That Running Thing

As I mentioned before, I’ve been back to running. I took a nice, long, five month break where I would run when I wanted to – usually just a couple miles, one day a week. I’ve been running regularly for a couple months now. Two short runs (3 miles) during the week and a long run (8-10 miles) on the weekend. I haven’t been talking about it because everything has been fine and boring. Until recently, that is.


A couple weeks back, about a half mile into a 10 mile run, I felt really short of breath and nauseated. I had to stop for a bit to get my bearings but finished the run by walking half of it. I figured the cause could be nutrition. I never eat before a run that’s less than 12 miles, and I was feeling particularly hungry that day. So I brushed it off as a one-time weird thing and maybe I should start eating before my shorter runs. The following week, I tried to do my two week day runs. The speed run turned into a jog/walk and the other I gave up on after a mile. And that’s about how all runs have been going since: my chest feels heavy when I run and I feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen and basically half ass it.

About a week later, I started feeling really itchy. EVERYWHERE. It was mostly happening at night and in the evening and mostly on my stomach, back, and legs, but still pretty much everywhere. I thought it might be allergic to something new so I took an allergy pill for a few days and that didn’t work. I thought I might have dry skin, so I tried lotion after showers and that didn’t work. I would shower and aggressively loofah myself to exfoliate and that didn’t work either. I haven’t changed my detergent or soap and nothing else is different so I couldn’t figure it out. The itching was maddening and it starting keeping me awake at night. Google told me I was dying from kidney and liver failure so I went to a walk-in doctor only to find out that it’s most likely stress/anxiety (which is what my mom said when I told her about it but I really enjoy verifying the health of my kidneys and liver). So I’m wondering if that’s what’s affecting my running too?

The doctor prescribed a steroid pack (for itching) and Benadryl (for sleeping) to see if my symptoms lessen. (They have a bit but ehhh, not enough.) My school semester ends this week and I have a vacation coming up that I’m hoping will help me relax and destress so everything can get back normal.

So here’s my problem: I have two races coming up and the first one is on January 14. That’s a pretty tight schedule for my less than stellar running, so I’m considering skipping it. Or walking it. I dunno, I just know I WANT THAT MEDAL BAD.


So pretty.

In an effort to pep my running self up, I bought a new pair of running shoes.


Those are the Brooks Glycerin 13s. I’ve been running in the 10s for awhile now and I like everything about them except the 10+ ounce weight. I was going to switch to the Ghosts because they’re a couple ounces lighter but I just couldn’t pass up a 50% discount.

So that’s my running update, or lack thereof. Even if my running doesn’t improve by race time, I’ll still have a new pair of shoes to hold me close at night.



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7 responses to “That Running Thing

  1. Wendy

    Maybe you are just have a few off runs? The cooler weather in recent weeks? I struggle when it flip-flops between warm and cool (I am in Houston, TX so the weather can be similiar).

  2. Wendy

    *commenting nerves*
    All that, and I meant to say, keep at it and run the race. Worst case, you have to walk (I think mostly everyone has been there at some point).

  3. Natalie

    Hi Paula. It sounds like you might have exercise-induced asthma. I was diagnosed in college after the same thing began happening when I ran. My chest felt tight and I felt like I was breathing through a straw. If that’s the case, I would be a little concerned about trying to run a distance race undertrained, but just my two cents. I now have to use an inhaler before I exercise. Hope you figure things out!

  4. Melissa

    I mean, you’re probably dying. You should probably just stay home and drink.

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