An Update and a Race

A few things…

Thanks for all your kind comments on FB and the blog about Ron. I’m so sad to tell you that he passed away a few hours after I published the post about him. So, it’s been a rough week. A lot of little things remind me of him so I feel like I’m constantly thinking about how he’s not around anymore.  It still feels like he’s going to show up at my desk to chat. Anyway, his memorial service was this past weekend. I didn’t really want to go because I wasn’t sure I could hold it together, but I did go (and mostly held it together) and I’m glad I did because I got to hear a bunch of stories about Ron from all the people that loved him and I got to meet some of his friends I’ve been hearing about for years.

I’m also happy to see his GoFundMe is doing well. If you donated, thank you. I know his family appreciates it.


In lighter news, for the past several months, I have been convinced that I was going to quit running forever. I’m hating it and I haven’t been looking forward to any of my races. I was registered for Best Damn Race and just wanted it over with. Then I ran it and actually had a good time, which annoyed me because that wasn’t supposed to happen. The good time could have had something to do with my little weekend visitor.


Or all my running homies. ❤


The good time apparently clouded my judgement because I registered for the Jacksonville Best Damn Race shortly after, which also wasn’t supposed to happen seeing as how I was quitting running forever and all.

So anyway, the race was fun and had a great course, the weather was nice, and the medal is cute. Can’t ask for much more than that.


I also got one of my favorite race pictures ever because of that chick in the pink shoes behind me.


That’s the best race face I’ve ever seen. It gets funnier the longer you stare at her. I highly recommend enlarging that picture to get a better look.

I finished in 2:10:36, which is over 8 minutes off my PR but was my fastest race this season so I’ll take it.

So I guess the plan for now is to take a running break. I have one more race left this season – a 10 miler in a couple weeks. Then nothing until January 2017. I can not run at all or add a race to my schedule if I feel like it. Either way, I’ll be happy for a break.


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5 responses to “An Update and a Race

  1. When I saw a smaller version of that pic on Facebook on my phone screen, I legit thought you were all three women running in that photo. Now I see you’re right up front oblivious to the fun happening behind you.

    But if you take a break from running what will you call your blog? Eat: Watch: Pants? Eat: Watch: Brunch? Actually, do you still crossfit? You don’t ever talk about it and I thought rule #1 of crossfit was that you need to talk about crossfit. All the time. To everyone. So I am understandably confused…

    • Melissa

      Exactly. Eat: Watch: CROSSFIT. Do ITTTTT!

    • Paula

      I like this Eat: Watch: Brunch idea. I feel like brunch is often a drinking marathon for me so it would be a good replacement.

      I do still Crossfit! 3x a week! Man, I’m apparently doing it wrong. I also need to set up my phone and do a “natural” running picture and put that on Instagram with all my running statistics.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend 😦 Haha that race picture is hilarious!!

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