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Running and Fun Stuff

Oh, hi there.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but I’ve been busy, so any downtime I have is blissfully spent doing nothing at all. Doing nothing is my third favorite thing to do (behind eating and sleeping) so here is all the not nothing that has been going on. Let’s start with the important stuff first:

I ran once!


Last weekend my running bud, Brad, texted me that he was fat and in desperate need of a run. I’m not training for anything (yet) but I agreed to meet up with him at 5:30am on a Saturday morning out of the goodness of my heart. Neither of us had run more than two miles in four months, so really it was a test of will. We set out to do 8 miles and turned around like big babies at 3.25 miles for a total of 6.5. It took us the same amount of time it usually takes us to do 8 miles, so we are definitely out of practice, but it was so good to catch up with Brad that I might agree to run again at some point before October when I need to start training again.

I went to Savannah for a girl’s weekend.


Every year, a bunch of girlfriends and I get together for a girl’s night out. It usually involves getting a hotel in downtown Orlando and going out on the town for the night, but this year someone had the bright idea to make a weekend out of it and go to Savannah. Savannah is hella hot. I know this is coming from an Orlando girl, but damn. No breeze. I was actually telling Cheyanne to hurry up and take the pic above because I was melting to death.

Surprisingly, twelve of us decided to go which is amazing since it required all of us to make a commitment and pay four months ahead of time. It’s a four hour drive from Orlando, so we carpooled in three cars. We rented a house downtown (the house was on top of a Pokestop!) and had the BEST time bar hopping, eating great food (the pimento cheese, omg), shopping, and sight seeing.






My favorite thing we did was a bar hopping 15-person bike ride through downtown Savannah. This is the bike.

Capture(1) (1)

All we had to do was pedal and drink. The steering and braking was done for us. We stopped at five bars in two hours and we wished the tour was four hours it was so freakin’ fun. Oh, and Savannah is open carry like Las Vegas or New Orleans so…yeah. We always had drinks in our hands.




Seriously, if you find yourself in Savannah, I highly recommend Savannah Pedals. It was non-stop laughing, singing, and drinking for two hours with some pretty fun tour guides. There was a great video that I wanted to post here of the ride but I can’t get it to save so I can upload it, so you’ll have to imagine all of us singing Apple Bottom Jeans and dancing in our seats while Michelle pulled on one of the poles like a stripper.

On our way out of town, Lisa and I stopped at the Bonaventure Historical Cemetery. Bonaventure is famous for having the Midnight of Good and Evil grave stone. Unfortunately, I learned while I was there that they moved the grave stone to a local museum because of the foot traffic on the grave and because tourists were vandalizing it. Ugh. People are a-holes. But the cemetery is still amazing.







The cemetery is so big, it’s easier to drive to see it all. It’s also still used today. We saw gravestones from the 1800’s and from 2014. We got there early and I’m glad we did because it was getting pretty crowded by the time we left at 10:00am.

I saw Gwen Stefani in concert. On a Tuesday.


I was not loving Wednesday at work but man, that was a great concert. She even did five No Doubt songs so it was like two concerts in one. I’m really good at losing my phone, so it makes sense that I left it in the bathroom at the concert. I realized it about 5 minutes later and went back to look for it and it was gone. Someone actually turned it in to lost and found so thank goodness for honest people. To the girl that found my phone and didn’t keep it – thank you.

Hubs and I finished season 1 of Stranger Things.

stranger things

If you haven’t heard of Stranger Things, it’s a new Netflix show that literally everyone has been recommending to me. It’s best described as “Stephen King meets The Goonies.” Anyway, I liked it but it did not live up to the hype for me. Everyone is talking about how terrifying it is and after I saw it, I wondered if we were watching the same show. It was not terrifying. Or maybe I am slow to terrify? Either way, I thought the acting was great (minus Winona’s over-acting), the music was great, and it was good enough to watch a second season. But I would not go so far to say that it was the “best show since Game of Thrones” like one of my friends did. Those are fightin’ words.

We also finished season 3 of Bojack Horseman.


If you are not watching that show, you NEED to. Do not be put off that is it a cartoon. It is funny as hell and touches on some really serious topics like mental health issues. I’m surprised a show like that can be so funny and so intense at the same time. It’s already been renewed for season 4 so, woo hoo!

And of course, some gratuitous bunny shots. (Pants has an instagram now if you are into things that are adorable.)



