General Shenanigans

I like my blogging like I like my showers – once a month.

Ok, I’ve had a busy month, so I’m excited to say I’m plan-free this weekend. PLAN FREE. I can’t wait to do nothing. (I say this now. I’ll complain about it later.) I have so many books to read and I just want to be an old lady on the couch with my books. With that said, I hope you like pictures because I’ve got a bunch of them. Pictures and snapchat are the only thing that help me remember my life lately.

Hubs and I hit up MegaCon in May for some people watching and celebrity goodness. MegaCon is a big comic convention. It’s not as big as ComicCon in San Diego, but I think they are trying their hardest to get that big. Anyway, hubs is trying to perfect his Goblin King costume and had this really cool mask made for it.


Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Or at least the friend of a celebrity that no one wants a picture of because everyone was asking hubs for a picture.


I was busy taking those pictures and buying things I don’t need because they’re cute.


He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

I also got to meet John Cusack, William Sadler, and Curtis Armstrong while I was there. So that was fun. Except the John Cusack part. He was major jackhole who didn’t even look at his fans that were standing in line and paying good money to meet him. William Sadler on the other hand was basically the nicest guy ever. I told him that Demon Knight was my desert island movie (don’t judge) and he told me a bunch of stories of when he was on set. It was awesome and I fan-girled out in a major way.

Somewhere in there, I turned 40. So that’s a thing that I am now: a 40 year-old. To help celebrate, Melissa (the DC one) flew into Orlando to visit for the weekend and then 12 of my favorite people joined me to see Ellie Goulding in concert.




The concert doubled as my birthday party so technically Ellie Goulding came to my birthday party. The night ended with all of us fitting ourselves into a golf cart that was sitting outside a bar. I know the picture was taken because that is in the 50% of the night I remember, but I have not actually seen the picture. I’m scared for the next time Michelle blogs because I think it’s on her phone.

A week later, the birthday celebrations were still in full swing when my bestie took me to see Drip, which is a dance-art-sort-of-play to live original rock music.


The show was really fun and different and it’s hard to explain. All I know is that I showed up there clean and then left dripping wet with paint all over me.



While we were there, we had this amazing red velvet cake shot that I’m sure was zero calories.


We also got pictures with the cast of the show who doubled as the bartenders and vendors, so they were all working their butts off.



If you don’t mind your blonde hair turning green, red, yellow, and blue for the night, I highly recommend checking out the show. Lisa found a Groupon for it but I think it would be worth it without the discount and I’m almost positive it’s in cities other than Orlando.

Last weekend, hubs and I saw In This Moment in concert.



That’s my “over the moon” face.

In This Moment is a metal band that hubs loves. I was a little apprehensive about going. I like some of their newer songs but their early music has so. much. screaming and I didn’t know if I could take it. They ended up doing mostly new songs and the show was really creepy and cool, so I’d totally see them again. Plus, any night out with friends is a nice night out.



We got to hang out with some more of our favorite people for the Fourth of July – Ken and KeKe. (That is the most evil picture I have ever seen of myself.)



Snapchat-4251151057557494428 (1)

That day consisted of too much drinking for a school night and two hours of playing a hilarious game of Heads Up at a bar. So I didn’t regret any of it (until the next morning at work). We also have two cruises planned with those crazies in the next year so you’ll probably see their mugs again.

Oh and on a random note, hubs gets compliments on the t-shirt he’s wearing in the picture above like crazy. We both have one because Ken designed it and he’s awesome. So we basically know a fashion designer.

And last but not least, I started watching these Jaclyn Hill makeup tutorials and am now OBSESSED with her (omg why is she so cute?) and Sephora.


I have bought so much makeup in the last month that now I’m poor and late for work every day because getting ready in the morning takes 20 minutes longer. I literally spend so much time doing my makeup that I don’t do my hair anymore. This is coming from the girl that usually buys one Cover Girl product a year and is good. I’m going to need an intervention at some point because being this high maintenance is super annoying.

Ok so now you’re all caught up. Next weekend, I’m going on a girl’s trip to Savannah, so that should be interesting. Thirteen girls. One house. #sendhelp


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3 responses to “General Shenanigans

  1. Ali

    So many thoughts with this blog but mostly – Love the big ol’ random update with lots of pics! As someone who sees the photos coming in on Facebook and Insta, I often want to know the deets and this is helpful!

