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Blast from the Past

Workout: Ran on treadmill 4 miles, walked 1.5 miles

I was not feeling that workout at all. But I made myself do something because of this:

Curse you Lord Delicious Pie.

I was clicking around blogland today and I came across a blog called I Hate Pickles Like Whoa. Not only is that the best blog name that ever lived, but it also inspired this post. The post over at Pickles mentioned products from the past that are no longer around that you wish were still available. So, I thought I would list my favorite blasts from the past.

PB Max candy bar

I used to steal money out of my mom’s purse and sneak to the store to buy this bad boy. I’m not big on candy bars in general, but this one was straight up send you to crazy town delicious. It was peanut butter with little crunchy things sitting on top of some cookie dohicky and coated in chocolate. You can quote that masterpiece of a sentence.

Arch Deluxe from McDonalds

“The burger with the grown-up taste.” Also known as the burger with the sauce that was so good it tasted like it was created from angel tears. When I ordered this, I would order extra sauce on the burger and while I was eating it, I’d wonder why I couldn’t lose weight.

McD. L.T from McDonalds

Dumbest idea ever, but I fell for it. The L.T. just stands for lettuce and tomato. They keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool by putting a regular burger in a stupid container and giving it a new name. Sucker. Party of one.

Oh, and remember that McDonald’s song and the lyrics was all their menu items? Big Mac, McDLT, a quarter pounder with some cheese….


Well. Ok then.

Burger Buddies from Burger King

I like burgers, alright? Sheesh.

I loved these. I’m pretty sure they were just topped with cheese, onions, and ketchup but they were the perfect snacking size and oh so delicious. Plus, you could eat 6 of them which was probably worse than eating one regular burger and then wonder why your pants wouldn’t button.

Burger King brought these back not too long ago and named them something different but I never got them. I can’t even remember the last time I went to Burger King.

Pizzarias chips

These things seriously tasted like pizza in chip form. They were dangerous because it was so easy to take out a whole bag. This is one product I can’t believe didn’t survive. Maybe they were too much like Doritos and Doritos did everything they could to keep the Pizzaria man down.

Mustard flavored Combos

Yeah, I know that picture isn’t of the mustard flavored combos. I swear they used to exist even though Google images suggests otherwise. Mustard flavor was my FAVORITE and they didn’t last long at all.

What’s your favorite blast from the past?


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