Alright, so that’s it for now. This weekend will be a blissful weekend of nothing and then I get a visit from my favorite Texan next weekend! That’s sure to be a shit show. She’s already asked me if we’ll be running while she’s here. <—- LOL, no, no we will not.


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Weekend Fun

Last Friday, hubs and I went to see Def Leppard in concert. I had been stalking the show on Ticketmaster for awhile, but the only tickets that were available were either nosebleed or resale tickets that were way too much $$ and had double the fees of regular Ticketmaster tickets. While I love me some Def Leppard, I do not love two tickets for $500 way up in the stands. I did some serious Ticketmaster stalking the day of the show to see if any resale tickets dropped in price. They didn’t, but some fourth row (omg) Ticketmaster tickets opened for half the price of the resale tickets. I proceeded to 1) pee my pants 2) buy them and 3) have THE BEST TIME EVER.





That guitarist is 58. If I look like that at 58, you can bet I will be oiled up and shirtless too.



During one of the songs, they played footage of their old shows and backstage antics from the 80’s which was so fun to watch and probably the best part of the show. Anyway, enough of that. It was a good time. An expensive time (a rum and coke was $13, wtf) but a good time. I sang my face off much to the horror of snapchat and have had Rock of Ages in my head ever since.

After the show, we walked to a German restaurant downtown to meet up with a couple friends. We were starving so we ordered this pretzel that has given up on life.


Then we responsibly Ubered home like grown-ass adults.

In other news, I made an attempt to run two miles yesterday. I made it one mile until my ankles started hurting so I stopped. I guess I’ll try that running thing again tonight. I have a few upcoming trips planned which will require wearing a bathing suit and therefore running more, and not eating giant pretzels with beer cheese.

And lastly, in the best news ever – new Kristen Bell show in the fall! YASSSS GIMME GIMME.


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I'm Too Old for this S!#t

This weekend was exhausting. Exhausting in a good way, but also in that way that reminds you that you’re dangerously close to 40. So. very. close.

Hubs, the bestie, and I drove down to Tampa on Friday afternoon for a couple shows we were seeing at the Florida State Fairgrounds. We checked into the Red Roof Inn across the street from the amphitheater – our usual spot to stay when we see shows there. But this time it was different.

Those rooms are nasty. Why did it take me until now to notice all the hairs in the bathroom (that were not ours) and the stains on the comforters (also, not ours)? We’ve stayed there five times and this is suddenly news to me. It also took me until now to realize there were four other better hotels right next to it. So valuable lesson: don’t stay at the Red Roof Inn and pay better attention to surroundings. Check.

We hung out in the hotel room and had some drinks and a photo shoot before we walked over to the show. We now have 50 variations of this picture.

Once we got there, I randomly ran into my cutie patootie friend, Kim, from high school (she’s the one in the Air Force shirt). I had no idea she was going, so for me to run into someone I know at a sold out concert of 20,000 is pretty impressive. Though, I am taller than most of the world so I’m kinda easy to spot.

We also got the only photo evidence that hubs was with us the weekend. That one likes to evade my camera.

Anyway, the first show of the weekend was Maroon 5. I love them. Their music is catchy as hell and only someone with a cold, black soul would say otherwise. We were in the lawn section so we were far back. Real far back.

The acoustics aren’t great on the lawn since it’s in open air and if you need to go to the bathroom, you have to wade through a sea of people to get there. Not ideal but the concert was still a lot of fun.

Kelly Clarkson opened. She is crazy adorable. I super love her, even more than Maroon 5, so I could have gone for another hour of her music. I was sad when her set was over. She needs to headline her own tour.

Maroon 5 is a hit machine and that’s basically what they did. Hit after hit. I could have gone for several songs that they haven’t released but I guess when everything you release is popular, that’s what you do.

The next day, our friends Jimmy and Linda came into town from Orlando. Originally we were planning to go to the zoo, but we ended up on a mall shopping spree instead. Poor hubs and Jimmy had to walk around the mall together like bro-friends while Linda and I tore it up in Papaya.

We all tried a Japanese shaved ice while we were there. Linda insisted it was amazing and that it “tastes just like Chinese shaved ice.”

None of us had a clue what she was talking about. I know what a sno-cone is and that’s about it. But she was right, it was delicious. I got the Tsunami, which tasted like melon with kiwi and honey drizzled on top. Delicious.

