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Things I Don't Need…but Now Have

First, I wanted to say that I’m surprised by how many of you use water before soap when you wash your hands! About half of you that commented wash your hands the way my hubs does it. You all are my water-stain-on-the-countertop nightmare. Now I know which ones of you I need to follow around my house with paper towels.


My cardio class never happened last night. I got home, changed into my workout clothes, and then took a two hour nap in them. While I blame the hubs for the nap, I will admit it was glorious and I really needed it.

After our nap, hubs wanted to go to Kohl’s to check out the clothes. That’s when this happened.

Loved those running shorts so much, I had to get three colors. They are a little big, but I’ll just pull the drawstring really tight and make people think I lost a bunch of weight and can’t afford new clothes.

The purple top is a yoga top, and I hate yoga, but man it’s comfortable. And moisture wicking. So, I was sold. We shall now call it a “running” top. And if you can’t see from the picture, the t-shirt says “Rock n’ roll” on it. I’m not big on printed T’s but I loved this one.

You know you want to see me model that pink shirt.

I don’t understand why fashion magazines aren’t calling me for their cover shots.

I also bought this, which came in the mail yesterday.

It’s the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus calculator. I canceled my membership last week, but I still have a paid month of use left with the online tools. After that month is up, I’ll decide whether I’ll stick with WW or move on. But this way, at least I can calculate my points on my own without paying a monthly membership. (I did this for years on the old WW system.)

In some random news, did you see Spirit Airlines is going to start charging $1 if you want to print your ticket at a kiosk at the airport? They’re charging $5 if you have the check-in person print it for you. FIVE dollars!
(Oh, they also charge for carry-on bags.) 

Now that you all have me interested in your grooming habits:

  • Do you put the toothpaste cap back on or leave it off? (I have a flip top. And it always goes back on.)
  • Toliet paper roll over or under? (Over. And if I see it going under at someone’s house, I will change it.)


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The Girly Shopping Post

*Warning: Girly stuff ahead. Men, I’ll see you next post*

I’m not a big fan of shopping. I like buying new things, but I don’t like the effort I have to put into getting them. That’s why I love shopping online. Clothes come right to my door, I can try it on in the comfort of my own home whenever I feel like it, and don’t have to deal with crowds, dressing rooms, driving, and parking.

With that said, yesterday I did more shopping than I’ve done in the past two years (not including Christmas shopping for others).

If you want to spend a ton of money, I highly recommend shopping with Michelle. She knows only two phrases:


I hate disappointing her, plus she’s a mom, so you have to do what she says.

Michelle and I went to Florida Mall. She picked me up, which was a total bonus. I LOVE when other people drive.

Fun fact about Michelle: She is an ANGRY driver. You really have to experience riding in a car with her to understand the level of angry. And it’s not just when she’s driving, She’s angry when others are driving too.

When we arrived, Michelle channeled her inner child with an Orange Julius and I got a mini Banana Cream Pie blizzard and a Diet Coke. (Michelle thought that was hilarious.) I got that same blizzard on my honeymoon in Hawaii and it was better than my favorite (Oreo). So I’ve been waiting over 2 years to have it again. I finally give in and it wasn’t as good as I remembered. My friend Chris pointed out that a Brussel Spouts blizzard would taste better in Hawaii.


I also highly recommend Florida Mall if you’re 5’9″ but enjoy hand dryers short enough for  5 year olds.

Here’s the damage that was done:

Forever 21

This shirt is the only thing that fit me in the store. You must be 5’2″ and weigh 80lbs to fit in anything, so I bought it on principle. ($12.80)


I LOVE the Asian necklace. SO cute. And so me. Smile 

  • Asian necklace: $2.80
  • Leaf necklace: $3.80
  • Earrings: $3.80
  • Turquoise necklace: $3.80




Michelle and I bought the same jeans so we could start “Operation Twinsy” and do our home-movie remake of Parent Trap. These were on sale for half price: $35.00. I love me some Gap jeans.


I know. Impossible to tell us apart.

Anne Taylor Loft

Everything in the store is 40% off right now (no coupon necessary). I don’t remember the prices of these, but I’m sure they were more than the $5.00 I like to spend on any article of clothing.


Salmon colored dress: $35.00. I think it needs a brown belt or something now that I see it on me. I do think the Spiderpig poster helps accentuate the look.

These shorts are light pink and I can’t remember the price. I know they look like they used to be white and I’ve been wearing them for years, but rest assured they are new.


Big clunky ring ($10) so when I wear it, every guy I know will say, “that’s a big ring.”

Happens every time.



I wish they had these shorts in more colors because I would have bought more. They had white, but my Hello Kitty underwear would show through.


Old Navy

I think this one was $20.00. This dress is way cuter in person.



Now my wallet looks like this except it’s pink and there’s not a strange man opening it up.


