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My Favorite Things

I was thinking of posting some goals for 2012 but then I remember how I did that before and it didn’t turn out so well. Saying my goals out loud pretty much puts the nail in the coffin for those goals and I don’t do resolutions. I’m a believer in making change happen no matter what time of year it is. So let’s just say I do have fitness and eating goals that are already in motion and hopefully I don’t crap them up like usual.

Instead, I’ll talk about some of my favorite things from the past year. 🙂

1. Running the Gasparilla Half Marathon. I felt like crap through this whole race, but it was so well run, the weather was perfect, and the course was beautiful. It’s my favorite half marathon of the 10 I’ve run.

2.  Running the Sarasota Half Marathon. I lived in Bradenton for 20 years, so this race was like going back home. And I proved that you can PR (2:02:41) even when you have to poop real bad the last 5 miles.

3.  Working hard for months and getting down to 17.5% body fat from 23%. I was really proud of that, but then I screwed it up with a downward spiral of cupcakes and beer (not at the same time). Now I’m not sure I want to know what my body fat  is, but I’m finding out next week anyway.

4.  An impromptu cruise to the Bahamas. This trip was booked 3 days before we were due to leave. It was a lot of fun and so nice to get away for just a few days. We did some kayaking and I got to parasail for the first time after a questionable cab ride in Nassau.

5.  Joining my first running group, meeting some awesome people in that group, and training to run a marathon. Then running my first marathon in Savannah. Not a great experience for me, but I finished and that’s what counts. I’m probably most proud of finishing this race. It was hard. It sucked. And I wanted to quit.

Plus, for the first time ever it was cold enough during a race to get those awesome warming covers afterwards. I was so excited for one of those. What are they called anyway?

6.  A short vacation in Vegas with a little half marathon tacked on for good measure. I had a ton of fun in Vegas and this was the first race my hubs ever came to. It may be the last since I was so sick he pretty much had to carry me back to the hotel afterwards.

7.  Running my second marathon and realizing that a race can finally be good. Really, really good.

I’m looking forward to a lot of things next year. Hopefully a vacation with the hubs to a yet-to-be-determined destination (San Fran, Vancouver, and Juneau are at the top of my list), visiting my family in San Diego, and running 3 half marathons by March that I hope to rock the pants off of. Those halves will be wearing NO pants after I’m done with them.

What was your favorite thing about 2011?

What are you looking forward to the most in 2012?


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Back to Real Life

Happy New Year!
I’m officially back home in Orlando after a fun week of visiting family in San Diego and eating way too much good food. I had a great time with my brother…

(Maybe next time I see him, I’ll even brush my hair. I said maybe.)

The Hubs…

(I was really trying to get the tree in the background. Well, I say, holiday spirit = captured!)

My mama…

(She was really just hanging around for the birthday cake.)

My niece and nephews…

(Masters of the Self Photo)

(More self photos? Well, alright!)

By the way, my nephew on the right has full use of both of his eyes. Not too sure what’s going on there. I’d love to post some pictures of my sister-in-law, but she’d find out and I might not get invited back.

So, after all the delicious food…

My nephews 12th birthday party…

(Picture it. Fifteen 12-year old boys singing karaoke to “Single Ladies.” I’m pretty sure I saw two of them not even needing to look at the lyrics.)

A classy New Year’s party at my brother’s friend’s house…

(Cristal and Easy Cheese. Nothing but the best for this girl.)

We were all pooped and looked something like this…

Thanks for all the hospitality big bro. 🙂 Love ya!


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