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Food Talk

I don’t normally talk about eating. Well, that’s not true. I do talk about eating a lot of crap. Like the fried ice cream that hubs and I shared.

Or my suggestive-looking German dinner. (I had a friend tell me it looks like a demented muppet, which is better than what I was thinking…)

Or giant beers on a Monday night.

I don’t talk about when I’m trying to eat well, which is basically all of the time except when I give in to things like desserts and drinks on the weekend. Anyway, I’m going to talk about that other eating. The non-crappy kind where I try to decline desserts and not spend evenings on intimate dates with the fridge.

About five years ago, I started Weight Watchers (WW). WW showed me this complete new way of eating and I was really successful on it. I lost 26lbs in a little over four months and kept it off for a good three years until I started gaining some back. (Some of that weight gain was from muscle I gained in Crossfit and some of it was from big fat cupcakes I shoved into my mouth.)

Anyway, when you’re on WW, you count points. So everything you put in your mouth has a point value and you have a certain amount of points you can eat each day. I kept a food log so I wouldn’t go over my points. This is where it started. Instead of seeing food as food, I saw everything as a point value. If it was too many points, I wouldn’t eat it.

Fast forward three years and I got soooo tired of counting points. I got to the point where I would look at someone else’s meal, calculate the points in my mind, and think, “omg, do they know that meal is 32 points? That’s more than you should eat in a day!” So, I quit WW and decided to use MyFitnessPal to count calories, because there was no way I was going to quit keeping a food diary. MyFitnessPal was different enough that I kept logging my food – every single day – for another two years. Which brings me to today. Big surprise! I’m soooo tired of counting calories.

I was talking to my friend, Kate, last week about how I’ve wanted to lose 10 lbs for the past 80 years and how the four pieces of cake I just ate at work weren’t helping with that. (There were a lot of flavors, had to try them all!) She asked me if I ever kept a food diary. When I told her that I’ve done that every day for the past five years, she said, “that sounds exhausting.”

Yep. It is. Now I’m at the point where the thought of food just stresses me out. I mean, once I’m eating it, I’m fine. Obviously. You can look at my ba-donk-a-donk and see that. I just hate accepting dinner plans because it’s out of my comfort zone of the five meals I eat regularly at home. Am I going to eat too much when I’m out? Am I going to eat just right? <—thats where the stress comes from

Later that day, I told hubs how sick I am of logging my food and how I wished I didn’t have to anymore. I tried to rationalize it by saying that it helps me know when I should stop eating for the day. He then lovingly told me I eat whatever I want anyway, but I just write all the crap I eat down.


So here I am on day three of not logging my food for the first time in five years. It’s one of those habits that is so engrained in me that I’m still counting calories mentally but I’m hoping that will go away soon. I’m also hoping that not seeing how many calories I have left in the day will change my eating. When I see I have a certain amount left, I think I talk myself into being hungry even though I might not be. Then I eat those calories just to be hungry later and eat again anyway. I’ve never heard of keeping a food diary as being a bad thing, but I think it is for me. Maybe. We’ll see how this goes.

Long story short: I’m gonna eat when I feel like it and not write that shit down.


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Lucky Number Seven

I’m back from New Orleans and there’s seven pounds more of me to love for it. It should be noted that I was walking around the city 50% of that time and I still gained seven pounds.

There will be no Thanksgiving dinner for this girl, therefore I’ve decided to cancel the holidays. I wanted to let you all know early in case you had plans.

During my four days in NOLA, my diet consisted of lots and lots of drinks. They started at the airport before we ever left Orlando.

My new favorite shot is a Fireball. So, so good. It’s cinnamon whiskey and it reminds me of After Shock. Does anyone remember that stuff or am I dating myself?

Alligator sausage and crab cakes from Oceana.

A fried shrimp platter evaded the camera, so just imagine a giant plate of fried shrimp and fries in my mouth.

Gumbo from The Royal Oyster House.

I don’t even really like gumbo, but I managed to eat it twice anyway.

Po-Boys from The Gumbo Shop.

