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Sunday Bunday

I have the most anti-social hamster ever.

He sits in his little hideaway all day long and piles up the bedding at the entrance so we can’t see him. We try to coax him out with food, but he just grabs it and pulls it into his house when we’re not looking.

I know hamsters are nocturnal, but we were watching movies until 3:00am on Friday night and he never came out. The only time we see him is if we grab him and hold him. So now we have one animal that doesn’t mind being held but hates playing and we have one animal that likes playing but hates being held. We can’t win.

We finally introduced Pants and Henry.

That picture is the most interest she’s shown in him. We put him in the ball just in case Pants wanted to lay the smackdown on his little hamster body. Once we took him out of the ball, she sniffed his face a couple times and then went to lay down on the opposite side of her cage.

So, note to self: bunnies and hamsters do not make instant best friends and frolic together like they do in my mind.

We’re thinking of renaming Henry. I seem to call him Hammy the most because I am unoriginal and lazy. Hubs vetoed my suggestion of Chris Hams-worth (come on, that’s funny!), but he liked my suggestion of Jon Hamm. So we might go with that. Any hamster name suggestions out there?

Oh, and because an inordinate amount of you asked for this…

One of them is in hiding. I’ll do better next time. (I just realized how fitting the name Jon Hamm is all of a sudden.)

I swear this isn’t going to turn into a hamster blog.


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Sunday Bunday

I had a moment of weakness at the pet rescue today. Meet Henry.

Henry is a Teddy Bear hamster, not a rat, KARA. He did not appreciate your rude rat comment.

He came with the name – that wasn’t my doing. I’m pretty sure the pet store names all their rescues Henry. They had two hamsters and a guinea pig named Henry. There can’t possibly be that many Henry’s concentrated in one area.

I’ve been wanting to get Pants a guinea pig friend for awhile, but I’m afraid she’ll rip its face off with her Hulk-like rage, so I thought I’d start smaller with a hamster. They’re easier to take care of and don’t need as much play space. So, if she hates him, she doesn’t need to see him.

I gotta admit, I thought he was kinda ugly when I got him home. Also, he has big balls. Why is that even necessary for such a small animal? It’s so disconcerting to look at. Now I know why I prefer female animals. I can’t deal with all the balls.

Anyway, I don’t know how old he is and hamsters only live for about two years, so that’s kinda sad. I hope he’s around for awhile. All I know is that he’ll be loved for the rest of his big-balled life and will hopefully find a new friend in Pants because she seriously looks bored like she needs someone to play with.


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Sunday Bunday

I had a pretty fabulous birthday weekend that I’ll share with you later, but until then it’s time for a little cuteness.

I think I mentioned before how much Pants hates to be picked up. I mean, just hates it. She lays really still, her ear slicks back, and her eyes get wide. Unfortunately for her, we love it. We get to shower her with kisses and snuggles and she can’t do a damn thing about it.

Ahhh, forced love.

Maybe she can work on being less adorable and we’ll stop picking her up but I doubt that will happen when she keeps giving us sweet pictures like this.

That FACE. I want to eat it.

So that was today’s bunny snuggle. And just when you thought you couldn’t get enough sweetness, I figured out how to make gifs.

Taping her is my new obsession.


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Sunday Bunday

Every day, hubs and I are in and out of the fridge to make meals and grab snacks, and every day Pants ignores us and goes about doing her bunny business. However, when we get an apple out, our little Fruit Whisperer just knows and starts begging. At first we thought she knew certain sounds, like the fruit crisper drawer opening or the rustle of a plastic bag. We even tried tricking her a few times by making the same noises when we get an apple, but bringing out a different food. It never works. We’ll check her cage and she’s not paying attention. But once we get out that apple, she assumes the position.

Now our favorite thing to do is get an apple and then check out the cute and pathetic that is a begging bunny. Usually she doesn’t stay in one position long enough for us to get a picture, but yesterday she would.not.move and I got begging position #3.

