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New Stuff!

Things I learned after my martial arts cardio class last night:

  • I can carry my husband on my back down an incline. (Not recommended)
  • I can squat friends down an incline.

Second bullet recommended if they are little and cute like this:

By the way, no one should be able to look like that when they have 4 young children. It’s just not fair. I want to be Tina when I grow up.

Oh, and I totally stole that from her Facebook page so I hope she doesn’t kill me.

After class (which was awesome by the way), I started sneezing more than normal. Then during the night I woke up with a sore throat. After my alarm went off this morning, I fell back asleep and didn’t wake up again until the hub’s alarm went off almost 30 minutes later.

Not good my homies. Not good.

I rarely get sick, but when I do, the timing is usually REALLY awesome. And by awesome, I mean crappy. I have a half marathon this Sunday. I will walk that bitch if I have to, to get my last pretty medal of the season. Or maybe a cold is just what I need to speed me up. Hellllllo Dayquil!

Anyway, to my 5 males readers…if you want to check out now and come back next post, I won’t blame you. Things are about to get girly.

By the way, if any of you want to use a taser and look stylish while doing it:

Ok, onto the girly stuff. I gave it the “3 day waiting period” and I finally broke down and bought this stuff from Old Navy.

I bought it online of course, because God forbid I go into a store. I hate shopping, but I love buying things. I don’t know how I lived without the Internet in the past.

Jersey Knit Maxi Dress: $39.94
Not cheap. And a girl with my hips shouldn’t really wear something like this but I don’t care. It’s cute. And I will find a way to rock it.

Ruffle-tiered top: $29.50
Again, not cheap, especially for Old Navy. This is SO far off from my personal style I can’t even begin to tell you. But I think that’s why I wanted it. I want to change things up a bit and I can totally see J’s Everyday Fashion in this and that made me want it to. 🙂

Sports Bra: $7.00!!
May or may not be padded. *shifty eyes* I have 3 of these already and they are the most comfortable sports bras I’ve ever worn. I always wear this one in races.

 A-Line Skirt: $24.94
I didn’t buy this one, but I just saw it today. So consider this one on the 3 day waiting period.

Does anyone else wait before they make purchases to make sure they really want them? I feel like buying clothes is like buying guns for me. Except, I’m gonna shoot you with my awesome style! (Sorry. Some lame jokes can’t be contained.)


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