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Eat all the Foods

I had a crazy fun and exhausting weekend in DC with my love, Melissa. You may already know Melissa used to blog and that’s my chauffer. We were like strangers across a crowded interwebz that knew it was meant to be.

Before I tell you about the fun, I want to tell you about the food. Melissa asked me if I wanted to eat in (she cooks!) or go out to eat. In these economic times, I opted to save all my money for booze and dessert like the responsible adult I am and eat in.

Melissa likes to eat vegan as much as possible and I like to eat anything whatsoever, so it worked out perfectly. The first night, we had Vegan Thai Curry with chickpeas and rice.

I took five pictures of that until Melissa said, “no picture will every make that look good.” Noted. But it was delicious and I swear it took her 10 minutes to make. Girl knows what she’s doing in the kitchen.

On Saturday, we stopped for cupcakes at Baked and Wired in Georgetown.

These were some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, though I still think Sweet! is the best. I’m willing to continue eating cupcakes from Baked and Wired if they want to try to change my mind. I will sacrifice myself for the greater cupcake good.

From the left, that’s lemon with raspberry filling, pumpkin, and coconut. The pumpkin was the best but the lemon came in at a close second. The coconut was good, but less sweet than the others, therefore it gets a sad, lonely, third place.

Saturday night, Melissa made vegan paninis.

So delicious. That panini has grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, spinach, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and vegan mayonnaise. It had some serious kick. My lips were saying “Hello!” by the time I was finished.

On Sunday, we went for our only meal out: brunch at Ulah (a last minute decision after our reservation at Founding Fathers was cancelled because of a power outtage). We may have had an extremely late night on Saturday, so we ordered an appetizer to get food to the table as fast as possible. We shared the smoked Gouda mac and cheese (and Melissa didn’t fight me when I wanted bacon on it. Best “vegan” ever, that girl.).

We’ll just call that appetizer the alcohol soaker-upper. I’m pretty sure I chewed it but I can’t be sure.

For brunch, I ordered my first ever eggs benedict – with smoked salmon instead of ham.

Since I don’t believe in eggs that are not scrambled or hard-boiled, this is a milestone for me. Runny eggs freak me out but I always think it looks so good when Melissa #2 gets it so I thought I’d try something new. I liked it! Cover food in enough hollandaise and I’ll eat it apparently.

I left for the airport about an hour after brunch and was still hungry somehow. (Damn you, alcohol!) So I picked up this tomato caprese panini at the airport.

It sucked, but I ate it all because some people in the world don’t get shitty paninis. I washed it down with a giant peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, which did not suck thankfully. Then I proceeded to sit on my ass the rest of the day. So it was the perfect day basically. Lots of food and lots of laziness, the way I like it.

That covers everything minus some froyo thrown in for good measure. Thanks to Melissa for being an amazing host and cooking for me all weekend. I feel all special when I get to eat food that’s not microwaved.

Love you, Melissa!



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Have All the Fun

Now that I got eating all the things out of the way, let’s talk about the fun part.

The Austin thing worked out a lot better than I thought it would. I was expecting to drive there on my own, site see on my own, and meet up with Melissa in the evening. A couple of my co-workers, Mike and Kelly, decided they wanted to join me, so I was able to drive down with them and share a hotel room which made everything way cheap.

We found that almost every hotel was around $200, a little pricey when we only wanted the room for sleep. So Melissa suggested we bid for a hotel on Priceline. We did and won the bid at The Intercontinental, a 4-star hotel downtown, for $100. SO cheap.

In case you’re wondering, the girls got the bed. *Cue eyebrow wags* Mike got the uncomfortable couch.

You can bet I will be using Priceline bidding ALL the time now. How have I not used that before? The hotel was really nice, but for 4-stars, we all expected more. I’ve definitely stayed in nicer 2 and 3 star hotels. But it did the job and it was in a perfect location.

Once we checked in, we did a little site seeing. I forgot my camera in the hotel in Killeen, so I had to use my cell phone camera the whole trip. I was so annoyed. So, just imagine all the pictures in this post do not look like total shit.

We started by walking a couple blocks down to the capitol.

And that’s about where the site seeing stopped. It was hellishly hot, so we decided to go to lunch so we could get up in some A/C. We walked to Ten Oak where we met up with our other co-worker, Lee, who drove into Austin the night before.

After lunch and some drinks, I left my co-workers there to get their drink on while I walked back to the hotel to get ready for my big night on the town. I made the executive decision to wear boots. I know it’s 104 degrees out, but it’s Texas and when you’re in Texas, you wear boots.

Or so I thought. Because I swear I was the only one in Austin with boots on that night. It was a little disappointing. I really could have gone for some more cowboy action on the streets.

