Three Things Thursday

1. I have a new TV obsession.

Please believe me when I tell you that I did *not* want to watch a show about a talking horse. But a friend recommended Bojack Horseman and there was nothing on the DVR and one thing led to another…and now I’m obsessed. When I watched the first episode, I was just confused and entertained enough to watch the second and that’s when it really got me. Hubs and I just finished both seasons and the Christmas special and now we’re going to start it all over again. It’s really funny but it also has an awesome continuing story line that can really hit you in the feels. You know a show has some good writing when you are really concerned for an animated talking horse’s welfare.

2. This is happening next week.

When I found out Heathers The Musical existed and was coming to town, I about lost my shit. Heathers is easily one of my top favorite movies of all time and began my deep and continuing love for Christian Slater. Plus, it’s at a brand new performing arts center downtown that I hear is really nice, so I’m excited to see that too. I hope they do actual lines from the movie so I can quote them all and annoy everyone around me.

3. Beetlejuice 2 is happening.

My inner tween doesn’t know what to do with itself between this, The Craft remake, and the Heathers musical. Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, and Tim Burton are all on board so it’s got a lesser chance of being a suck fest. Sequels almost 30 years later aren’t usually the best idea, but I’m interested to see what happens with this one.

And that’s all I got for today. Hope you all have a good weekend. 🙂


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7 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. What can go wrong with another sequel??

  2. The Craft remake?! I didn’t even know that was happening!
    I’m excited for Beetlejuice, but they better not butcher it like the recent TMNT sequel or I will be very upset.

    • Paula

      Yes! FF is actually really excited about that one. I might need a little Beetlejuice/The Craft double feature this weekend to prepare myself for the potential awesome coming my way.

  3. kara

    I hope the new Beetlejuice can finally mean that people understand when I make references to that movie in daily life.

  4. Dave A

    Don’t forget the Ghostbusters redo – what could go wrong there? 🙂

    • Paula

      Hey now, I think the Ghostbusters remake will be awesome. Chris Hemsworth in the Annie Potts roll? That is pure gold right there.

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