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Things I'm Looking Forward To

I haven’t had any special plans for the second half of 2012. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just different. Usually I have a vacation of some sort planned or something out of the ordinary to look forward to. My schedule has been fairly empty for awhile until just recently. All sorts of things have popped up that I didn’t expect, and I’m kinda excited about them.

1. In two weeks, I’m heading to DC for the first time to visit this girl.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know Michelle and I met her in January at the Miami ING Half Marathon. She was a stranger. We asked her to stay in our hotel room anyway. Sparks flew. We knew we were meant to be. That kinda thing. So, I’m heading up to visit her for the weekend because she said Orlando sucks and she couldn’t possibly be caught dead visiting here.

2.  At the beginning of August, I have tickets to see one of my future husbands.

Oh hey now.

Yep. I have Bush tickets. Again. The best part is my friend Tania, who I haven’t seen in a few years, is joining me. How we live 2 hours away from one another and haven’t seen each other in that long is beyond me. But it’s been so long that the last time we saw each other, my hair looked like this.

This will be the fourth time we’ve seen Bush together. We’re groupies like that.

I’ve known Tania since I was 18. We met at work – a video store located in a fairly ghetto area so everyday was quite entertaining. There were even employees at our sister stores that refused to work at ours for their “safety.” See? We’re hard core too. She hated me at first but then learned how wicked awesome I am and here we are 18 years later. Here’s a picture of us about 15 years ago in our natural habitat, also known as “a bar.”

I look pretty skinny there, so that must have been during my run-six-miles-and-eat-one-noodle-a-day diet.

3. I’m going to Texas! Ok, not as exciting as DC since it’s for work, but I’ll be there for two weeks in August and I’ve never been there before. I’ll be in Killeen, which someone told me sucks, but I refuse to believe it. I think she’s just jealous I won’t be in Corpus Christi. Anyway, Killeen is an hour and a half drive from Austin, so I may get to check out the city over the weekend. All I know is that I want to eat something shaped like  Texas. This is my only goal.


4. In November, hubs and I are planning to go to New Orleans to celebrate a friend’s birthday.


I’ve never been to New Orleans but it’s been on my short list of places inside the U.S. that I want to visit. I’m pretty sure I’m going to call it “N’Awlins!” the whole time I’m there. With the exclamation point.

5.  This movie.

When I saw the trailer for this movie, I was ready to hate it. Ben Stiller is on my shit list and Vince Vaughn hasn’t been winning any points with me lately either. But, hot damn, this movie looks funny. I think Ben and Vince are secretly trying to woo me back with their comedic wiles.

6. This movie.

I don’t like Colin Farrell. But even he can’t keep me away from this one. I loved the original and pretty much everything about this movie reminds me of my brother, Tom. When I was younger, he would pretend he was my father to get me into all the Rated R movies (he’s 13 years older than me). And we would see every movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. Total Recall was the first movie I ever owned (on VHS) and Tom bought it for me along with my first VCR. I swear getting a VCR when I was 13 was like winning at life. Still the best present I’ve ever gotten (for its time). It’s kinda lame that this of all movies would have some kind of sentimental value, but it does. It would be cool if Tom lived closer so we could see it together.

7.  Maze Runner prequel comes out August 14. YESYESYESYESYESYES

Michelle told me about this one the other day and now I’m determined to get through all my other books so I’m ready when it comes out.

8. Golden Oreo ice cream.

This exists. And now I need it.

9. And you know it’s been awhile since I’ve gone on and on about Breaking Bad, so it’s time again. Season premiere July 15th! Sooooo close.

Wait, that doesn’t have Aaron Paul in it.

Ahhh, much better.


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Five for Friday

This week has been busy and I have a busy weekend ahead of me but it should be fun. This is what has been going on in the meantime.

1. With all the Breaking Bad watching recently, the DVR has been neglected. We have 7 weeks of House and Once Upon a Time episodes just sitting there. So, we’re taking it one at a time and finally finished House last night. I gotta say, I’m kinda disappointed with the final episode. Not because of how it ended but because 45 minutes of the show was just a dumb reason to bring back all the characters from previous seasons. I don’t want to see Amber anymore. I didn’t like her to begin with. And while I liked Cameron, there was no Cameron/Chase interaction which sucked. And it was super obvious that Cuddy wasn’t in that group. So, meh to the final episode. But it’s definitely a show that remained consistently good all 8 seasons. Plus, the show has my Australian back-up husband (in case the others don’t work out).


