Crap from My Phone

Things have been busy (said everyone ever). School, work, and lots of social obligations have been keeping me from doing what I do best: nothing. So without further adieu, here’s what’s been going on according to my phone.

I celebrated my friend Teri’s birthday at a fancy pants restaurant.


Our server was this weird mix of Nathan Lane and Eddie Izzard and I could not stop staring at him. He was mesmerizing.

If anyone knows me, they know I hate sports. All sports. The only thing good about sports is the beer served at the events. With that said, I went to an Orlando City Soccer game willingly. AND LIKED IT.


I’m loving the sky in the above picture. #nofilter, just crappy phone quality.

I had an $11 beer at the game. And then a heart attack induced by pricing.


I paid for that beer with all the one dollar coins IN DA LAND.


That was my change when I paid for parking with a $20 at a meter. Seriously, this is not Canada. People get confused when we pay with dollar coins instead of paper dollars. Plus, I’m a dainty princess and they make my purse too heavy.

There is this bulletin board on the wall at work and every day it becomes filled with more and more useless (but funny) fliers.




Every day when I look at all the flyers, I calculate the amount of ink that was wasted to print them because I am old and not fun.


This was a lady’s cart at the grocery store and I almost walked off with it because she’s obviously seen my shopping list.


And because I always take pictures of my food but NEVER use them, here is a picture of a delicious bacon cheeseburger that I ate.


And that’s about it. This weekend I have a 10 mile run (I’m back in training!) and I’m going to a comedy show in which I’ll do my best to be pulled up on stage. Other than that, I will stay in, do homework, and be boring. Hope you all have a good weekend!



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One response to “Crap from My Phone

  1. MzTeri

    I am *just* seeing this blog post now because… I’m lame and haven’t been keeping up with your life. :/

    I only go to fancy pants restaurants for special occasions… when I want to splurge… like for my birthday. Thank you so much for verifying that I am a special enough friend to you to spend your hard-earned $$ at a fancy pants restaurant. It was a fun night, and I was really actually surprised at how many of my friends were able to join me that night. It isn’t very often that we are able to get together like that, which made me feel very special. So glad you could be there!

    Oh, and the For Sale Used Cat (like new) sign at your work – TOTALLY HILARIOUS!

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