After our shopping spree, we got ready for Depeche Mode on night #2. That means drinks in the hotel room, a quick stop for dinner and drinks at Wing House beforehand, and then a walk back over to the amphitheater.

I only took one picture of Jimmy and Linda the entire night which probably isn’t appropriate for the internetz, so instead enjoy another more appropriate picture of Lisa and I.

We had seats for Depeche Mode, but were still pretty far away.

This was my fifth time seeing them and the first time I didn’t care for their show. I didn’t love the set list and they usually have a much cooler stage set-up. I mean, they always sound good but they’ve just been so much better previously. I guess it’s just wasn’t worth the travel to Tampa and the hotel cost this time. Plus, they always seem to play the only song I hate from them (< — haha, that video is mesmerizing). It’s like they do it on purpose to torture me.

Later that night, we ended up at the Hard Rock Casino some how where we ate our faces off, gambled an entire dollar, and then took a cab back to our hotel. It was a great weekend with great friends but I am wiped out and I think my liver needs a vacation.


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Blah, Blah, Blah

Friday afternoon, hubs and I made the drive to Tampa to see our beloved Ke$ha. The show was at the Florida State Fairgrounds (or whatever the place is called now) and the drive is about an hour and a half away but it took us over three hours to get there. Two of those hours were trying to get out of Orlando. If anything good came out of that annoying and stress-filled car ride, it’s that it put us directly in the mood to drink.

Once we finally got to Tampa, we checked into our hotel and got ready which basically means I put on a hooker’s worth of eye makeup and hub’s changed into his stylish new threads that he was very excited about.

All mine, ladies. And gents.

After we got ready, we met up with my bestie (who drove down separately), had a drink in the room, and then walked across the street to the concert.

The show started 15 minutes after we got through security so we basically had to run to the stage when we heard her set begin. We really thought there would be an opener before her, but nope. Nothing. It’s weird, but I feel like I need an opener to get properly excited (and drunk). Also, I’m not a fan of concerts that start when it’s still light out. It’s kinda a mood killer.

Her set was disappointingly short, but I guess that’s what you get with a double headliner. There are so many songs off her new album that she didn’t play that would have been perfect songs live. (The Beautiful Life, anyone? I mean, she tells you to light your phones up in the lyrics. It’s like that song was written to be played live.)

But still, I love her and even though the show wasn’t as fun as the last three times we’ve seen her, I still had a great time and got some great pictures.

Hubs didn’t like that she relied on a backup singer a lot this time around. You can see her in the background of the picture below.

That chick sounded just like Ke$ha. If I wasn’t watching, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. I didn’t really mind (or notice until hubs said something). At least it wasn’t a backing track (I hate those) and Ke$ha would put her microphone down when she wasn’t doing the singing so it’s not like she was trying to fake it.

By the time we were really getting into the show, it was over.

Such a bummer. Her encore only had one song. *sniff* I feel like three or four more songs probably would have made it all better.

Then it was time for Pitbull. We got a drink before he came on because you need those to listen to that crap.

Forgive the hair. It was hella humid, so it was soaking wet from underneath for most of the night. Next time, I’ll invest in a hair tie.

We watched one or two of Pitbull’s songs and that’s all it took.

We left. Sorry to all the Pitbull lovers out there, but he is one of my most hated artists. I can’t even stand looking at him. We weren’t the only ones either, because tons of people were leaving during his show.

We still had a good time overall, got some food after the show, and then hung out a bit in the hotel room. Next time we see Ke$ha, we’ll make sure she’s the only headliner so we get more songs and zero Pitbull.


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The End of Fun

I am exhausted this week. Not only did I have a really busy weekend starting with a girl’s night on Friday, a trip to Tampa on Saturday, a half marathon and then a trip back to Orlando to see Pink in concert on Sunday – we also had tickets to see Muse on Monday.




It’s crazy to think that was all set up for Pink the night before.

I’ve seen Muse twice now and they sound amazing live, but as cool as that stage set-up is, I think it was better last time. Still a great show, though. I got pretty wild during the show and had two whole bottles of water and a soft pretzel. You can’t stop the fun machine that is Paula! I don’t even know how I survived it, honestly. I was wiped out. When we finally got home, I was so tired that I couldn’t sleep. I ended up with 3 1/2 restless hours that night before I had to get up for work.

