Is This Thing On?

Oh hai neglected blog.

I haven’t been around these parts much but it’s not for a lack of wanting to. School is kicking my ass this semester so my time has been extremely limited. If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I’ve been up to for the most part. I always have something going on, so having no plans is currently my favorite plan. Any free time I have is spent doing chores playing Pokemon Go. (WHY do I love that game so much? Damn.)

Anyway, enough of that. If I had more time to write, I probably would have written about Texas Melissa coming to visit for the weekend to destroy my liver.




Then I might have mentioned meeting my friend Linda’s new cutie patootie son, Ryan.


Babies love me.

I would have written about how I went to see Maroon 5 and was THISCLOSE to Adam Levine.


And I definitely would have written about how I went to get my hair dyed “rose gold” and it came out magenta.


I was a little surprised but overall thought it was fun and different so I kept it. Since that picture was taken, it’s faded a lot and is now more of a light pink with magenta highlights. I get a ton of compliments on it, so it was quite the happy mistake.

Let’s see…I would have written about hub’s Labyrinth/David Bowie themed birthday party, which I don’t have many pictures of.



oh hayyy, I look skinny in that picture! Frame it!

And of course, I would have talked about how Pants continues to be adorbs all day every day.



This past weekend, we made it through Hurricane Matthew without damage to the house and without losing power. It is literally the first hurricane I’ve prepared for and taken seriously in the 30+ years I’ve lived here. It was on a scary track. Thank goodness the storm moved a bit East just before it hit the Melbourne coast because it could have been a lot worse for Orlando.

If anything good came out if that storm, it is some of the most beautiful weather we’ve had all year. Temperature and humidity are way down, so Saturday morning’s 7-miler was extremely pleasant. Then on Sunday, hubs and I spent all day walking around Lake Eola which was hot spot for Dratinis! (If you understood that…welcome fellow nerd.)


Today, our high is 80F with a cool breeze so it’s basically winter. It’s that time of year where I get to shop for cute, expensive jackets that I’ll only wear once!

So now you are up to date. Hopefully I won’t be such a stranger in the last two months of my semester.



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4 responses to “Is This Thing On?

  1. Melissa

    Poor little blog! Glad the brunt of the storm missed you guys! It’s because you were so prepared, clearly.

    PS Tell Pants she’s killing it on insta lately.

  2. I’ve only ever seen one Dratini so I’m jealous of your hotspot, although I’m really trying to come to Florida at the end of November so if that happens you’ll have to take me hunting! Also, I’ve learned a secret…if you put on an incense in the middle of nowhere where there are no other pokemon around (like for example at the cottage) all the rare Pokemon will come to you! I was losing interest in Pokemon Go but that got me right back into it.

    • Paula

      What! I use incense at my house and get rats and pigeys. I need to get out to that cottage!

      And yes, I will take you to the best Poke’ing Orlando has to offer!

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