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I Have the Eat and Watch Part Down

I think I’m single-handedly keeping On-Demand movies in business. I watched three of them yesterday. And as you might have guessed, The Social Network was not one of them.

Why watch the Oscar-nominated movie that’s on the coffee table right in front of you when you can pay more money to watch a bunch of On-Demand movies? That’s what I always say.

Hubs went out to the store, so I decided it was time to get in a chick flick.


This one wasn’t any different than any other Katherine Heigl movie. It was cute, funny, and charming with a happy ending. It has bonus eye-candy with Josh Duhamel and even has Sookie from Gilmore Girls in it. I heart her. This was a cute movie but nothing you haven’t already seen before.

Hubs came home and it was horror movie time.


This one actually got good reviews and we wanted to see it in the theatre for the 3D but never made it.

“Sea, Sex, and Blood” in the poster really says it all. This was really gory, really funny, and had about the most gratuitous nudity I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. We both really liked it. Please still be my friend even though I liked this movie.

And lastly, because two movies isn’t enough:

You Again 00

This one stars Kristen Bell. I watch anything with her because she is my girl crush and can do no wrong. Sort of. This movie was just ok. If it’s on and you’re too lazy to lean forward to reach the remote, go ahead and watch it.

Somewhere during Piranha, I was wondering why everyone in the world but me likes Greek yogurt. I’ve tried the vanilla and the honey flavor and can’t eat it unless I’ve put a lab-rat’s portion of Splenda in it.

That is until I tried something a friend recommended.


Chobani Plain Greek yogurt + French Onion powdered soup mix = party in my mouth

After I dipped a million chips in there, I moved on to carrots. So good.

Then this morning, because I can’t find anything else to do, I made Birthday Cake Waffles inspired by Meghann.

I used a cup of Krusteaz pancake mix (because you only need water – no eggs, etc), and maybe 1/3 of a package of Pillsbury Reduced Sugar yellow cake mix.


Add some sprinkles and wahh-la!


They were tasty, but needed more sprinkles. And maybe I ate one of them with frosting. Probably not good to put the word “cake” in any of your recipes, because I will put frosting on it. (Cue the “Urinal Cake” jokes.)

By the way, I’m available if you enjoy my mad Paint skillz in the above picture. I can put two photos together like no one’s business.

All this sitting around eating and watching movies is making me feel so blah. I need a good run but my energy is sapped from doing nothing. Funny how that works.


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