When I got home from work Tuesday night, I ended up taking a three hour nap. I’m not even sure if that’s considered a nap once you hit the three hour mark. Then of course, I couldn’t sleep again that night because I slept too long when I got home. It’s really hard having so much fun packed into one weekend, ya’ll.

Anyway, last night I finally sort of slept. But apparently not enough because even though I’m on a break from working out and I’m burned out from running, I’m still crazy enough to think I want to run this race on Sunday.

That’s the medal, by the way. Look at the cute gator feets!

I know that I shouldn’t run it, but I could really use a good end to my race season rather than the crappy one I got last week. It’s going to be 35 degrees at the start. THIRTY FIVE! That is my dream race weather. So my hot ass race last weekend is surrounded by two weekend cold fronts. Why does mother nature hate me so much?




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The Truth About Love Tour

I love Pink. I’m ready to marry her and have, like, 10,000 of her babies. (< — name that movie) She’s basically amazing. So, so, so amazing.

Sunday night, hubs and I had tickets to her show. Hubs bought me tickets for Christmas so I felt like I was waiting forever to see her. I see a lot of concerts. I mean, a lot. And this was one of the best shows, if not the best, I’ve ever seen. Hubs isn’t even a fan of her and he agreed. We are probably going to fight it out for her love.

Anyway, we had pit tickets, so I was basically standing five people away from the stage.

The Hives opened up but we stayed at the bar and had drinks since we didn’t really know their music and since we really, really like drinks. 🙂

Before the show started, there was a guy standing next to us that I thought looked like Bradley Cooper. But like, The Hangover-needs-a shower-and-haircut Bradley Cooper not the I’ve-loved-him-since-Alias-and-he-should-be-my-man Bradley Cooper.

I told hubs and he didn’t agree. He was all, “more like Fugly Cooper.” So to prove my point, I said, “I am going to tell him and he’s going to tell me he hears that all the time and I will be validated and you will be wrong and I will be awesome.”

Sooo I told him. That’s when fake Bradley Cooper told me he’s never heard that before and his brother-in-law told me I was drunk. So yeah, that didn’t work out so well.

BUT, I could see him staring at me in my peripheral for the rest of the concert and his sister-in-law even confirmed with me that I was with my husband. So ladies, if you want to pick up a man without even trying, tell him he looks like some super hot celebrity and it’s in.the.bag.

Ok, back to the show. When Pink came on stage, she opened with Raise Your Glass and basically dropped from the ceiling and started doing all these Cirque Du Soliel acrobatic type flips while she was singing.

See her hanging way up there?

The rest of her show was basically a mix between her singing, dancing, and doing death-defying acrobatics. She’s so talented, it’s ridiculous.

*Unfortunately placed finger there*

When she sang “Try,” she did the entire contemporary dance from her video which was freakin’ awesome.

Most of the songs she did were off the new album, which makes sense since it is The Truth About Love Tour. There were a lot of songs I would have liked her to do (like Bad Influence and Cuz I Can) that she didn’t sing, but it didn’t even matter. That’s how good she was.

If you have the chance to see her, it’s worth every penny. She’s in Tampa tonight and it’s taking all my strength not to go again!

During the second to last song, she put on some contraption that catapulted her all around, over the crowd, and to the back of the stadium.

Then, right at the end, she was dunked in water. I’m not even sure how that happened. I was too mesmerized by her show to care.

I had the best time. So worth the wait and so worth the ticket price.

So there you have it. When I write a post about my impending divorce, you will know it’s because of Pink.


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I'm Too Old for Fun

Last night, hubs and I drove to downtown St. Petersburg to see 3Oh!3 in concert.

Yep. Those guys. I don’t know anyone that loves them as much as I do, including hubs, so I’m not sure he went willingly. He is a trooper, especially since the the concert was on a Wednesday night, two hours away from home.

The best way I can describe their music is nerd pop. Kinda like LMFAO or Cobra Starship but more awesome. (< — opinion not shared by husband or possibly anyone)

We left work early and beat Orlando rush hour just in time to hit Tampa and St. Pete rush hour. Once we finally made it, we were starving so we stopped at an Irish pub for some food. I may have picked the place based solely on the name. (Supernatural, my chauffer?)

I had an exceptionally good Chef salad. (Have those words ever been written?) I took a picture of it but, eh, it’s a salad so use your imagination. Smile

After dinner #1, we made our way to the concert. On our walk there, I found a friend.

The concert was at the State Theatre, which is a really small concert venue with surprisingly good acoustics.