I really want to dress her in a striped jumpsuit.


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Five for Friday. Ok, It's Six.

1. I am currently on Day 5 of good eating. That means Day 5 of lower carb. Day 5 with minimal desserts. And more importantly, Day 5 without peanut butter. I have an unopened jar at home that I find myself gazing at longingly a couple times a day. Also, now that I’m peanut butter free, I’ve realized that I don’t really like Saltine crackers and bananas. They were just a means to transport more peanut butter into my mouth. I’m looking forward to the day when I can just spoon it all in again.

2. Speaking of eating lower carb, it is making my Crossfit workouts so much harder. I am just dying during them. The workouts don’t have new moves or anything like that and I usually get tired, but just not this tired. I’m sure I’ll get used to the lower carb thing at some point and start busting out workouts like it ain’t no thang.

That’s usually how I look by the way. Just like that.

3. I haven’t been running much. Still. I might get in about three miles a week, and that’s not even consecutive miles. This week, I thought I would get back at it. So, last night I did a speed run. I warmed up for .60 miles and then did this x8.

  • 1 minute @ 8:00
  • 2 minutes @ 10:00

I went to the gym with the intention of doing 10 repeats. Guess who’s endurance is shot? THIS girl. I could barely get through 6 and 7. Very humbling and sucky experience. I’m going to have to change my treadmill approach.

4. Work is sending me to Killeen, TX again. For three weeks. Three! I’m not even sure how one packs for three weeks but I’m fairly certain I should just put my house on wheels and roll it there.

5. Hubs and I think Pants has a ghost petter.

See those lines in her fur where it looks like someone scratched her back? At first we thought it was from her squeezing in and out of her box. But those lines are there all.the.time. We’ll even mess up her hair so it stands straight up and it will go right back to looking like that. See? Ghost petter.

6. Go check out this post about yours truly. I giggled reading the whole thing. I even made the blog title! Plus, she is much better at recapping events than I am and has much better pictures.


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Buy a *Chocolate* Bunny for Easter

Reblogged from Eat: Watch: Run:

Each year, thousands of people buy ‘Easter’ bunnies for their kids without knowing how to properly care for a rabbit or the commitment involved. Unfortunately, some pet stores encourage this mindset and as a result, most of these bunnies wind up abandoned, neglected, or dead. A few are lucky enough make it to the SPCA.

As a bunny mommy, I wanted to do this post to get the word out about the commitment it takes to own a rabbit. It’s not easy. This little girl takes a lot of work.

Bunnies live 9-12 years, so it’s a long term commitment.

Bunnies need lots of supervised play time. It’s recommended they  have 2 hours a day.

It’s a good idea to get bunnies spayed or neutered. They have a lot of reproductive issues when they get older. Getting Pants fixed cost us upward of $200. (And smaller animals don’t always do well under anesthesia.)

Bunnies need fresh veggies every day. I’m always going to the store during lunch breaks to get her lettuce, parsley, broccoli, Timothy hay, litter, toys, and treats.

Bunnies can be litter trained. It took us less than a week to train her when she was 8 weeks old, but you have to be patient and do your research beforehand.

Bunnies chew. On EVERYTHING. (See the baseboards in the background?)

They also like to dig on carpet, or even better, all the litter out of their litter box. Right after you’ve cleaned it.  (Oh, she needs her litter box cleaned out at least twice a day, too.)

Bunnies also shed like you wouldn’t believe – and go through “molting” season where they shed clumps of fur. We have tumbleweed of fur rolling around the house on a daily basis. It’s like a terrible, terrible Western.

Bunnies hate to be held (or at least ours does). Which makes it interesting when you have to cut their nails.

You can’t go out of town without finding someone to watch the bunny. They are not like cats. It’s always a huge production to dismantle Pant’s cage, gather all her things, and get her unwilling ass into her carrier.

