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I Like My Movies Fancy

Easter morning, eh make that afternoon, I got up and ran 7.25 miles of hills around my mom’s house. Not that I had a choice. Because that’s all they have here. Lots and lots of hills. It was a hard run (somewhere around a 9:50 pace?), but the weather was so perfect that I had to get out and enjoy it one more time before I leave. I love you California weather. I love you so hard.

After the run, my mom and I went to Cinepolis to see 21 Jump Street.

We tried to see Mirror Mirror there a couple days ago, but when we found out the matinee for both of us (with a senior discount) was $33, we walked away and paid $18 somewhere else. Guess we missed the “luxury cinemas” part of the sign.

When I told my brother about the theatre, he said it was worth the price and we should check it out. So mom and I made it our Easter treat to ourselves. Check out the inside of this place.


When I bought our tickets, I got to choose our seats like buying tickets on Ticketmaster. Assigned seating? That’s crazy talk. I would so pay the extra money to see shows like Hunger Games on opening day here.

Why yes, we do dress alike. I like how the natural lighting really enhances my roots.

The theatre had a full menu with flatbreads, sushi, salads, wraps, specialty popcorn, specialty coffees, milkshakes, regular theatre candy and popcorn, and a full bar. We got there early, so I had a Watermelon Candy Martini to ensure I thought the movie was funny.

Our theatre was 21 and up only, so once the theatre opened, I got IDed at the door. THAT’S right, bitches!

When we got inside, we saw why the tickets are so expensive. ALL the seats are recliners.

I thought the movie was really funny. There were lots of inside jokes, so I’ll probably see it again to catch more stuff. My mom didn’t like it but she didn’t even care. She wanted to stay in those seats forever. Seriously, it was the most comfortable movie ever.

I tried to will myself to find Channing Tatum hot since the rest of the world does, but I just can’t do it. He does nothing for me. He has a gigantic head and I think he needs braces. Whew! That felt good to say. And now you will all hate me.

I did find the other guy in the movie ridiculously good looking.

I had to look him up. Turns out, he’s James Franco’s brother, Dave. Oh yeah. There’s TWO of them. *eyebrow waggle*


By the time you read this, I’ll be heading back to Orlando. So go ahead and get it out of your system and tell me how much you love Channing Tatum and I’ll disagree with you all once I land in Dallas.



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