14.7 is the new 12

Last week was a big suck fest. Work and school were getting on my last nerves and besides enduring each never ending workday, I fit in three separate doctor’s appointments (no I’m not pregnant or dying), two runs, two Crossfit workouts, and a meeting with my school group. When I got into work on Tuesday, things were already at Suck Level 8, so I told my cube mate (we’ll call him “Cal”) that I didn’t know if I could make it through the week. He said, “well, the good news is that you made it to Wednesday.”


Did I? Did I make it to Wednesday?

I was annoyed that his pep talk made me feel worse and he was annoyed that it wasn’t actually Wednesday. Then on Thursday afternoon, “Cal” went to fill in his timesheet for the day to find out he already filled out Thursday on Wednesday. So we were both a hot mess all week but at least we were a hot mess together.

That brings me to Saturday. I wasn’t looking forward to a 5:00am wake up after the week I had, but I do like running with Brad (my running husband) so we set out to do 12 miles. Somewhere around mile nine, we realized that we miscalculated our distance and we’re actually on track to run 14.5. It dawned on Brad that he would be home later than usual and the fear of his wife’s wrath propelled him from a 11:30 pace to a 9:30. I had a hard time keeping up. I have never seen motivation quite like it. When we had half a mile to go he asked, “do you want to simulate a race finish?”


A race finish on a training run? I didn’t even want the simulate the 9:30 pace he was making me run for the last four miles. We ended up with 14.7 miles at the end and that was after taking a slight shortcut.

After our runs, we usually chat for a few minutes but he was basically waving out the window while driving off by the time I looked up from my Garmin to say goodbye. It was pretty funny to see how panicked he was but then also sad because I would probably be dead for several hours before hubs noticed I wasn’t home.

And that is the story of how I ran negative splits on a training run.


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14 responses to “14.7 is the new 12

  1. Kara

    Sounds like you tapped into a great way to speed train 🙂

    • Paula

      Brad did say he’d probably finish races much faster if he knew his wife was waiting for him at the end while holding their three kids.

  2. Everything about that training run makes me have all the feels for you. I would have called a cab. You are a rockstar.

  3. Sounds like you had quite the week! Hopefully this one is going better so far. And how come his wife was going to be mad? My husband was probably happy if I took longer on a training run as it meant more video game time 😉

  4. Connie

    I just love your blog so much!!! This post literally made me laugh out loud! Brad and I have the same problem with our spouses, and I love that you don’t. LOL!

  5. True story: the fastest training runs I ever had involved racing to get home to either get my kid ready for school or to relieve my husband during our obnoxious five-week both-training-for-races crossover. Thankfully he usually took the early running shift, but sometimes I had to go first and I always, always ran much faster than I wanted to or was comfortable with.

    Oh and having to poop. That always makes me run faster too.

  6. Melissa

    The wrath of Mrs. Brad is a powerful motivator. I ran 12 on Saturday and it was truly awful from top to bottom. You guys would’ve left me crying on the side of the road.

  7. Having negative splits on a 14.7 mile run is aweeeeesome, poor Brad tho and poor you for being subjected!

    Hopefully this week isn’t as suck festy!

  8. I hate (HATE!) work weeks where you are mentally a day ahead the whole week. So bloody annoying to realise on Thursday that it is not, in fact, Friday. Ugh.

  9. Brad

    Great run Paula…I will remember that one for a long time…and since I felt so strong I might sign up for BDR too! Also…in case anyone was wondering…kids were good so the wife was cool

    • Paula

      You need to sign up! Michelle was just saying to me the other day, “why don’t I see Brad at more races?” I told her it’s because you hate her so you better clear that up. 😉

  10. Mark me down for another one that could be dead for hours before my husband realized I wasn’t home. But this makes me miss having running buddies.

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