Hello Jesse Spencer. Seriously. Look at those teeth. That is the first thing I look for in a man.

2. Breaking Bad season 5 starts July 15.

3. I’m going out of town this weekend, so hubs is setting up the slingbox for me. For those of you not addicted to TV, a slingbox allows you to watch shows off your DVR anywhere from any computer or mobile device. So just because I’m going out of town doesn’t mean I need to leave my sweet security blanket behind.

4. I’m doing awesome with my eating and work out plan this week. Like, awesome enough that I think THIS is the time that it will stick. Not only that but I’ve had 2 diet cokes so far, which is down to one every other day or so. It figures that this is a holiday weekend and I’ll be out of town (i.e. out of my eating comfort zone). That means, if you see me tweet or Facebook about cupcakes or cookies or fried things or buffets, it is your duty to tweet/Facebook me back damage control.


5. I’m switching projects at work. I don’t love the idea (because I really liked the project I was on) but the contract extension hasn’t been signed with the client yet so it was either that or potentially no job at all. This new project isn’t a short term thing either. So I’m happy they like me enough to place me somewhere else and I’m worried whether I’ll like it or not because I have been on my share of crappy projects.

Alright, that’s all I have for today. Hope you all have a safe holiday weekend. Now, I need to finish packing and probably take a shower since hubs just told me I smell.


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Getting Better

I’m in a much better mood today than I was the other day. Probably because I know I don’t have to be anywhere after work. Usually all my workouts during the week are scheduled for the month. I give myself just enough time to get home from work, quickly eat something, change my clothes, and head back out the door. So basically, all my days are just a rush to be at the next place and it gets stressful after awhile. I think that’s why I love having no plans. I could never leave the house and be happy. I have no idea how I got this way because I used to be such a “let’s do things!” type of person. Now I’m lame, old, and lazy.


Ok, let’s get our numbers on since this is going to be random.

1.  Sometimes I feel like I should have kids just so I can use the “I don’t have a babysitter” excuse to not do something. Because I know all of you with kids do that. You just don’t talk about it. It’s like a secret society and those without kids can’t call you out because if we do, that will probably be the one time you really couldn’t find a babysitter. Well, I’m on to you. And in an effort to bring equality to this world, I’m going to dress up animals and pretend they are my children so I can use the excuse too.

2. I finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. The DVR is 94% full because we’ve neglected it for so long. In a way, I’m relieved that I won’t be spending every waking hour wanting to watch it but on the other hand watching anything else now seems super strange. Like these guys:

(I just wanted a reason to post that. I can’t stop watching it.)

3.  Season 4 was awesome, but I think I still liked seasons 2 and 3 better. No spoilers, so don’t worry – but Walt seemed like so much more of a jerk than usual. I have no sympathy for that guy anymore and he deserves anything that comes to him. Jesse on the other hand, has an open invite to my house.

4. And while we’re still on the subject of Breaking Bad, I find myself looking forward to what over-sized, terrible t-shirt Jesse is going to wear next. He wore a sparkly one in season 4 that was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere. So enjoy this instead.

5. The past several days, I’ve been super sore from Crossfit and weight training. So it came in handy that I was sent a cute little package from Laforce +Stevens to try out BenGay Zero Degrees. Check out all the fun stuff they sent!

(Hair ties, hair spray, a workout video, an insulated bag, and a gym towel.)

BenGay Zero Degrees is similar to Icy Hot and BioFreeze, which I basically lived on during marathon training when I had so many knee and foot problems. Except, you can store Zero Degrees in the freezer for that extra jolt of holy crap when you put it on your muscles. Plus, it comes in packaging that looks like a stick of deodorant instead of a hand pump or roll-on.

Here’s what I thought: I liked it better than BioFreeze. Not because it works better, because I think they are both equal in terms of soothing muscles. But I liked that it was easy to apply and I didn’t have to put it on my hands.  I also thought the cooling sensation lasted a lot longer. An hour and a half later, I could still feel it working. Basically, I didn’t need to reapply it. So if you’re in the market for something like this, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Just don’t tell your husband because when you ask for a massage, he will throw this at you instead.

