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Race Review: Women’s Magazine Half Marathon

Garmin: 02:10:28 (race results aren’t posted yet, but I didn’t PR so…blah)

This race took place in St. Petersburg, which was really scenic and beautiful. Like, THIS scenic and beautiful.

The harbor where the race started

Michelle and I parked and walked about a half mile to the start, found our corral, and found Tiffany and Mama Connie coming out of the potties.

Sweaters just don’t get sexier than that.

We got in our corrals and didn’t have to wait long to start. One last non-sweaty picture comin’ at cha…

Drink matches the outfit. Nice!

That’s the start…yonder

For a women’s half marathon, there were a lot of men running. A lot of men in pink. And one with pink fuzzy socks. Oh, and I ran by these jokesters.

Enough water bottles to hydrate the homeless.

The race was fairly crowded for the first 10 miles, but it wasn’t too difficult getting around slower runners and walkers. The view was pretty amazing from what I got to enjoy of it (The miles started getting difficult at mile 3. Three! Not good). And this race had the most spectators of any race I’ve done so far which was awesome.

Beginning of the race

St. Pete Pier

We also got to run THROUGH Tropicana Field which was probably the best and most unique part of the race.

Last one or two tenths of the race.

After the race, I helped myself to some cookies at the Cookie Cafe. Ok, maybe the cookies were the best part of the race.

Got a cute finisher’s medal.

And met Moses, the dog.

I want to snuggle him so bad.

Overall, it was a well done race with awesome goodies at the end (bananas, bags of sliced apples, pretzels, yogurt, granola bars, cookies). I just wasn’t in top form for this race, but I would definitely do this one again.


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Woman’s Magazine Expo

We got a late start to the Expo, so we were glad to make it there on time. They were making continuous announcements about how it was about to close once we got there.

We picked up our bags, which were actually super cute. They’re like those reusable supermarket bags but all girl-a-fied.

The goodies inside were pretty sweet too: cute (pink!) technical T, some Publix towel (say what?), Gu Chomps, a girlie notepad, Dole yogurt covered fruit bites (cuz we can never have enough of those), and eye drops for use after all the crying when you don’t PR for the first time.

We headed out for some dinner after the Expo to a place that was within walking distance. It was by the water so it was a really pretty area.

I had a salad. Yeah…I know, that’s not carb loading. Probably not a good idea.

This probably wasn’t a good idea either.

But we were so happy after the beer…s, that it was worth it. Sort of.

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Holiday Party Attire

The dress and shoes I bought online yesterday (for my work holiday party) have already shipped. Booyah! I hate buying things online that I don’t know will fit or not, but I hate shopping in the Orlando area around the holidays even more.

Do I care that the dress and shoes don’t match exactly?  No I don’t.

Do I care that these shoes will make me 6 feet tall?  A little. 
But I’ll wear ’em anyway.
In other news, I’ll be heading to St. Pete tomorrow with Michelle for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon on Sunday morning. We decided that this might be the best half marathon ever once we saw this:
There will be a variety of refreshments at the finish line, including a special treat: the Publix Cookie Café featuring over 5,000 fresh baked cookies!”

Michelle and I will be meeting up with Tiffany and her mom (Mama Connie) for this one. We’ve already placed bets on Michelle’s finish time, and there’s a prize involved. This might get dirty.

Michelle is not aware of this. Or maybe she is now if she’s reading this…


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Heathe Not-so-Trim

Day 2 of Heathe Trim. So far so good, if you like starving all day long. It’s supposed to be an appetite suppressant, right? I was so hungry all day that I ate lunch at 10am and continued to snack every hour or two until dinner time. Way to suppress, HT.

The Web site for Heathe Trim says that caffeine and artificial sweeteners stimulate appetite, which is why you aren’t supposed to consume any while on Healthe Trim. Well, if I was going to be hungry without drinking caffeine anyway…

Me: 2, Diet Coke: 0

I’m getting ready for the Women’s Magazine Half Marathon this weekend. And by getting ready, I mean I bought 2 cute new running outfits. If I’m gonna be sweaty and disgusting – I wanna confuse people with a cute outfit.

I also bought a rack to hang all my medals on. Medals need love too. Even cheesy two dollar wanna be medals on green ribbon.


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