    The Drip Orlando thing seemed kind of nuts when you shared photos but this actually makes me want to dig in and see if / when I can go. It also looks like the kind of thing I would take Lauren Pants to. Do you know if it required a lot of notice ahead of time? Were you comfortable running around all drippy afterward? Did you need towels for the car…? Pre-gaming recommended? Kinda dying to know more, tbh.

    That. hat. you’re wearing for In the Moment – tell me more about this hat. I am obsessed with ballcaps but I rarely wear them, but that one… that looks AWESOME. Where? Why? How did you acquire it?

    “He’s so fluffy I’m gunna die.” Yes. All the yes. Yes and yes and more yes. Also random but which Alex and Ani bracelet do you wear? I’m always curious about the reasons people get theirs. And your hubs costume is ridiculous btw. Ridiculous GOOD.

    And make-up… I am actually really relieved to see this because I, too, have become obsessed with make-up in my older age. I shocked Cody by pulling out 4 different shades of lipstick to wear. When he did my make-up for my wedding he had to convince me to wear tinted Burts Bees. Now I’m whippin’ out Marc Jacobs lipstick and applying between dinner and dessert.

    It helps that I have a subscription to Ipsy. It’s $10 a month and I have tried products I would NEVER have otherwise tried – like… eyebrow sculpting pencils and brushes… and bright red lipstick… and purple eye liner. I, too, have spent so much money at Sephora that I have VIB status for a year.

    Dat Make-Up Forever HD Foundation though. Have you tried a Beauty Ball yet? I just got one and I want to throw mad shade at the make-up industry from 1996 for letting me learn how to apply make-up without one.

    I also see a little Kat Von D up in there… her eyeliner is my new fav. I even ditched my Smashbox for it, which is saying something.

    Are you staying on-top of taking it off before bed? I’m hit or miss, honestly, but I have fallen so in love with GlamGlow products that I am obsessed with washing my face now. ThirstyMud is amazing (light blue bottle), but the orange bottle is a whitening scrub and HOLY SHEEEET. Get the $20 mini jar next time you’re in the check-out line at Sephora. If you have uneven skin tone or want to exfoliate, it will change your LIFE.

    Okay now that I just blogged about your blog on your blog, I’m going back to work. 🙂

    Post more like this whenever you feel like it because clearly you have an audience! 😉

    • Paula

      There is a lot going on in this comment but I’m willing to take it on!

      1. For Drip, we made a reservation a week a head of time. We didn’t bring towels but my friend has leather seats so we didn’t really need it. We were dry once we got to the next bar. And yes, we pre-gamed at Senior Frogs. You can get drinks before/after the show, but not during since the bartenders are also the performers.

      2. The hat is a Hell Yeah hat. It’s a band that opened up for In This Moment. My friend’s bf works merch for Hell Yeah and I’m a supportive girl like that.

      3. Alex and Ani bracelet – My friend gave it to me. She was doing shots and I told her to slow her roll cuz it was a marathon not a sprint. She immediately gave me her bracelet which says…”It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Also, handy that I’m a runner so it’s got a double meaning!

      4. Make-up – I love tinted Burt’s Bees. They also have lipstick now that is like whoah good. I had a Birchbox subscription but found I just got a lot of crap I didn’t want. Maybe Ipsy is better? I want makeup and stuff and I was getting face masks and lotions.

      5. I do not have a beauty ball but I have taken to applying foundation with a brush lately. And I add liquid highlighter in the foundation, mix it on my hand, dip the brush. I’m liking it a lot.

      6. I also have the Kat Von D tattoo liner and love it! I take off all my makeup before bed unless I’ve used my Loreal gel liner with my Morphe liner brush (I should sell this shit). It takes so long to put it on straight that I like to get two days wear out of it.

      7. The whitening scrub – does it have those beads in it? Usually I don’t do scrubs for a few reasons: It makes me more oily afterwards and it’s not great for the environment. But I’m looking it up because…I mean…Sephora. Come on.

  2. Wow, that is quite the collection of makeup! Looks like you had some pretty great finds recently! Glad to hear you had so much fun at the convention! It sounds like it would be awesome!

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