Although Pants is a lot of work, we love her and she is so worth it. We never get tired of playing with her and making her do bunny photo shoots and she always makes us smile, but it’s a lot of work that we didn’t expect at first.

Of course, we’d do it again in a heartbeat. She’s part of the family.

(That was right after she was fixed so she was still drugged. There’s no way she’s sit still like that now.)

Rabbits are definitely not animals to buy on a whim. Do your research first if you’re ever interested in one – or ask me! Or, check out this site for more information.


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Being Realistic

I don’t normally talk about my goals on the blog too often, mostly because I never achieve them. I know lots of other bloggers often write about their goals because they say their blog keeps them accountable. Well, this blog doesn’t keep me accountable for shit. I wish I could say that I feel guilt or disappointment that I didn’t reach a goal because I put it “out there,” but I don’t. I’m perfectly fine letting everyone know I fail.


I wrote a goal post awhile ago and when I look at those goals now, I see that I only achieved two out of six of them.

I’ve also mentioned wanting to lose 10 lbs, but that hasn’t happened either. I’m unwilling to give up beer and cupcakes for the long haul. I eat well most of the time and I work out hard, but beyond that I still want to live. So maybe I’m not serious enough about goals? Or maybe I’m just the queen of goal-achieving suckage?

So mean. Yet so cute.

Yesterday, I tried to make up a 10-miler that I should have done this weekend. I made it 4.3 miles until I quit. I was tired, it was my day off, and I wanted to be on the couch. Not even a good excuse.

Next weekend, I’ll be out of town so I won’t be able to run long then either. Which brings me to the one goal that I (also) haven’t met: running a sub 2-hour half marathon. It’s the one goal that I actually really care about. I’ve been trying for two years and it still hasn’t happened.

I got close…once. A long time ago (2:02:41).

The fact that I might not be able to get in a long run for two weeks before my race doesn’t seem like the best strategy for making my goal happen even though I’m trying my best to keep up with speed training. So basically what I’m saying is that I suck at achieving goals and given my track record, I think we know how my race will go in two weeks.

So anyway, I’m not saying all this to fish for encouragement. I’m not. At all. I’m saying this because I wanted to share two posts from other people that I really liked about meeting goals:

  • This post about a half marathon PR that is really inspiring (especially since he didn’t really want to run the race).
  • This post about a marathon DNF (that’s Did Not Finish for the non-runners) that is still pretty inspiring even without the happy ending.

When I have trouble inspiring myself, I’m glad there are people out there that give me a little inspiration when I need it.

You catch all that, Pants?

I thought so.


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By the Numbers

*This post was deleted somehow today (8/31). I was able to restore the post but unfortunately lost all of your comments. 😦 *

It’s a random one today.

1. I had a great run last night. I think there’s something to knowing that I’m going to the gym and will only be there for 35 minutes, because shorter workouts are really doing it for me lately. The run wasn’t anything special, just three miles, but it felt awesome and ended up being the tiniest progression run in the world.

It’s possible only I find that funny. Tiniest violin? Anything? Fine, here was the run.

  • 1 @ 10:00 (.05 incline)
  • 1 @ 9:40 (.05 incline)
  • 1 @ 9:22 (1% incline)

That extra .05% incline in the last mile was unusually hard. Am I just a big baby? Because you wouldn’t think half of a percentage would make that much of a difference. I need to gradually increase my incline anyway so I figured I would do it during my easy runs to make them a little more challenging.

2. Our dryer stopped working last weekend. Well, it spins but it doesn’t heat up, so now our entire house is being used as a ghetto clothesline.

I made a service appointment at Sears online a few days ago and the confirmation page said that someone would be calling to confirm the appointment. Well, they are supposed to arrive today and I haven’t heard from them. So I called and spoke to someone named Caramel and the extremely helpful conversation went like this:

Caramel: Thank you for calling Sears, this is Caramel.

