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Inaugural Celebration Half Marathon

This weekend came and went so fast. I guess that means I had fun, but damn, slow down time. I picked up my Washington DC sugar mama, Melissa, from the airport on Friday night and immediately took her to a bar.

I like to take all house guests on scenic boozing tours of Orlando. Speaking of which, that was my first drink since New Year’s Eve. That’s 24 days for you non-drinkers who are wondering why that’s so hard. My liver has been desperately looking for something to filter. By the way, alcohol has not lost its deliciousness in those 24 days. Just had to make sure though. Drinks also effectively put us to sleep for the night.

Saturday, we met up with my chauffer for lunch at the Relax Grill at Lake Eola. There’s a lot of new artwork around Lake Eola and Melissa knows a photo op when she sees one.

After lunch, Melissa and I picked up our race packets and stopped at a few stores. Next time we looked at a clock, it was dinner time and we wondered where the day went. I was an amazing host and took her to a vegan restaurant (her fave) and supported her mostly vegan ways by eating unpronounceable things with her.

A tempeh and quinoa salad. I kinda liked it. (Don’t tell the meat of the world.)

After dinner, Melissa watched me go in full freak-out mode over what to wear for the race. She loved that. Like, a lot. Then we went to bed and I slept like total shit. There is nothing like knowing I have to be up at a specific time that makes me wake up every hour and look at the clock.

Sunday morning, Melissa and I got up at 4:45am. Melissa did not want to be up and it was obvious. And kinda funny. #grouch We got ready, picked up Michelle, and headed to Celebration which is about 45 minutes away. We were running a little late (or maybe that was just me) and parked a mile from the start, so we ended up running the mile to make it to the start on time. Now, some people would call that a warm-up mile. I call it an unnecessary extra mile I had to run.

Once we got to the start, we split up quickly. Melissa and Michelle went to their pacer areas and I went to the port-o-potty. By the time I got out, the race already started and I was back with the five hour marathoners. It was pretty humid for being in the 50s so I was already hot from the mile run. Then I spent the first four miles cursing the heat and dodging slower runners who like to stop and walk in the middle of a packed course without looking behind them.

Five miles into the race, things were getting much better. I was feeling good, the crowd was thinning, and the temperature was dropping. I felt like I was running in Miami Vice – basically down a long road with lines of extremely tall palm trees on either side. After the Miami Vice road, we ran several miles on a wooded boardwalk which was amazing. It was so peaceful and quiet and I felt super fast. We also ran sidewalks around several lakes and by white picket fence homes I’ll never be able to afford, even with my part-time dancer job. All in all, it was a really pretty course and really well run for an inaugural race.

I ate a few peanut butter pretzels every couple of miles but around mile 7, I could tell if I ate any more I’d have to stop at a port-o-potty. So I didn’t eat the rest of the race which sucked because I needed it, especially around mile 10. My legs felt good, but my energy was dwindling. That’s when mile 12 happened.

I took a giant nose-dive into the sidewalk.

A really nice guy helped me up and another kept asking if I was ok. They were really concerned so I know it didn’t look good. I appreciated them stopping but was worried about them losing time on their race which made sense to me, all sprawled out on the sidewalk, at the time. But seriously, I heart runners. They are the best.

Alright, so I had a mile to go and I was hurting (mostly my chin, which hit the sidewalk pretty hard, and my scraped-up hands from catching my fall. Oh, and my forehead that I just noticed this morning.) So I turned off my music to get rid of distraction and finished that last mile as quickly as my body was allowing. It felt fast, but apparently wasn’t because it was my slowest mile.

Celebration half

Official time: 2:09:13. Not what I wanted but I felt good (finally!) and it’s a big improvement on my half in November (2:21:54) and my half in December (2:28:11).

I met up with all my girls after the race, including Katy and Victoria.

Hat triplets! (Not planned though it should have been.)

Melissa and I left pretty quickly since we had to shower, eat, and get to the airport on time. It was just as well, because after that fall, I was achey. Not life and death or anything, but I wanted to leave. Despite the fall, I loved the race and will definitely do it again next year.

Oh, and a big congrats to Michelle who ran a PR and Melissa who felt miserable during the race but still won second in her age group. Love you ladies!


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Five for Friday

1.  I’m gonna call it. The weather in Texas is better than the weather in Florida.

You hear that, Cely? I thought the weather was perfect during the three weeks I was there. I had to wear a jacket at least three of the days and then layed out in the sun after that to a clear, sunny sky with a cool breeze. I mean, Texas has indecisive weather and gets three months of total suck during the summer that is way worse than Florida, but then it’s over. The cold fronts from the West actually get to you and then you suck it all up and leave Florida in perpetual summer for 10 months of the year. You are rude, Texas. Learn to share those cold fronts.

2. I checked out my Daily Mile and realized there’s not much to do in Killeen.

I’m on a running break for the most part and still managed 84 miles in three weeks. Most of those miles were walking (so I could read books – I’ll tell you about those later) but still, that’s a lot of miles. I don’t think I ever hit 40 miles in a week during marathon training. I mean, I still gained 3.5 lbs during that three weeks. The will to eat crap 24/7 in Texas is a strong force that my inner buffet-lovin’ fat girl just can’t fight.

3. I registered for my first race of next season.


I’m running the Celebration Half Marathon. It’s super cheap ($50), about a half hour away from home, and brand new. This year, I’m really looking forward to running some new races. I’m getting tired of repeating the same ones year after year. So, no full marathons for me yet, though my next (and maybe last) full is going to be Chicago next year. I still have to consult with my personal marathon therapist about that decision. 😉

4.  Speaking of running, I got that fast mile I’ve been working on up to a 7:47 pace last night! It was hard, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die afterwards. I think working on a fast mile has really helped my HIIT runs. This week, and for the first time since February, I was able to do an entire HIIT run without walking and I was back up to my 7:30 interval time. (I had to drop to a 8:00 and 8:30 pace.) So nice to get some speed back!

5. I watched The Office finale last night.

Soooo good. I loved it. Even hubs agreed and said he was happy to see a series finale that didn’t suck for once. It was cute to see what a difference even a crappy office job made in all their lives. I know some people hate The Office, but I’m totally gonna miss it. I loved it with and without Steve Carrell and I’m seriously going to miss everything about Jim.

Oh, and lastly, if you want to read Michelle’s sweet birth story, check it out here. It comes chalk-full of adorable pics of baby Evan and things said about her uterus and vagina that I will never be able to un-read.

Have a good weekend everyone. Smile


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