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Holiday Party Attire

The dress and shoes I bought online yesterday (for my work holiday party) have already shipped. Booyah! I hate buying things online that I don’t know will fit or not, but I hate shopping in the Orlando area around the holidays even more.

Do I care that the dress and shoes don’t match exactly?  No I don’t.

Do I care that these shoes will make me 6 feet tall?  A little. 
But I’ll wear ’em anyway.
In other news, I’ll be heading to St. Pete tomorrow with Michelle for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon on Sunday morning. We decided that this might be the best half marathon ever once we saw this:
There will be a variety of refreshments at the finish line, including a special treat: the Publix Cookie Café featuring over 5,000 fresh baked cookies!”

Michelle and I will be meeting up with Tiffany and her mom (Mama Connie) for this one. We’ve already placed bets on Michelle’s finish time, and there’s a prize involved. This might get dirty.

Michelle is not aware of this. Or maybe she is now if she’s reading this…


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