A Tale of Two Races

Oh hai there, friends.

I logged into my blog and there were eight plug-ins to update, so I guess it’s been awhile. I’ve wanted to write and I have several half written blogs, but then they dropped to the bottom of my priority list. You know how it goes. Anyway, since I’ve written last I graduated with my Masters in Instructional Design and Technology, found my first gray hair, plucked said hair, went to Vegas, stopped running completely because of some ankle issues, then kinda started running again. I guess that brings me to now. I miss running. Plus my zippers on my pants are in deep turmoil trying to do their job. So I’m starting from square one which…kinda sucks.

About a month ago I ran the Best Damn Race 10k (I dropped from the half). My training was going slowly and it was frustrating because my body was not doing what I was trying to tell it to do. My training was so mediocre that I was *really* close to backing out but the running wife offered to pick me up and then I didn’t really have an excuse. So…


I figured I could walk the whole thing if my ankles weren’t having it. Not ideal, but at least it would get me out there. And…I’m really glad I didn’t back out! It was fun racing again for the first time in two years. I was pretty certain I’d be on the course for an hour and 20 minutes so I’m really happy with my 1:08:31 finish time. It’s over 10 minutes off my PR, but considering I couldn’t run a quarter mile not so long ago, I’ll take it.

Look at that goofy smile. That’s the “thank goodness I dropped to the 10k” smile.

After the race, I hung out with Michelle and earned back my race entry in drinks. Bloody Mary’s are basically vegetables so it was also breakfast.

BDR inspired me to sign up for the Winter Park Road Race (also a 10k). WPRR happened last weekend and I ran with with my brunch and vacation sista, Keke. This one we finished in 1:15:34. It was her first 10k and her first medal! We ran the whole race together, so I’m looking forward to seeing some real stupid finish line pictures because I definitely dance-ran through it.

After I crossed the finish, Michelle found her way into my heart real fast.

I mean, if I must!

Keke and I had a great time running the race and checking out all the houses that we wished were ours on the course. I think this race even inspired Keke to sign up for her first half marathon! A runner is born, ya’ll.

Incidentally, I also want to hire Michelle to be my champagne mama after every race. Not much to ask.

My next race isn’t until January (so far away!) so I may need to look for a different half marathon that’s happening sooner. I don’t want to jinx it by putting this out there, but I’m hoping running is back in my life again for awhile.


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2 responses to “A Tale of Two Races

  1. Melissa

    Look at you! Blogging and running. Running and blogging.

    I haven’t raced in … over 2 years? Yep. Going on 2.5. I miss running but my sad sad hamstring does not. Womp.

    • Paula

      Right?! WHO EVEN AM I?

      My ankles don’t really miss my running either but I’m all “you deal with that extra 25 lbs and LIKE IT.”

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