Delicious. Whoever invented these sandwiches is the devil.


I ate so many beignets that it crossed the line of normal consumption. First at Café Du Monde and then at Café Beignet because I had to compare them, of course. Also, after the beignets were eaten, I just shoveled the powdered sugar in my mouth with my fingers. Not a proud day days.

The worst photographed but best tasting roasted beet salad ever from The Bourbon House.

Buffet at the Court of Two Sisters.

That’s just plate one of three. (Also, they had the best pecan pie I’ve ever had in my life there.)

So much food didn’t get photographed because the lighting was too dark or I inhaled it too fast. But there was also omelets, pancakes, pizza, hot dogs, boudine, and lots of eating off other people’s plates. The only thing I managed to avoid were the frozen drinks (because I’m  not a big fan of daiquiris) and bananas foster (because I’m not a fan of bananas.) Although, had someone put one of those in my hand, I’m sure I would have consumed it.

Overall, I had an amazing time. I’m back at work and have to be all responsible again, but I’ll be back with all the awesome things we did a little later. 🙂


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Supermarket Rip-offs

My mom sent me an article on the 7 worst supermarket rip-offs.  I picked the top 3 I found most interesting and thought I would share (in case you’re not much of a link clicker). 🙂 

All of the following information is taken from the link above.

Well, the pictures may have been altered. Slightly.

Organic Onions and Avocados

In fact, as a general rule, anything you have to peel before you eat (such as bananas or garlic, for example) is relatively low in pesticides. If you want to eat organic, splurge on produce with permeable or edible skin, such as peaches, lettuce, and apples.

Gluten-Free Baked Goods

Gluten-free foods generally cost two to three times more than their gluten-containing counterparts, and unless you’re among the less than 1 percent of people with celiac disease, there’s no point in coughing up the extra dough. Gluten-free pastries and breads don’t necessarily have fewer calories or more nutrients than regular products. A 2006 study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology followed a group of gluten-free dieters with celiac disease for 2 years and discovered that 81 percent of them actually gained weight.

5-Hour Energy

There’s a lot of hype in this bottle, but the only ingredient that provides any significant energy is caffeine, of which there are 135 grams in each bottle. That’s less than you’d find in a 14-ounce cup of coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts 14-ounce medium has 164 grams of caffeine). Cost for a cup of coffee: A buck or two. Cost for 5-Hour Energy: Between $3 and $4.

What do you think are the worst supermarket rip-offs? (I pick the 100 calorie packets…of anything. It’s so much cheaper to buy the whole bag and then portion it out in Zip-Locs when you get home.)

P.S. Please don’t be alarmed that this isn’t a Bahamas post. I have more of those coming. 😉


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BBQs and Easter Baskets

First, I’d like to say thanks to all of you (and especially David for the over-share) who told me your crazy eating habits in the comments yesterday. You officially make me and Danielle’s Twix eating habit normal. 🙂

Remember how I mentioned that my workplace likes to fatten people up? Well, we had catering from Four Rivers in Winter Park for lunch today. Four Rivers is a BBQ joint that always has a line out into the street and everyone in the world (or at least on my Facebook page) swears by.

You see no one at the tables eating because I’m pretty much at the front of the line.


The eats.

My thoughts.

There are some who feel that I have spoken blasphemy against Four Rivers since trying the food today. They insist that catering is not the best representation of their food and that I need to try the Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

I will take that challenge. They had me at “Krispy.” 🙂

At the end of the buffet line was a table where everyone chose an Easter egg. Then we got the prize written on the paper inside the egg. That’s when my day got a WHOLE lot better.

A dodgeball and sidewalk chalk in an Easter basket?

“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!”

I didn’t even realize what was behind the basket until I got back to my desk.


This basket was MEANT for me. ❤ ❤

And for those of you who are going to ask, no I do not have two purses. The polka-dotted one is an insulated lunch bag.

What is your favorite seasonal candy? (I LOVE Peeps but I can destroy an army of candy corn/candy pumpkins too.)


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