Me: Hi there. I made a service appointment online but never received a confirmation call, so I was just calling to confirm someone would be coming out today.

Caramel: *silence*

Me: Hello?

Caramel: Yes.

Me: Can you hear me?

Caramel: What is your number?

Me: *gives her number*


Caramel: For your dryer?

Me: Yes.

Caramel: Yes

*Silence for a good 20 seconds*

Me: So you have my appointment and I’m good to go and should expect someone today?

Caramel: Yes.

Is it too much to ask for…more words? That’s all I want. Just a few more words so that wasn’t the most awkward conversation ever. And honestly, if your name is Caramel, people expect more of you. That’s just how it is.

3. Hubs and I had a double date with the in-laws this weekend. We went to dinner at Ale House (one of my favorite chains in Florida) and then went to see Premium Rush, along with the other 10 people in America.

Alright, so it bombed at the box office but we all liked it. It was good fun. I’m not saying you need to (premium -ha?) rush out to the theatre to see it, but if you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night when it’s on video, pour yourself a frosty beverage and check it out. Plus, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is adorable so even if you hate it, you’ve got that.

4. Speaking of Friday nights at home and nothing to do, hubs and I found this movie On-Demand, watched the trailer, and decided we had to see it. The trailer gave us chills.

The movie was really good. It’s not gory and it’s not really scary but it makes you feel so tense the entire time because you know something is going to happen. It was filmed as if it was shot with one camera in one take, so that makes it even creepier when you can hear things happening in other rooms but can’t see them. Plus, I think the camera work was really well done and that’s not something I normally notice in a movie. So, if you like thrillers, check this one out.

It stars Elizabeth Olsen (the Olsen twins’ younger sister), who I’ve never seen before but I thought she was really good. Also, I’m pretty sure she is what the Olsen twins would look like if they were remotely attractive. Or at least brushed their hair and stopped looking like hobos. Elizabeth definitely got the looks in the family.

I guess Elizabeth just didn’t get all the money. Maybe that’s why the twins are the multi-millionaires? It’s like karma evening things out.

5. I don’t have a number five for you but I can’t just leave it at four because that feels wrong. So, here’s a picture of Pants that I took today.

Remember when hubs and I got that video of Pants growling? Well, I’m working on getting another video of her latest adorable thing. We had a jacket on the floor (that was going to Goodwill) and when she was playing one day, she jumped on it and tried to smooth out all the lumps with her paws to make it flat. It was so damn cute. Of course the jacket never made it to Goodwill and is still on the floor because we want to see her do it all the time, but it never happens when we have the camera ready. What a sneaky minx. I’ll keep trying.

Hopefully I can get more adorable Pants videos and then I can go viral just like this girl.


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Back to Real Life

I made it back to Orlando safely. And now I get to hang out with these two cuties again.

That might be my favorite picture ever. Hubs loves his bunny snuggles. So sweet. ❤

I have today off because of all the hours we put in on travel. I’ve been killing time by catching up on MasterChef, not showering, taking gratuitious pictures of Pants, and rearranging the magnets on the fridge. And by rearranging, I mean just putting a new one up there.

Whenever I visit a new place, I have to buy a magnet that has the name of the place I visited. I like the reminder of where I’ve been and I think as the years go by, I’ll like looking back and remembering all the trips I’ve taken. I get pretty upset if I forget to buy one too. I forgot to buy one in Savannah and Jacksonville last year, which still bums me out that I don’t have a reminder of my first and second marathons. I also couldn’t find one in Austin, so I had to beg my co-worker, Lee, to pick one up for me. I realize I am ridiculous. But it’s my thing.

Anyway, Killeen was pretty sparse in the magnet department. What? No one wants a reminder of Killeen out there? Unthinkable! I found exactly one at the airport, so I had to buy it. It’s not pretty.

That deer looks pissed to be in Killeen.

