Watch Penny Dreadful, they said. You’ll like it, they said.

So. Penny Dreadful.

I recently finished the first season. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a Showtime series that explores the history of a bunch of literary characters like Dr. Frankenstein and Dracula back in Victorian England. Anyway, I had three fairly reputable people recommend this show to me within a two week time span. People that almost always like the same stuff I do. So I was excited enough to watch it that I bought the first season, and I have to say…it barely kept me hanging on. I have so many issues with it, besides the fact that 80% of the time it is SO boring. But there’s also the fact that (yes, you will get a list):

(1)  Vampires can be killed by being SHOT or STABBED.

(2)  There is absolutely no point to Dorian Gray’s character unless that point is to bang the most characters on the show possible.

Penny Dreadful2

(3)  Frankenstein’s monster looks like Meatloaf.

Penny Dreadful

He will do anything for love…

And while he can play sympathetic well, he just seems like a whiny ass titty baby when he’s trying to be threatening.

(4) Hubs predicted the “big reveal” at the end of the season in episode 2.

(5) A Catholic priest told one character that being possessed BY THE DEVIL made that character “special” and did that character really want to be “ordinary?”


(6) They used a flashlight in the age of gas lamps and candles. (I didn’t notice but this annoyed hubs and now I’m annoyed by proxy.)

(7) See #1, #3, and #5.

There’s more. I think I just repressed it all at this point. I swear I am not generally this picky especially when it comes to the horror genre, but when there’s something annoying every episode, it tends to add up. The show is clever though because just when you’re ready to quit it for good, it gets interesting enough to keep you hanging on. So I finished the first season despite myself. And I’ll probably watch season 2 because I’m a glutton for punishment.

Also, tuberculosis is the new sexy.

I realize I’m in the minority with this show. So if you like it, tell me…WHY!? Why would you like it?! WHY?!



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6 responses to “Watch Penny Dreadful, they said. You’ll like it, they said.

  1. Andrea

    Season 2 is worse, if you can believe it. So much worse.

  2. Chris

    I looked forward to this show so much. What a great concept. What a boring execution. I kept coming back to it during the first season but it never got any better. Skipped Season 2 completely.

  3. Josh Hartnett's Career

    Times are tough. I need the work.

    PS: dalton’s bond is best bond.

  4. MzTeri

    I didn’t like season 1 enough to watch season 2. And yes, very boring show. So many other good things to give my time to on tv, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

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