Since we are on the topic of new clothes, I bought a dress online last week and it finally came in the mail.

I have no occasion to wear it. At all. I just loved it and saw a purchase button and clicked. It’s a little small, but I’m too lazy to return it. So I’ll pretend I’m going to lose that 10lbs I’ve been trying to lose for 2 years now so I’ll be able to fit in it when the occasion presents itself.


I need a tan.


Eh, close enough.

What did you buy this weekend?


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Fashion Show and Christian Slater

(last night’s) Workout: Weights w/ .25 mile runs between sets at an 8:24 pace (2.1 miles total)

I did this workout at home so my motivation to not work out at all and join my hubs on the couch was high. I did watch American Idol during the workout, which I never watch. I don’t know any of the contestant names, but from those performances, either the chic that crapped up Blondie’s “Call Me” or the guy that sang the metal song with the weird squinty/blinking problem are gonna go. There you have it. My premontion for the day.

I also watched Breaking In. That might be my favorite new show right now. It is funny! And for all you man-readers out there – Alyssa Milano was in last night’s episode.

Funny + Christian Slater = Win

Actually, I don’t care. He is a good-lookin’ man. I’m gonna start posing like that from now on.


  • Chest Press w/ dumbbells
  • Chest Fly
  • Bent over rows
  • Some back exercise thing on the ab ball
  • Overhead tricep something or other
  • Some other tricep excercise I don’t know the name of

I think those bullet points just made me realize why I don’t talk about my weight workouts all the time.

Anyway, I’m already feeling a little sore now so I’m sure tonight will be a pure pleasure – especially since I have Crossfit.

A couple of you asked to see the dress I bought at Old Navy actually on me. So, in true spirit of not practicing what I preach, I’m going to post some pictures. Just know I hate being in pictures by myself, so this was a truly uncomfortable experience to pose for these.

Thanks to the hubs for begrudgingly taking this picture this morning. The dress is so comfortable, it’s ridiculous. I’m going to get one in a solid color too.

The next picture I took at work today while people were walking by my cube. Not awkward at all. Especially with the self-timer clicking down 10 seconds like a bomb.

I like this shirt better than I thought I would. And I learned to silence my timer…after the picture was taken of course.

What are you loving to watch on TV now? (Please don’t tell me that you don’t watch TV because you like to experience “life.” That will make me feel lazy and drive me to watch more TV. If that’s even possible. I might leave my husband for my DVR.)


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New Stuff!

Things I learned after my martial arts cardio class last night:

  • I can carry my husband on my back down an incline. (Not recommended)
  • I can squat friends down an incline.

Second bullet recommended if they are little and cute like this:

By the way, no one should be able to look like that when they have 4 young children. It’s just not fair. I want to be Tina when I grow up.

Oh, and I totally stole that from her Facebook page so I hope she doesn’t kill me.

After class (which was awesome by the way), I started sneezing more than normal. Then during the night I woke up with a sore throat. After my alarm went off this morning, I fell back asleep and didn’t wake up again until the hub’s alarm went off almost 30 minutes later.

Not good my homies. Not good.

I rarely get sick, but when I do, the timing is usually REALLY awesome. And by awesome, I mean crappy. I have a half marathon this Sunday. I will walk that bitch if I have to, to get my last pretty medal of the season. Or maybe a cold is just what I need to speed me up. Hellllllo Dayquil!

Anyway, to my 5 males readers…if you want to check out now and come back next post, I won’t blame you. Things are about to get girly.

By the way, if any of you want to use a taser and look stylish while doing it:

Ok, onto the girly stuff. I gave it the “3 day waiting period” and I finally broke down and bought this stuff from Old Navy.

I bought it online of course, because God forbid I go into a store. I hate shopping, but I love buying things. I don’t know how I lived without the Internet in the past.

Jersey Knit Maxi Dress: $39.94
Not cheap. And a girl with my hips shouldn’t really wear something like this but I don’t care. It’s cute. And I will find a way to rock it.

Ruffle-tiered top: $29.50
Again, not cheap, especially for Old Navy. This is SO far off from my personal style I can’t even begin to tell you. But I think that’s why I wanted it. I want to change things up a bit and I can totally see J’s Everyday Fashion in this and that made me want it to. 🙂

Sports Bra: $7.00!!
May or may not be padded. *shifty eyes* I have 3 of these already and they are the most comfortable sports bras I’ve ever worn. I always wear this one in races.

 A-Line Skirt: $24.94
I didn’t buy this one, but I just saw it today. So consider this one on the 3 day waiting period.

Does anyone else wait before they make purchases to make sure they really want them? I feel like buying clothes is like buying guns for me. Except, I’m gonna shoot you with my awesome style! (Sorry. Some lame jokes can’t be contained.)


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