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Dinner with an Old Friend

My friend Kim is in town from Bradenton this week. Bradenton is about two hours South of Orlando and where I lived most of my tender, impressionable years. Kim and I went to high school together, lost touch, and got back in touch through Facebook. We thought it would be fun to meet up for dinner.

The hubs and I met up with Kim and her boyfriend Matt last night in Altamonte Springs. After Seasons 52 denied us me, we I decided to make a reservation at Elephant Bar.


I saw Kim for approximately 10 minutes about a year ago but other than that, I haven’t seen her since high school.

We’re probably 16 here. Please enjoy the rare beast known as my natural hair color, cuz that’s about the only time you’ll see it.

Hubs and I arrived on time but still had a 15 minute wait with reservations. After narrowly escaping the elephant stampede, Kim and Matt arrived.

Yes. I am 80-feet taller than Kim.

And everyone else I know.

We got our table and started instantly throwing back hard-core shots of water.

It took awhile for the food to come out, but I think the kitchen was a little overwhelmed for a Sunday night. We spent the time chatting.

Good thing I had my camera and made Kim and Matt do a private photo shoot. Matt was thrilled.

Ahh, much better.

I didn’t get any pictures of my cobb salad once it came out because I started sucking it down like a Hoover. The vacuum. Not the ex-president. Unless he ate fast, then maybe like him.  All of us loved what we had.

I did get a picture of our dessert. The Hot Apple Blueberry Walnut Cobbler. Holy crap that thing is good. The picture is blurry since I needed to take it quick before Matt ate my part.

That dessert is the equivalent of eating this:

About 1 minute after the above picture was taken, the plate looked like this.


Matt really liked the dessert. A lot.

After Matt was done licking the plate, I asked him to take a picture of me and Kim. I got this.

Eh, close enough.

We all had a great time. It was so much fun catching up with Kim and making our men sit through long conversations about stuff like laser hair removal in the nether regions.

I had only been to Elephant Bar once before several years ago and I forgot how good it was. I’m going to have to go back more often.

Thanks for dinner Kim and Matt! It was awesome seeing you. 🙂


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