The Last Day *sniff*

As I mentioned previously, our second-wind Saturday night didn’t make for the best Sunday morning. I’m pretty sure I broke Lindsey and Evan, but they were super troopers anyway for our little Lake Eola adventure.


The outdoor theatre in the middle there was painted in rainbow colors after the Pulse massacre in support of our gay community. It makes the theatre look so much more interesting. It was a dull, boring green for so long. I love it and the meaning behind it.

Lake Eola is my favorite place in Orlando. Hubs and I go there almost every week to have lunch, get a drink, or walk around and play Pokemon. This time of year, Lake Eola is all decked out for Christmas.



(Side note: If you love Christmas, you should read this Buzzfeed article. It made me laugh this morning.)

We went to Relax Grill  for lunch which is probably my favorite restaurant in town because the food is good,  it’s outdoors, and it has a direct view of the fountain and people watching. Every time I’m there, it feels like I’m on vacation because it has a really chill vibe. I didn’t take any pictures of my food (surprise, surprise) but Lindsey and I ate our veggies in the form of a salad and a Bloody Mary.

After lunch, we walked around the lake to check out the swans in interesting sleeping positions.


He opened his eyes right as I took that picture, jerk. Sleeping and balancing on one leg must give him great core muscles. Don’t let that swan sweetness fool you. They are mean! There is swan food you can buy at the lake. A month ago, I was trying to feed a swan (that was hanging out by the food dispenser so I figured he was waiting for it), and he bit me on the leg. He actually broke the skin and left a month long bruise. Not cool, swan.

We also checked out the farmer’s market that goes on at the lake every Sunday. Lindsey and Evan bought some goodies and we all posed for pictures with our lovers.







After Lake Eola, we went home and took a nap because we are all old and can’t handle our night’s out. Toward the end of the night, a few of us weren’t feeling that great so we ate dinner at home and watched Finding Dory. The next morning, Lindsey and Evan left for Universal and then Bradenton to continue their week-long Florida adventures.

I gotta say, I was so sad to see them go! It’s always a fun time hanging out with those two and I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like. I need to plan another trip to Toronto and figure out a way to sneak into Cuba for their wedding in May.






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  1. Lisa

    I better see that JEM hair at the wedding!!!

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