I was definitely the oldest person there by 12 years. I wanted to tell people that it was past their bedtime and ask them if their mother saw what they were wearing before they left the house.

The theatre wasn’t crowded at all, which was surprising. I mean, with this song and this song being pretty big hits, I thought they would draw a much bigger crowd. Or at least fill up that small theatre. But what do I know? The last time they were in the Orlando area, they were signing autographs at a Hot Topic (not kidding). The concert was also extremely dark, so all my pictures came out like crap. Just know they had wolves on either side of the stage with frickin’ laser beams coming out of their eyes.

Best thing ever? I think so.

I thought the concert was awesome. They have so much energy and know how to work the crowd. They had a full live band, so all their songs sounded way more rockin’ than they do on the albums. I guess I expected more synthesizers?

A lot of people recorded video of the concert with their cells phones and every now and then, the lead singer would take a phone from someone and sing into the camera close up and give the phone back. I looooved that.

This was my favorite picture of the night. Too bad it came out blurry. 😦

We had a good time even though hubs thought the lead singer wasn’t “nerdy enough.” They have a new album coming out next year that I’m looking forward to. In the meantime, I need to find something to hold me over. I might have to pick up these babies from their Website.

I’ve been looking for a way to draw more attention to my ass.

After the concert, hubs and I stopped for dinner #2. I was mesmerized that everything was $5.00 on the menu until I realized the place was called Five Bucks Drinkery. #smart  The drive home was tortuous. The only thing that got me through it was a 12 oz can of Red Bull. I am definitely too old to be doing things on Wednesday night that require a two hour drive home. I have no idea how I’m functioning today.


Off topic, but did anyone watch American Horror Story last night? I haven’t watched yet but I’m dying to!


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Number 5

This week has been a busy one and last night I finally got a chance to take a break and enjoy the night out with the hubs and my friend Tania. Hubs and I met up with Tania (she lives in Bradenton) in Ybor City to see Bush in concert. (Yep, it’s my 5th time seeing them. Never gets old.) Ybor City is right next to Tampa and it takes about an hour and 40 minutes to get there from Orlando. Hubs and I left work early to avoid rush hour, only to be caught in rush hour.

Since there is no way I’m going to drive home for almost 2 hours after a few drinks, we got a room at the Hampton Inn, which was awesome because it was literally a one minute walk to the venue. Perfect for stumbling.

When we got to our room, we noticed this post-it on the headboard.

I guess I never thought the sheets wouldn’t be clean for my arrival. I’m certainly glad they left a hand-written post-it just in case.

We headed out in hopes of finding something quick to eat before the show. We also took a picture that really captures my gigantism.

We walked by The Ritz and the doors weren’t open yet. There was a huge line of people waiting to get in, so we knew we had a little more time to eat. We found a place called The Stone Soup Company that we knew nothing about but turned out to be really good.

I ordered a rum and coke that was served in a stainless steel cup which I thought was super cute. I’m easy to please.

Then we all shared some fried cheese and spinach ravioli, hubs and I shared a cup of chili, and we all ordered the appetizer filet mignon skewers.

I always take pictures of my food but never use them for anything. This time I was determined to use them. So there you have it. Riveting. Anyway, the food was really good, the prices were even better, and the place was just really laid back. So laid back, that these are the signs for the women’s and men’s restrooms.

And the sign inside the restroom.

After dinner, we walked back to The Ritz and the line hadn’t changed. It was still wrapped around the back of the building, so we waited.

We waited so long to get in that we missed the opening band, who sounded pretty decent from what we could hear outside. Once we got in, the place was packed. I’m talking uncomfortable-sweaty-sardine packed.

The show was oversold. So much so, that if you walked out of the room where the concert was to go to the bathroom, you had to wait in a line to get back in because they wouldn’t let people back inside until more people left. Also, the audio went in and out at points. So basically, even though Bush was great as usual, the venue was so shitty that it was hard to enjoy the show.

After the concert, we walked to The Castle, which is this Goth club that looks like an old, vampiric church inside. I was there once a long, long time ago but hubs wanted to check it out since everyone and their brother tells him how cool it is. And it is really cool. I basically hate clubs now that I’m old and jaded, but this one is a lot of fun and you can tell they put a crap ton of money into the building.

We stayed till closing and somehow on the way back to the hotel, a gigantic piece of pizza accidentally fell into my mouth.


