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For Peep’s Sake

I have a friend, who shall go unnamed. Becky. This friend has brought me all sorts of tasty goodies to work for the past several days. First it started with chocolate chip cookies. Big ones. Thankfully she assured me that nothing healthy went into the recipe. What a relief this was to me, the 10lbs I’ve gained, and the double chocolate cake I’ve been eating for breakfast every morning.

Yesterday, she brought another big chocolate chip cookie, a spice-cake type cookie, an ambrosia bar, and a mint chocolate brownie bar. If you’re wondering what fueled my awesome run last night, that was it. And I’m not

exaggerating. I ate it all…before lunchtime.

Today, I come in to work to this:

“It’s just a little something,” my anonymous friend Becky said.

I mentioned last week that it would be awesome if chocolate covered peeps existed. And that this world would be a better place if they did. Becky decided to do some investigative work.


That’s right, my holiday treat of choice. 8 million peeps.

Oh, they’re good alright.

After all this weight gain, I’m going to have to do something to draw the attention away from my muffin top. 

So it will have to be those eyelash extensions I won in the raffle. Here’s the before and after. Has anyone ever had this done? My friend told me you sit in a chair for two hours while a single eyelash is glued to each of your existing eyelashes.

Afterwards, you can’t wear mascara. Luckily, I can spend that extra 30 seconds I’ll get back every morning eating more chocolate peeps.


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