The End of Fun

I’m back home from California lest you think I take really long vacations. I was only there for four days but I got in a bunch of family time, which was nice. I was not amused by the time change because I was up by 7 or 8 am every morning, which is the exact opposite of oohhh, anything I enjoy or want to do on vacation or ever. Since my body decided I should be awake,  I went for a run every morning. While I enjoy being able to run again, I do not enjoy hills.

I shall hereforth name California, THE LAND OF HILLS. It was a personal challenge to find any flat street around my mom’s house and when I did, it was a tiny little cul-de-sac where I would just look like a creeper running around in circles to the lawn guys that were mowing. So, instead I got plenty of hill training for that race I’m not training for.

One morning it rain (and damn, CA needs it), and it was like an escargot party on the sidewalks.

I was dodging those dudes left and right.

Besides all the running, I got to see my nephews…who were shorter than me last time I saw them.

*cries* Why U grow up?

And of course, there was quality girly time with my mama.

And my big bro.

Wait that’s not him.

Ah yes, better.

The trip was too short, but I did have a great time. So much so that I might even forgive my mom for finding this in her house.

No Tom or Paula baby book to be found. JUST TIM. I don’t want to say she’s got a favorite, but I’m thinking she has a favorite.


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3 responses to “The End of Fun

  1. Is it creepy if I said your nephews were handsome? Haha hopefully not. Glad you had a great trip to see your family!

  2. I completely busted out laughing at your escargot comment! And that right there is why I never eat escargot FYI.

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