Feeling Meh

I feel meh about running lately. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get that warm fuzzy feeling back that I usually have with running. I’ve been running 3 or 4 miles a few times a week but wanting to continue on past those miles is not there. I have a half marathon at the end of October that I need to start training for, probably starting now, and I’m dreading it. I just want running to make me happy again.

mr peanutbutter

Also not helping the running situation is the 5 lbs I gained on vacation that have not come off. I have been *trying* to get them off, but it’s not happening. I mean, trying is relative because this happened on a Tuesday.

But I’ve been trying for the most part. And because I have been struggling to get these 5 lbs off for two months now, I decided to name them. They shall be called “Lindsey.” Be careful in Canada, ya’ll. The poutine checks in, but it doesn’t checks out.

Anyway, the good news with running is that I know my speed runs have been getting faster. I’ve been cleaning up old posts on the blog and my speed runs from a few years ago (on a treadmill) are closer to my normal runs now (on a treadmill), so that’s nice to see. Speed on a treadmill doesn’t always translate to running faster outdoors but weighing less does so that’s what I want to do. Weigh less, run fast, and PR a race or two this year. I just need to get out of my running meh.

This weekend should be fun but it won’t be doing my “Lindsey’s” any favors since this girl is coming into town today.


I might have some “Melissa’s” before the weekend is over. Diet starts Monday?



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8 responses to “Feeling Meh

  1. Jim

    If you think “Lindsey” is bad, just wait a couple of years until “40” comes to visit.

  2. You regret nothing.

    Maybe you’ll be excited to run when it’s not so insane hot there? I’m jealous of your Melissa adventuring this weekend! Have so much fun and just embrace the Melissa’s!!!

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about, we always eat salads and stay sober when we’re together.

  4. If you find your running motivation, send some my way. I didn’t work out at all while I was on holidays and need to get back into it

  5. Verlin

    I think the reason the Lindseys (and the possible future Melissas) are so hard to get rid of is simply an equipment problem; you clearly need to find the right shoes. Have you ever posted about that? 😉 (ENJOY your Melissas acquisition; Monday will come soon enough).

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