6. I bought some more sparkling water. This time I’m trying out La Croix grapefruit flavor.

I’m not sure why every blogger recommends this stuff because it tastes like carbonated nothing and it gets worse the more I drink it. I don’t taste grapefruit at all. Then again, maybe my taste buds are numb from years of Diet Coke and Splenda.

7. I think this is the longest post about nothing that I’ve ever written. You can all rest assured that my Breaking Bad love will be on hiatus until season 5 and until then, you won’t have to hear about it anymore.

Just kidding. Yes you will.


Seriously, someone go watch that show so we can talk about it.



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Three Things Thursday

I’m getting less and less sleep every night and yesterday morning I didn’t wake up to my alarm. I even skipped my workout last night in lieu of a nap, but just ended up watching more Breaking Bad. To say I’m addicted to that show might be an understatement. It’s like I can’t.stop.watching. Or talking about it for that matter. But if this girl can talk about Hunger Games incessantly for 2 months, then I can talk about Breaking Bad.

Hubs and I finished season 3 last night. Then of course we couldn’t go to bed with that cliffhanger in our minds, so we had to watch the first episode of season 4. There are only a few shows that have ever been this addicting to me. Season 1 of Lost, season 1 of Dexter (which forced me to get Showtime for all the other seasons), the first 3 seasons of Nip/Tuck, the whole series of Battlestar Galactica (not kidding), and Veronica Mars. I guess I just love shows that end in cliffhangers every week because that’s what they all have in common. (Am I the only one? What shows have you been addicted to?)

I also might be slightly obsessed with Jesse Pinkman.

(He totally deserved that Emmy. That man is like Leo DiCaprio when he cries.)

Add him to my future husband list! He’s an inch shorter than me, but if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can make it work, so can I.

So today I bring you the three things I need now that I’m addicted to Breaking Bad.

This Coin

I don’t even know if that’s a real thing for sale, but I need it. In fact, it should be made into a race medal so there can be a Breaking Bad themed marathon and I can run it. Then at the end of the race, you get kisses from your favorite cast members. This is genius! Why do I have to think of everything?

These Nails

It has a little crystal meth nail! See? Drugs can be adorable.

These Shoes

These are real, yo. They also have special edition Converse for Dexter and Walking Dead. I probably wouldn’t wear these in public though. OR WOULD I?

I can’t wait to get through Season 4 because then I’ll be able to sleep again. Or I’ll just be annoyed that I have to wait till summer for Season 5. AMC is airing the first 8 episodes in 2012 and then the last 8 in 2013. Ugh. WHY do they break seasons up like that? And it’s going to be the last season. *sniff*

Alright, it’s almost lunch time. I need to go buy Corn Pops now that I know Jesse used to eat them.


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Dry Weekend

I made it through the weekend without drinking. I’m sure those of you who don’t drink are thinking, “just don’t drink.” But it’s not that simple. Drinks are delicious and margaritas love it when I drink them. So really I do it for the margaritas. Anyway, this is some sort of milestone for me because I always say I won’t drink and then still end up drinking. So now you’re probably wondering what I did with the rest of my weekend since that freed up about 16 hours of my time.

Friday evening, I went to a terrible spin class where all but two of the songs were low resistance sprints. I almost left the class halfway through but then remembered how much I paid for it. When I got home, I added a 9th color to my hair. You never can have too many in there.

Moar red! I used Emma Stone Copper Shimmer from Feria which made my roots super bright, but eh, I kinda like it. Incidentally, I’m a natural redhead. And for those of you who don’t believe me, including my friends that swear they have never seen my natural hair color, here you go.

I ran 8.5 miles with this girl Saturday morning and didn’t hate it. That’s my longest run in at least 6 weeks. I was feeling pretty good the whole time and we even managed negative splits. Then I got a bonus of seeing EIGHT brown bunnies along the way. The last mile or so was like some crazy bunny love fest just for me.

Let’s not ask the bunnies.

So after a good run and then reading about this marathon bitch-fest (that was somehow still inspiring in its own way) and then hearing about this girl’s 20 minute marathon PR, I remember that I used to like running. So, I might be sort of, kind of looking forward to training for some fall races. Not that the training will start anytime soon because I’ll just burn out more, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

After my run, I went home, took a nap, and then went to Crossfit with hubs (making only one double workout this week, but that’s better than none). It was a deck of cards workout this time.

