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Flashback Friday: The Wedding

This starts a new segment on the blog. I see a few other blogs have a Flashback Friday with their own spin on it, so this is mine. LET IT BE LAW.


After 7 years of dating, the hubs and I got engaged. Before we started wedding planning, I suggested we go to Las Vegas, but the hubs shot down that idea because his family is on the traditional side. I’ll admit, I was bummed. A destination wedding sounded awesome, but this relationship thing is a two-way street, so I started doing research in the Orlando area. And by research, I mean I just asked all my friends where they got married. Shortly after grilling all my friends, we found the Maitland Art Center.

I loved it!

Meet the chapel.

I really liked the idea of my future wedding pictures in that chapel. I pictured it decorated with lots of white flowers. It just has this old school feel to it like monks in long, brown robes should be walking around with their heads bowed. The picture really doesn’t do it justice.

I booked the chapel at the Art Center for the wedding and booked the Winter’s Park Farmer’s Market for the reception. The Farmer’s Market is indoors, unlike the Art Center, to account for unpredictable Florida weather. Also, if I broke a sweat in my wedding dress, I would flip out.

The Farmer’s Market used to be an old train station, so the inside is really charming.  Shortly after we booked the wedding and reception, we booked the caterer, photographer, and the cupcake tower wedding cake.

I tried to keep the wedding as affordable as possible because hubs and I were splitting the bill. I often reminded him of what he owed and would ask his opinion on different things (even though he pretty much left the planning to me) because it was his money too.

Seven months before our wedding and after $2000 in deposits, hubs realized that the portion he owed for the wedding was indeed his portion and not the total for the whole wedding.

Meet Las Vegas. Open-mouthed smile

Hubs decided Vegas didn’t sound so bad after all. (Insert I told you so here.) First, I threw something heavy at him. Then, I was annoyed because I had already done so much work, but then realized I was getting my way so that annoyance didn’t last long. I canceled everything I had booked, did a bunch of research on Las Vegas wedding packages, and ended up booking our wedding at Mandalay Bay. We got all but $300 back from our deposits (whew!) and ended up saving 6k by going to Vegas.

Before the wedding, the bestie and I had our hair done at the salon in the hotel. I don’t recommend wearing a tight-necked t-shirt when you’re getting your hair done unless your wearing that same tight-necked t-shirt for your wedding (lesson learned).

Hubs and I got married in the outdoor area of Mandalay Bay called Valley of the Falls instead of the chapel. It was an extra cost, but totally worth it. We also saved money by getting married on a Monday instead of the weekend.

Over 20 of our friends flew out for our wedding which blew my mind. You mention Vegas to people and they go crazy. I’m sure half of them still don’t know they were there for a wedding. Everyone started buying plane tickets like they were going to meet Cher and Celine Dion personally.

Our guests had to wait an hour for the ceremony to start because the minister that was supposed to marry us was in a car accident on the way to the wedding.

I decided not to take that as a sign and had a beer with my brother and best friend in the lobby while we waited. 🙂 When another minister finally showed up, the wedding was on and my brother walked me down the aisle.

No, we didn’t get married by Elvis (our most asked question). But I’m pretty sure Roy Orbison lives and now plays the violin at weddings.

My best friend was my Maid of Honor and the only person in our wedding party.

The little dude that married us sounded like an evangelist. I’m surprised he didn’t slap our foreheads at the end. The falls were so loud, he had to use a microphone so our guests could hear, which just amplified his corniness.

The photographer who took our pictures was awful (he was part of the wedding package we booked). We took over 200 pictures with him and we liked 15 of them. All our other pictures came from our friends.

He did manage to take a few good ones. This was our favorite.

Now it’s a little over 2 years later and I don’t think I would have changed anything. The ceremony was short, we had dinner at Rumjungle in Mandalay Bay afterwards, and then danced at Cathouse in the Luxor most of the night. I had so much fun and it was much more relaxed than your typical ceremony and reception.

If you’re married, where did you get married?

If you’re not married, would you get married in Vegas? 🙂


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