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Bar Louie

First up: Did you enter my Music Giveaway? If you didn’t, remember that a kitten dies every time you think about entering but don’t. Save the kittens.

I just got back from our weekend in Miami, and I am worn out. Also, I’m behind on reading about 27 million blog posts. I guess the blog world doesn’t stop when I go out of town like I thought it did. If I commented on your blog this weekend, it was before I realized how annoying it is to comment on a blog from your phone.

Anyway, before I get into that whole Miami thing, I wanted to tell you about last Thursday.

My friend (and old roommate) Danielle was in town on business, so we decided a group of us would meet up for dinner and drinks. Danielle moved to South Carolina (from Orlando) about 6 years ago and I’ve only seen her once since she moved.

Here’s some old school goodness of Danielle and I in some random bar. Random bars = our home away from home.

Danielle and I met at work, which is also where I met Michelle, Melissa, and my hubs. Got all those names down? Work with me and you score good friends and husbands! If you are on the look out for more good friends and husbands that is.

Here’s a few pics from Danielle’s last visit.

Melissa, me, and Danielle

Michelle and Danielle

The hubs and I met Danielle, Michelle, and Melissa at Bar Louie on Sand Lake Road.

(Picture lifted like it’s hot from Michelle’s Flickr account. Fabian looks extra babe-licious here.)

Bar Louie is where Michelle, her hubby Dan, and I had our pre-race dinner before the Gasparilla Half Marathon. We loved it in Tampa, so we were happy to find out the place is a chain and there was one by us in Orlando.

We started off with a few drinks including a skinny mojito. The mojito never had a chance sitting in front of me. So, no picture of that.

There is an uncomfortable picture of me eating an orange. Who’s up for seeing that?!

We can thank Michelle for this Mona Lisa too.

I had the Thai Cobb Salad with a grilled Portobello on top.

I probably should have gotten chicken instead of just putting more veggies on my veggies. It was still good, I mean…I’ll eat anything pretty much. Even if it sucks.

Hubs got the Voodoo Chicken with the sauce on the side which was crazy good. I’ll be getting this next time if I have the strength not to order one of their awesome burgers.

Who puts THAT much sauce on the side? Trough of sauce? Well, ok!

We had an awesome time hanging out and chatting. I forget how much I miss spending time with someone when they’re away for so long, until I see them again. (Miss you, D!)

Michelle and I are always running so many races, it was fun hanging out with her, having a few drinks, and not having to worry about a race the next morning. Plus, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen Melissa, so it worked out altogether.

I think Bar Louie is my new favorite spot. The food is so good and I love the atmosphere. Plus, they have “Skinny” mojitos and margaritas so I can only dive half way into a pit of despair the next day when I add up all the calories I consumed. Well, it’s time for me and the hubs to pick up the bunny from grandma and grandpas. We missed her!

How was your weekend? Did the kitty picture guilt you into entering my giveaway?



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How Not to Fuel for a Race

This morning I ran the Gasparilla Half Marathon in Tampa. I have a lot to tell you about that race, but first I want to tell you about yesterday.

I have an issue with fueling. My issue is that I have no idea how. I’ve been experimenting with different things, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. I also have a lot of stomach issues when running. But again, sometimes I don’t. So, I’ve been trying since last October to find out what works best with fueling and keeping my tummy happy.

Yesterday, I did not find my answer. (You’ll hear more in my race recap about this one.)

For lunch, Hubs and I headed out to our favorite sushi place Fujiyama Sushi. I started with the steak teppan lunch (veggies steamed with no sauce and steamed rice instead of fried.) Steamed rice has worked for me before a race in the past.

That dish included this tasty little morsel.


That’s a mushroom, people. Get your mind out of the gutter.

And no, I didn’t eat it. I have limits. Apparently this is one of them.


We also had a few sushi rolls (which has also worked for me in the past).

Plain crab roll and a spicy yellowtail roll for me.  The yellowtail roll was awful. But, I didn’t realize it was raw when I ordered it. (I don’t like many raw foods, and now I won’t eat raw at all after I got food poisoning from Sushi House by Florida Mall. Rated best sushi my foot.)


Mmmm…soy sauce and wasabi. I like to get in my week’s worth of sodium in one day.


For dinner, I met up with Michelle and her husband Dan in Tampa. We went to Bar Louie after we found out Cheesecake Factory had an hour wait.


We got an appetizer of Bruschetta served in a gigantic martini glass.

Michelle ate the martini glass.


I had the Bleu Louie, which is a burger I am now going to marry. I cleared it with Hubs. He’s cool with it.

(bleu cheese, bacon, hot sauce, pickle, spinach, tomato, and onion heaven)


The burger was a bit on the salty side, but holy crapbag it was good.

Michelle decided to grab my camera and take awkward pictures of Dan and I eating.


Alright, maybe there were more of me. (Dan got a bit of a sunburn during the Gasparilla 5k that morning. He’s not normally that hue of red.)


After dinner, we wanted to find some frozen yogurt. We found Yogurbella right near Bar Louie, so we had to go in of course.


Lots of unnecessary toppings? Sounds good!


I got the vanilla froyo with sprinkles, gummy bears, mini marshmallows, and white chocolate chips.


I look happy here, but the yogurt kinda sucked. The vanilla didn’t have a good flavor, the white chocolate chips were super hard, and the marshmallows were stale. Like, crunchy stale.

How long does a marshmallow have to sit before it’s crunchy stale?

Please don’t look that up and tell me in the comments.


I still ate it all.

There are hungry children in Ethiopia that don’t have stale marshmallows.

After we walked around a bit, we headed over to Walgreens to get a Cliff Bar for Michelle’s pre-race breakfast.

That’s when we walked by this lovely lady.


In case you’re not sure, she is in fact in a wedding dress in Walgreens.

I’m just really curious what she’s buying.

What is a food you know you have to avoid before a race? 


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