(If you don’t remember my personally drawn examples of walk-outs and chopsticks, click those links. And be prepared to be taken aback.)

Our trainer wanted us to do quarter mile sprints for the Jokers but I was tired of running, so he picked chopsticks instead. You know what’s worse than sprinting for a quarter mile after running 8.5 miles? 100 chopsticks. TWICE. I feel like I have wobbley turkey neck. Have you ever done so much ab work that just keeping your big ass head off the ground becomes an exercise? That happened to me. It’s hard to hold my head up today because my neck is so sore. Which, I guess, is nice because now I don’t notice the pain my abs are in. So there’s that.

I haven’t shopped in a really long time. Mostly because I hate shopping unless it’s online. So I took care of that one on Saturday too.

I bought a whole bunch of ridiculous things I don’t need from Target, Old Navy, and Kohls, including a necklace that I found to be so ugly that I liked it. It’s like the necklace uglied me into buying it. Is that even possible? I’ll show you all once I figure out what to wear with it.

Then after Shopfest 2012, hubs and I watched approximately 7 hours of Breaking Bad.

Hubs and I finished season 2 on Friday night and my Breaking Bad “dealer” apparently couldn’t read my mind that I needed season 3 in like, twosecondsbeforeIfreakout, so I bought it at Best Buy. I’m that impatient. And no, I don’t have Netflix streaming because it sucks. But I guess in this case it would have been good for something. Cue the entirety of my Saturday and Sunday nights. I’m 7 episodes into season 3 and I think there’s not enough Jesse going on this season, but it looks like that might change after the last episode I watched. Also, I think that he and Demi Moore could make beautiful voice-babies together.

So that’s what happens when you don’t drink. You spend too much money on yourself, you work out too much, and you spend the rest of your time watching too much TV. Let this be a lesson to you all that you should never stop drinking. Unless you’re an alcoholic, then you totally should stop drinking and please don’t send me hate mail.


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By the Numbers

So, we’re back to my OCD numbering today.

1.  Last week was so hectic that by the time Friday rolled around (my day off), everything around the house was so neglected that the whole day was spent doing chores and errands. Hubs was still working well into Saturday night (promoting his game) when he decided that he needed a break. So even though neither of us were really in the mood to do anything, we went out because it usually lifts our spirits. Or maybe that’s the alcohol?

I even dressed up a little.


That is my new dress I love that I got on clearance. It’s a size too small but if I stop breathing long enough, I can zip it.

Anyway, the place we went to had a Cirque theme, so they had face painters there. A bunch of guys at the bar were getting curly-que mustaches and uni-brows painted on, which was hilarious. One guy was trying to convince me that I needed a uni-brow. I assured him, I was not ready for that in my life just yet. Later, I spilled my beer all over myself, the bar, and under the cash register. Then the guy came over to me and whispered, “I think you’re ready.”

2.  Why can’t iPhones take non-grainy pictures at night when the flash is right up in your face?


3.  My iPhone and I broke up shortly after that picture. I returned it for the Droid Razr. The phones are the same price, but when the guy rang it up, I got a $100 discount for upgrading to 4G. (??) So I ended up saving $70 even after paying the $35 re-packaging fee. Sorry, iPhone. We were not meant to be. Maybe in a couple years our paths will cross again when you stop sucking.

I did love my iPhone cover and now I can’t use it. I’m attempting to fill that void with the 2 new ones I ordered for the Razr. I’m using the obnoxious one on the right first.

4.  I finished Season 1 of Breaking Bad. Someone should have warned me there were only 7 episodes. Now I’m totally unprepared for Season 2. I wanted to have it already delivered from Netflix but I still haven’t watched In Time sitting on my coffee table. And after loving Friends with Benefits, I need more JT in my life.


I regret that picture makes me laugh.

5.  I cancelled Showtime finally. I was keeping it because I was trying to get into House of Lies but it just wasn’t happening. Four episodes piled up on the DVR and I didn’t feel like watching them, so I just decided to cancel. Then, this weekend hubs and I had nothing to watch so we watched the old episodes on the DVR. Annnnd…WE LOVED IT. It got so much better. The stuff I hated was really toned done and the story got so good. Now I have no Showtime to see the last 2 episodes. EFF.  I need to find those last 2 episodes somewhere. I’m dying over here.

I swear I’ll never leave you again, KB.




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