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Ice Cream for Breakfast

Saturday morning started with a 4:20 am wake up call to meet my group for a 10 mile run. A couple things crossed my mind before this run, and I realized that you know you’re a runner (or crazy) when:

  • Getting up at 4:20 am feels like sleeping in
  • Running 10 miles sounds like an easy run

I got my feet ready this time. Two pairs of socks and Band-Aids on all blister-prone areas.

My friend Nicole (who should really update her blog more often) recommended Band-Aid Cushions for the top of my feet to prevent rashes. I’ll get some of those next time I’m at the store. Anything to make the run more comfortable. I figure at this rate, I’ll be running in diapers by October.

I decided to try grapes as fuel on this run. They didn’t fit in my iFitnes belt.

But they did look like a horrible version of Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine album cover.

I ended up putting the grapes in my sports bra. Then I didn’t even eat them because I felt so good on the run I was afraid to ruin it. Also, running with grapes in your sports bra is dumb. At least runners understand and don’t question third breasts.

During the run, I met Lauren. We were both feeling pretty good so we picked up the pace a little and ran the last 5 or so miles together until she chicked me during the last mile. I ended with 10.35 miles on my Garmin and a 10:31 pace (including the walking breaks) and felt good the whole time. Everyone elses Garmin said 10.5 miles. Is there a way to calibrate a Garmin? Mine is always off from everyone elses lately.

When I got home, I took a shower and then finished a pint of Cake Batter ice cream for breakfast. No need to put clothes on for that.

Saturday night, a group of us went to a birthday celebration for Sheila (i.e. She who torments me in Martial Arts Fitness Class). We started with dinner at Bahama Breeze.

Hubs and I shared the goat cheese appetizer which was awesome.

Then we shared some chicken dish with a side of cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes. Also delicious. I remembered to take a picture of it when I was half way through and it looked like a turd.

Why yes. I do like to cut up all my meat first and then eat it instead of  cutting it as I take bites.

After dinner, we all went to a comedy show at Bonkerz Comedy Club, which is located in the Why Not Lounge. The Why Not Lounge is a bar inside a hotel in Altamonte Springs and used to be a regular Saturday night affair for me and Lisa when I first moved to Orlando. Hubs and I were glad to see the bar has not lost any of it’s old-man-on-the-prowl slimy allure. 🙂

The show had some good and not so good comedians but overall, we had a great time. After the show, we went home and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. I think it’s safe to say I have no idea what that show is about. Anyone else watch that one yet?


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