By the Numbers

I was reminded today that I haven’t done a by the numbers post in awhile. I totally forgot about those and they are my favorite to write, so here it goes.

1. My last race of the season is at UCF on Sunday.


I ran this race two years ago and loved it. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also looking forward to a break from running after the race is over. I’ll probably still run once a week, but I am so over the constant training schedule of *having* to run to train for a race. I should probably mention that I registered for another race. So now I’m registered for Best Damn Race Jacksonville and Orlando. I realize this is counter intuitive to my non-running plan, but at least both races aren’t until next year so I don’t really have to run until October. So the plan is less running and then once school is out for summer at the end of April, I’m going to leisure so hard that my couch isn’t going to know what hit it.

2. I tweaked my back on Sunday…while eating lunch on the couch.

Bill Hader

I have no idea how it happened but hubs said that only I could manage to throw my back out while eating on a couch. Now I can’t bend over very well. This has happened before and I usually feel better in a couple days. I just wish I had a cooler story to tell.

3. I finished season 2 of Daredevil. MY GOD how can anyone expect me to wait another year for another season? It’s just so, so good and waiting is so unfair.


People try to fill the Daredevil hole in my heart by telling me Luke Cake will be out in six months. Yes, it will be and I will watch it and I’m sure it will be entertaining, but it is no Daredevil. Just like Jessica Jones was inferior, Luke Cage will be inferior. #DaredevilForever

4. My current favorite song, Destruction by Joywave. (Somebody New is also awesome.)

I’m a horrible whistler yet somehow I gravitate toward songs with whistling. Hubs loves it when I whistle this in the house like a dying bird.

5. While Melissa was in town three weeks ago, we went to a country bar in Sanford. While we were there, hubs bought me this awesome hat because of course they have a store in the bar. Now, I’m not really into the country scene but I do feel the need to wear this hat at all times.


I may even be coerced into going to a country concert just to wear it again.

6. Pants has her own Instagram now. Her Instagram should be helpful for those of you that like her but don’t really care for me.


She hates our love. Someone send me a rabbit that loves to be picked up and snuggled, please.


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4 responses to “By the Numbers

  1. Melissa

    Oh no! Tweaking your back is not cool. I can see how that might happen on the couch. Couches are unstable and stuff. If you lean too far in your lazy effort to not get up, a tweak is definitely possible.

    I love you in that hat.

    Thank God Pants has an Instagram. Roo hijacked mine long ago. No one really wants to see me anyway.

    • Paula

      I was sitting on the edge of the couch cuz I had my food on the coffee table. I’d like to think my back pain was caused by extreme eating.

      I want to see you!

  2. Ananda

    Thanks for the music suggestion. I’m really digging that song!

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