A Weekend of Bad Decisions

The week started off innocently enough with a visiting Melissa. (Similar to a traveling circus, but not.)

I mean, obviously she couldn’t keep her hands off of us.

That’s the Orlando Eye behind us if you’re curious.


Melissa was in town for work, so on Wednesday Michelle and I met up with her on International Drive (a.k.a. tourist central) for dinner. We went to the The Yardhouse and I was apprehensive because it’s a chain, but man, it was good. I’ll be going back there. They have something like 500 different beers and I ordered a Corona Light. Then I got shit from the server for my choice. I made sure to tell him to watch his mouth before I ordered a Michelob Ultra.

The three of us hung out and caught up for a couple hours. It was too short of a time but I’m always happy to get in some Melissa time however I can get it. Plus, it was probably the most I had seen Michelle in a month, even though we literally work 50 steps from each other.

On Thursday, the other Melissa came into town.


{Insert Melissa here}

I laughed when I saw we took identical pictures with them. Soon, we won’t even be able to tell them apart.

Thursday started the long weekend filled with bad decisions. First, there was drinking at one of my favorites, Mucho.


Mucho has my favorite drink of all time, the Eola 101. The drink is named after the street Mucho is on, and no it’s not missing a “b” in there. It’s basically tequila, champagne, agave, and lime juice. Melissa wanted to try the drink that I’ve been talking about forever and requested to go there. When she took her first sip and I asked her how it was she said, “it’s ok.” Then she had two more. So I think my point has been made here.

Friday, there was drinking all day at the beach.


We were starving by the time we got there, so the day started with a burger and fries that were surprisingly good for pier food.


Then the day ended here.


Only my liver knows how many hours we stayed there but let’s just say the sun was starting to set and we were there long enough to make it to their evening happy hour.

Saturday night, there was drinking at Vanbarry’s which I guess we can assume didn’t happen since zero pictures were taken. Then, Sunday afternoon there was drinking and brunch at Mucho again.

Shrimp and grits with a side of chorizo.


$10 all you can drink mimosas.


So. many. mimosas.

I had planned to take us to another one of my favorite places for lunch instead, but that involved a long walk around a lake that none of us felt up for after the previous night. That turned out to be a good idea since the the aftermath of brunch looked like this.


I have to say, I don’t think I’ve drank that much since my twenties. My body did not appreciate Monday. However, two good decisions were made in the weekend of bad decisions. At one point, Melissa ate a salad which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. She also talked me out of buying a donut on three separate occasions (which I did not need, trust me). So I’ll just consider the weekend a success.

I’m sad she’s gone but I had a great time. Apparently she had a great time too because she already booked her next trip out in March, so we won’t be apart for long. Also, the girl sheds like a collie and left enough long hairs around my house that I’m sure I’ll be remembering her visit for months to come.



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10 responses to “A Weekend of Bad Decisions

  1. So what you’re saying here is Melissa pounds have been added to Lindsey pounds and I am no longer entirely to blame?

  2. Marcy

    I love Mucho and the Eola 101! I had my first after the Best Damn Race last year and now I’m addicted. I made them at home last weekend. Mmmmm.

  3. All you can drink mimosas you say? I’m there! Hey – what is your opinion on the Orlando Eye? I’m going to be in Orlando wayyy more in the near future (woohoo!) and was wondering if it’s worth being a super tourist for?

    • Paula

      We were going to go on it this weekend and didn’t make it. I can’t imagine why. #drinks I do want to try it out though! It’s $20-25 and it takes a half hour to go around. It goes realllllly slowly which I didn’t expect for some reason. You can get a discount booking online if you book a day in advance so I’d definitely take advantage of that goodness.

  4. Ali

    I saw your photos popping up on the social networks and was seriously wondering: Was a good time had at the Cocoa Beach Pier?! That place was super run down but I know they’ve put a lot of work into trying to make it not-rusted-and-funky. It looks like it worked! If you hadn’t told me you were in Cocoa Beach, I wouldn’t have known! It makes a little more sense as to why SOJA and Slightly Stoopid would make that place a stop on the tour now.

    Also: I lol’d at the call out about the Yard House being a chain. It’s one of mine and that brand is sooooooo sensitive about being perceived as a chain. Their menu is freakin’ LEGIT tho for real.

    And yeah you might as well live at Mucho. I decided.

    • Paula

      Oh yeah, I wanted to rub that Brussels sprouts and potato appetizer all over my body. I will be taking out-of-town friends there from now on since that’s about the only way you can get me to I-Drive minus The Improv.

      I’m ordering my bunk for Mucho as we speak.

  5. I just 1/4 of the drinking that you did and my liver needs a break! I’m gonna need some pointers for Mexico.

    Thanks for inviting to get in some quality Melissa time. I love my Melissas 🙂

    • Melissa

      Yeah Melissas!

      I can’t believe the picture of me posing with the appetizer didn’t make the blog. You better text that to me pronto.

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