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Smencils and Eyelashes and Cakes, oh my!

Last night, I did a few things. First, I went to a holiday party at the MMAT Academy, which is where I take fitness class and hubs takes Tae Kwon Do. Then, I went to the movies for the first time in a long time. But I’ll get to the movie in my next post.

First, I want to talk about the party. The party was holiday party, coupled with a potluck, coupled with demonstrations by the students and instructors of the martial arts taught there. The demos lasted a bit too long, but the food was yummy. The party also had a fundraising raffle for the school. I wanted to donate some money, so I thought the raffle was a good way to do it. I had no intention of winning anything. I had $5 in my pocket, so I bought six tickets.

Three of those six tickets won. And what they won was the most random grouping of items ever.

Ticket one:  Smencils

Yes, they’re smelly pencils. I got watermelon and cinnamon.


Ticket two:  Semi-permanent eyelash extensions worth about $300
This was presented on a business card of the person who donated the gift. I never thought I needed anything like this, but I do now! 

 Ticket three: A fudge cake shaped like a coffee cup

Yeah, I know. That’s about the cutest thing ever.

It tastes as good as it looks.

On a side note, a little girl (about 6yrs old?) at the school came up to me and asked me for a dollar to buy a raffle ticket. I told her I had $5 and I already spent that $5 on raffle tickets.

She said:  “You ONLY have $5?”
I said:      “How much money do YOU have?”
She said:  “Zero”
I said:      “Well, it looks like I had $5 more than you.”


Oh, after I won the smelly pencils, she came up to me again and said, “I wish *I* had smelly pencils.”

Subtle. Real subtle.


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Holiday Party Attire

The dress and shoes I bought online yesterday (for my work holiday party) have already shipped. Booyah! I hate buying things online that I don’t know will fit or not, but I hate shopping in the Orlando area around the holidays even more.

Do I care that the dress and shoes don’t match exactly?  No I don’t.

Do I care that these shoes will make me 6 feet tall?  A little. 
But I’ll wear ’em anyway.
In other news, I’ll be heading to St. Pete tomorrow with Michelle for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon on Sunday morning. We decided that this might be the best half marathon ever once we saw this:
There will be a variety of refreshments at the finish line, including a special treat: the Publix Cookie Café featuring over 5,000 fresh baked cookies!”

Michelle and I will be meeting up with Tiffany and her mom (Mama Connie) for this one. We’ve already placed bets on Michelle’s finish time, and there’s a prize involved. This might get dirty.

Michelle is not aware of this. Or maybe she is now if she’s reading this…


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