Weekend Fun

Last Friday, hubs and I went to see Def Leppard in concert. I had been stalking the show on Ticketmaster for awhile, but the only tickets that were available were either nosebleed or resale tickets that were way too much $$ and had double the fees of regular Ticketmaster tickets. While I love me some Def Leppard, I do not love two tickets for $500 way up in the stands. I did some serious Ticketmaster stalking the day of the show to see if any resale tickets dropped in price. They didn’t, but some fourth row (omg) Ticketmaster tickets opened for half the price of the resale tickets. I proceeded to 1) pee my pants 2) buy them and 3) have THE BEST TIME EVER.





That guitarist is 58. If I look like that at 58, you can bet I will be oiled up and shirtless too.



During one of the songs, they played footage of their old shows and backstage antics from the 80’s which was so fun to watch and probably the best part of the show. Anyway, enough of that. It was a good time. An expensive time (a rum and coke was $13, wtf) but a good time. I sang my face off much to the horror of snapchat and have had Rock of Ages in my head ever since.

After the show, we walked to a German restaurant downtown to meet up with a couple friends. We were starving so we ordered this pretzel that has given up on life.


Then we responsibly Ubered home like grown-ass adults.

In other news, I made an attempt to run two miles yesterday. I made it one mile until my ankles started hurting so I stopped. I guess I’ll try that running thing again tonight. I have a few upcoming trips planned which will require wearing a bathing suit and therefore running more, and not eating giant pretzels with beer cheese.

And lastly, in the best news ever – new Kristen Bell show in the fall! YASSSS GIMME GIMME.


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3 responses to “Weekend Fun

  1. Damnnnn those are good seats! You were close enough for him to flick sweat on you!!

  2. Ooh what’s your snapchat name? Need to add you!

  3. Linz

    That poor pretzel!

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