I met up with this little cutie for our quasi-blind date at Roaring Fork.

Melissa and I only knew each other through our blogs, but even so, I was fairly certain she wasn’t a creepy serial killer. Well, mostly sure.

We had some good food and good drinks and then walked to a place called Cedar Street Courtyard, which Melissa picked by going on my personal fun criteria of loving “bars and live music.”

This place was awesome. I mean, she seriously couldn’t have picked a better place. We got there pretty early and it was really empty. So, we grabbed our spots on the bar stools, ordered some drinks, and took advantage of the bar tender’s photography skills.

That’s when Melissa introduced me to Three Olives Loopy vodka. Have you had that stuff? It tastes exactly like Fruit Loops and is magical. MAGICAL! I want to eat it with actual Fruit Loops. But I had to settle for mixing it with club soda.

After an hour, we made our way to a table outside. Kelly texted me wondering where we were, and shortly after Kelly, Mike, and Lee met up with us since they happened to be at a pub next door. Let me just say, Melissa was a trooper. I didn’t expect my co-workers to meet us out; I was planning to meet up with them later on. So our hot date turned into a quadruple date and she didn’t even seem to mind. 🙂

It was about that time that the band went on. Oh. The band.

And the pants!

They’re called Metal Shop and they played all hair band covers. It was basically heaven. And we may or may not have danced on stage to Pour Some Sugar on Me.

(No approval from Kelly on that one, sorry.)

Not only did all of us love the place and the band, but my co-workers kept talking about how much they loved hanging out with Melissa. We all had so much fun.

After Melissa left around midnight, the rest of us went to Barbarella but didn’t stay long because we were wiped out. Kelly, Mike, and Lee did a good job evading most of my pictures. I managed to get this one of me and Lee at the end of the night.

Neither one of us remember taking it. So there’s that. Our eyes are open and that’s all we can ask for.

I had so much fun in Austin and loved meeting Melissa. I want her to live in Orlando so I can take her everywhere with me. It felt like we had already been friends for a long time and we were just meeting up for a night out. It’s amazing how blogging can do that and has helped me make some of the most awesome friends.


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The Rest of DC

So, back to the DC thing. I had a fabulous time. Not that I didn’t think I would, but there’s always that possibility when you visit someone you’ve met through blogging and have only seen in real life for a total of 24 hours. Melissa and I have been email buddies since Michelle, so I was pretty sure she wasn’t creepy. Or at least not too creepy to visit for the weekend.

Besides our 10 miler, there was lots of eating, frozen yogurt, shopping, and walking. I arrived on Friday where Melissa met me at the airport and we took the metro back to her place.

The metro in DC is like a cleaner version of the NYC subway, but it smells like pee. Horrible, horrible pee.

After I dropped off my bag at Melissa’s place, we had a celebratory drink and I met her Vizsla, Roo, who likes to sit like a human and took a rather big liking to me and my dirty undergarments.

After our drinks, we walked to dinner to a restaurant called The Heights that was really (and I mean, really) delicious.

We sat at the bar instead of waiting for a table and I ordered a lamb burger that refused to photograph.

But afterwards, I had some frozen yogurt that didn’t mind smiling for the camera.

We walked back home after the frozen yogurt and called it an early night since we knew we’d be running the next morning. That worked out well since Roo gave us a 7:00 am wake-up call.

After our run on Saturday, we walked Roo for about a mile, came back, showered, and then walked another 3 miles to Georgetown for some brunch and shopping. We ate brunch at a place called Scion.

If all the places in DC are as good as The Heights and Scion, then I need to get back there ASAP.

At Scion, I had my first Bellini.

And Melissa had a extremely spicy Bloody Mary. (Check out the awesomely moustached, double-fister behind her. I love him so.much.)

We both ordered the same thing, because I think we are slowly becoming the same person. (An egg white omelet with turkey sausage, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and a side of salsa. That included an all-you-can-eat fruit bar where I took up residence.)

Then we walked around for some shopping where I found this saucy little number that I think will really bring out my eyes.

After shopping, we took a cab home to relax for a bit because we knew we’d be walking to dinner and we’d been on our feet all day. What is up with DC having no yellow cabs? They are all gray and look like normal cars. I felt like a hitchhiker out there. The cab that stopped was a Prius. A Prius! DC is getting all sorts of fancy. Orlando only has 1982 Crowne Victorias as cabs. Lame.

Anyway, we rested for about an hour, freshened up (i.e. sprayed on a lot of perfume), and then walked another mile and a half to dinner at LevelOne.