I just found out today that in three weeks, I might be going on another two week work trip (to Maryland this time). I’m not thrilled about it since I was trying to get vacation time approved next month. Plus, the last thing you want to hear right when you get home is when you’re leaving again. I guess I’ll see if the trip actually gets approved. It’s just in the planning stages now but it’s kinda killing my mood.

Not killing my mood? That I get to go to Crossfit tonight after 2 weeks of doing workouts on my own. And, I’m officially back on my running plan! I’m following one from Smart Coach, which is free from Runner’s World. The easy run paces are a little on the slow side for me, so I may have to tweak those as I get into it.

My ultimate goal is a sub 2-hour half marathon. I have a 10 miler coming up at the end of September and I’ll have a little more time after that to train for my half marathon in November. I’ll be running the half alone, which I think will really help my motivation during the race because I won’t be thinking of who is running ahead of me. At least, that’s how it worked for my last marathon. So my fingers are crossed for this one.

In an unrelated note, I decided to take back to school pictures of Pants today. Almost everyone I know is posting first day of school pictures of their kids on Facebook and I’m feeling a little left out. So, please enjoy Pant’s first day of school pics.

She’s packed and ready to go.


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I’m out of clever titles. So today I give you…stuff.

1. Race pictures for the Sarasota Half Marathon are in. I think that town is trying make nice with me. I know for a fact that two photographers caught me walking and one photographer caught me shoving a PB&J in my face. But, by some miracle, none of those pictures made it on Marathonfoto’s Web site. And I’m sure we’re all better off for it.

2.  Speaking of that PB&J, eating during a race is especially uncomfortable for me since I can’t eat gels or any normal “runner food.” Of course I can’t eat and run at the same time either, so it’s completely awkward to walk and eat a sandwich while tons of traffic is driving by. I look like a total lazy ass as every other runner is passing me by and I’m chowing down.

I need sugar-free PB&J Gu’s invented STAT. Someone please make that happen.

3. This Saturday, I’m running the Navy League 5k. My work is sponsoring one of the water stations and asked if I wanted to run it. I love free stuff so of course I said yes. I’d probably take a case of rabies for free if someone offered it nicely. The race proceeds go to charity. It’s basically an un-timed fun run with a raffle for everyone at the end instead of prizes for placing. I’m pretty sure there are no rules for this race either. It’s the first race I’ve ever seen that allows roller blades.

Does that even sound safe around a bunch of runners? I can’t see anything good coming of that. But the good news is that I could probably ride a pony to the finish and it would be ok.

4. My playlist is set for the 5k. It’s more songs than I need but chances are I’m going to hate life once I get out there anyway and turn it off.

5.  Last weekend, I went over to the in-laws to help my MIL to help celebrate her 65th birthday. We had cake.

Once I picked off the almond slivers (95% of the time, I don’t like nuts in desserts), that thing was pretty good. A few family members were over and as we sang Happy Birthday, I noticed that my MIL sang Happy Birthday to herself. Twice. Once in English and once in Spanish for good measure. She’s a one-woman party. I’m not even sure she needed us there.

6. Because my bunny is freakin’ adorable, here’s a picture of her trying to hide her face while I was clipping her nails. She’s never done anything like that before. OMG, I die.

7. And lastly, my friend Jim at Biking My Mass Off is raising money for Multiple Sclerosis for his upcoming MS 150 bike ride. If you’re local in Orlando, he’s having a fundraiser at the Mellow Mushroom on Colonial and Alafaya. If you mention the fundraiser, 15% of your total check will benefit MS. That means you can get fat on pizza and drink till your sloppy and not feel guilty because it’s for a good cause.

Jim even offered to buy a drink or dessert for the first person that comes up to him and mentions that you heard about it on my blog. Luckily for me, he didn’t say that person couldn’t be me. Race you there to order the most expensive drink on the menu?

P.S. If you can’t make it but would like to donate anyway, you can do that here.


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