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Lazy Came to Town

Last week lazy came to town. I worked out on Monday, but by Tuesday I was in such a piss poor mood that the only reason I worked out is because I felt too guilty to cancel with my trainer. Wednesday, I skipped spin. Then I quit salads for the rest of the week and took up bacon cheeseburgers.

Thursday and Friday weren’t any better. I skipped those workouts too. Thursday night, hubs and I went to a midnight showing of The Avengers. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep for 10 minutes of the movie. I’m old, it was late, and I’m like a canary when the lights go out. But once I woke up, I liked it a lot, even though the story was pretty weak. (And not because I missed 10 minutes of it.)

Before the movie, and before I realized I’d have 3 1/2 hours of sleep the night before, I thought it would be a good idea to buy last minute tickets to take my present husband…

…to see my future husband on Friday.

Who am I kidding? It was a good idea. Oh hey there yummy. You pointing at me?

Bush was opening for Nickelback (what has this world come to?) so I figured it would be a fun show even though I’m not really a Nickelback fan. Plus, I’m a snobby concert goer and there were floor tickets available. 🙂

This is the 4th time I’ve seen Bush and it made me sad that I missed them when they were in town a few months ago as the headliner. I heart them.

I love how they do a random cover song at each show. This time he sang Come Together from The Beatles and Gavin walked around the whole perimeter of the stadium, through the audience, while he was singing it. Freakin’ awesome. That is until the woman in green started molesting my man. Rude.

Of course, he walked right by us when he was going back to the stage and my camera wasn’t fast enough. But I was totally cool with that.

When Nickelback came on stage, we hung out toward the back of the floor. I broke my non-drinking clause because well, it’s Nickelback. Hubs didn’t care for them but I thought they were pretty entertaining. They threw t-shirts into the crowd (with a t-shirt cannon), which I thought was kinda cool.

Just when we thought we were at maximum safe distance, a big, rotating platform descended from the ceiling and BAM! They were right behind us.

They sang 4 or 5 songs from the platform until they went back to the stage, including my two faves (Animals and Rock Star). Oh, and let me point out that I don’t own one Nickelback album and still knew all but one of their songs. It is crazy how they are considered the joke of the rock world but they have so many hits.

Oh, and here’s a picture that I took that didn’t come out. Is that girl flicking him off? Or am I behind the times and this is the new way to rock out?

We left during the encore to avoid traffic and went home to watch more Breaking Bad. Because we’re not obsessed at all with that. Now I’ve had Nickelback songs in my head for the past 4 days. They’re tricky like that.



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Last night, hubs and I met up with Lisa to see Evanescence in concert at House of Blues in Downtown Disney. This makes the third time we’ve seen them and they always put on a good show.

So horizontal stripes make your butt look bigger, but not your boobs. I see a flaw in this system…

We checked out the merchandise and hung out in the balcony until the show started. Since I worked the next day, I made sure to practice moderation. Two drinks at a time instead of three.

That’s a Crowne and Diet Coke with lime. If you never drink Whiskey and decide to try it, I highly recommend not getting a second one right away. You may think your sober, but the whiskey says otherwise.

The show was sold out and the opening band (Rival Sons) was Southern rock and totally the wrong sound for an Evanescence opener. I think that’s the first time I’ve ever really noticed mismatched bands before.

Before the show started, Lisa and I pulled out the old lady glasses so we could see each other better.

On a side note, we’ve had a lot of people in the past ask us if we’re sisters. My MIL calls her my twin. What do you think? Twinsies? I’m sure it doesn’t help that we seem to be on the same hair dying schedule throughout the year.

At one point, Lisa was having too much fun so we had to tell her to SIMMER down.

I forgot to take my camera off the indoor setting, and you have to hold the camera really steady on that setting to not get blurry pictures. Since I haven’t perfected the holding-a-drink-rocking-out-picture-taking trifecta yet, only a couple came out.

We had a lot of fun, they did the two non-hits that we really wanted to hear, and Lisa made the executive decision that Amy Lee has made her girl crush list. It was a good night. 🙂

Once we got back to the car, I realized my iPod Touch was missing. Sad smile  I never used to lose anything and now I only lose super expensive things. Like when I lost my Droid Incredible 3 weeks after I bought it or when I left my new prescription glasses at a bar or the time my engagement ring flew into the crowd at a concert. I shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things.

Tell me about something expensive you lost so I can stop pouting about my iPod.


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