I had the pear, dried cranberry, feta, and candied walnut salad. Then I had them add a grilled chicken breast on top because mama needed some protein.

Those are pears, not slugs. Also, the waiter (who reminded me of a younger Mario Lopez) asked if it was our first time there because we were taking so many pictures. #Busted

After dinner, Melissa thought it necessary for more frozen yogurt.

Mr. Yogato is basically awesome. There were so many things you could do to get discounts on your frozen yogurt, like ordering in a Donald Duck voice or doing the full Michael Jackson Thriller dance.

Seriously, what are some four letter words with three syllables? We could not think of one.

We guessed the word scramble for a 5% discount, but I was fully prepared to order like Donald Duck.

All the tables were kid’s tables with old school games to play. It was just a really fun place.

After yogurt, we hit the town.

We went to a couple different bars and I even met one of Melissa’s cutie-pie co-workers, who looks like a younger Jake Gyllenhaal. I wanted to pinch his cute little 24-year old cheeks. All four of them.

By 2:00am, we were ready to call it a night. We made the 2 mile walk home and along the way we found this gem.

With our 10 mile run that morning and the 8-10 miles we walked all day long, my legs were exhausted. We crashed hard and slept through our big plans to go to brunch the next morning before my flight back to Orlando.

So, that was the end of my awesome weekend and the beginning of my awesome new IRL friendship. Smile


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How Not to Spend a Day Before a Race

Hubs and I started Saturday off with a very non-Vegas lunch at Wendy’s and then a 2-mile walk (< —- foreshadowing) to the expo at the Venetian to pick up my race packet. Once there, we met up with Michelle and Dan. The expo was crowded and uncomfortable so I didn’t take many pictures, but I did manage to get this sweet piece of photographic history.

And this one.

See the port-o-potty fitting room in the back? Dan dubbed going to the bathroom “going to the fitting room” the rest of the weekend.

We walked around the expo for awhile but it was so crowded, I just wanted to get out of there. So, Michelle and I got our race packets, had our fortunes read, and then left shortly after.

After the expo, we walked around the Venetian for awhile, took a few pictures, and had some gelato.

The four of us parted ways and then hubs and I made the 2-mile walk back to our side of the strip. (< —– foreshadowing)

A bunch of you were asking how I liked New York, New York. I thought it was a fun hotel but the rooms aren’t any different than a typical hotel which was disappointing. I also didn’t love their restaurant selections but overall I’d definitely recommend it.

That night we met up with Michelle and Dan for dinner at Chin Chin (in NY, NY).

Then this happened.

ALL of it. (< —– foreshadowing)

After dinner, we had some time to kill before meeting up with Cely after her Thunder from Down Under naked man show. So, we walked down to Mandalay Bay for a blogger meet-up at Eye Candy. We weren’t planning on going, but then we heard this saucy minx was going to be there and changed our minds. Just when I thought I was going to stand in a corner and look like a total creepy stalker because I didn’t know anyone, I ran into this girl.

Janae couldn’t be any cuter if she tried. I want to put her in my pocket and take her out whenever I need to be cheered up. For real. You can’t not be happy around her. The girl is contagious.

We all hung around for an hour or two and I had a $10 rum and diet coke that made me sad.

There was some dancing. Mostly on Michelle’s part.

Then we headed to Luxor (more walking <—- more foreshadowing) to meet up with Cely and Brandi. Cely doesn’t take paparazzi photos but Brandi was all over it. Probably because she’s so gorgeous that she makes everyone around her look like a troll in comparison.

You should read Brandi’s blog. She’s adorable, funny, and has to “go to the fitting room” a lot during races too. That’s the back of Cely’s head at the Blackjack table behind us, so I guess she did take a picture with me. She told me next time she’d even look at the camera but I’d have to earn it. Winking smile

Oh, I forgot to mention, before we left Eye Candy, we picked up a random girl at the blogger meet up and brought her to Cathouse with us. Hi Anne!

We can’t bring Dan anywhere.

While we were in Cathouse, my feet started killing me from all the walking. So I took my shoes off.

We left the club around 1:00am after ordering enough drinks to make our wrist bands worth it. ( <—– foreshadowing)

By the time we got back to the hotel, I was barely walking because my calves, heels, and pads of my feet were killing me from walking around all day. I had to take my shoes off just to walk back to the room because I just couldn’t take another step without pain.

So here we’ve learned:

  • Just because your cute boots never hurt when you wear them at home does not mean they don’t hurt when you walk 6+ miles in them in Vegas.
  • When your pre-race meal is usually a salad, you should not have a big bowl of lo-mien.
  • A $10 wrist band good for vodka drinks before 1:00am does not mean you should keep ordering them.


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