you to become healthier to be a healthier counselor, and a lot of adjustment in talking about really hard things with people.

    • Paula

      Very true, I’m sure it depends on the program. I’ll be interested to see how my next class goes. I’m not complaining by any means but it does explain a few of my ex-co-workers. 🙂

  4. Dangit, you saw my car at the gas station! : )

    And Mockingjay gets a big YAY from me. I would have liked more Finnick and Gale period, but I’ll take what I can get.

  5. I’m not loving American Horror Story either, Asylum has definitely been my favorite so far. I hope this one gets better!

  6. Ali

    Mocking Jay = yay for me at least. I thought they made that portion of the book as exciting as they could while covering critical story-building points. They’re really going to have to water down the second half to get through all of the fight sequences and I’m more nervous about how that one will come off.

    Also: Peta looked BUSTED at the end! WAAY more busted than I thought he would look. Same for Johanna. And Finnick… moar Finnick… always moar Finnick…

    And LOOOOL at this: “… this explains why I’ve met so many people with a master’s degree that aren’t that smart.” I feel this way about people with MBA’s.

    • Paula

      I was told that Peeta was CGI skinny at the end because Josh Hutcherson didn’t want to lose the weight! Who can I hire to do that to me?
      And YES, I have met some PhD’s (English) as well that I thought may not have graduated high school.

  7. This gives me hope! I didn’t see Mockingjay but everyone I know said it was terrible and that JLaw cried through the whole thing…or something. Le sigh.

    • Paula

      I’m not sure I liked it either but I need to give it a second chance before I set that opinion in stone. I loved the book so much that I feel like I owe it to Jennifer Lawrence to watch it again. Haha. But I did think she was great in the movie!

  8. I wrote a long ass comment this morning. WHERE DID IT GOOOOOOOOO

  9. I must have missed the news about you going back to school (that or my memory is seriously getting bad with being pregnant!)..what are taking? And love your tree. Our Thanksgiving is long over, but we are putting up our decorations next weekend 🙂

    • Paula

      I want our Thanksgiving to be further away from Christmas like yours! The end-of-the-year fattening is unavoidable down here.
      Right now I’m finishing up with Research Fundamentals. It’s part of the Instructional Systems Design masters program.

  10. One of my coworkers has her masters but is so useless at her job. She admitted in a staff meeting that she didn’t actually learn anything in her classes and just used essays she found through Google. I wish I could phone the university and tell them to revoke her Masters.

    That music video was great.

    • Paula

      She must have gotten her degree awhile ago? They check all papers with Turnitin now to make sure they’re not plagiarized.

      I can’t get enough of that video!

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