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Christmas Timeline

Christmas Eve, I woke up early to meet my group for an 8.5 mile run. During the last 2 miles, the top of my right foot started hurting for no reason and I ended up limping the rest of the day. Today it feels better but I don’t think I should run on it yet. The day before, I pulled a muscle in my hip by sitting down wrong. Getting older is the best. My body is getting really good at finding new ways to be in pain with little to no effort on my part.

After the run, I went to the salon to get my hair fixed.

The highlights STILL aren’t right, but at least my bangs don’t look like they were cut in the dark, my roots aren’t patchy, and the underside of my bangs don’t look like a circa 1994 Ginger Spice.

When the stylist saw the color of my bangs, he asked me if I thought it was “dated.”         Why yes.      Yes I do, you ass.

That night, hubs and I went to a family party at his cousin’s house. There were about 40 people there and I knew 5 of them. I didn’t take any pictures in an effort to not be the creepy white girl snapping pictures that no one knows.

I made these cute little reindeer cupcakes for the party.

Now hub’s family knows me as “that girl that makes reindeer cupcakes” so I’ve made quite the name for myself.

Hubs thinks the green-eyed reindeer look like zombies and I don’t agree. I’m pretty sure green-eyed reindeer exist in nature somewhere. I also can’t take credit for being creative since I totally stole this idea from Julie. I think next time I want to be more creative with the eyes and do some winks and other expressions.

At midnight, we did a Dirty Santa gift exchange where hub’s cruel family members kept taking my Starbucks gift cards. In the end, I ended up with caroling frogs.

They “ribbit” different parts of Christmas songs together and it’s really weird. Totally better than a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Light, which I did not want at all by the way.

We didn’t get home from the party until close to 2:00 am when hubs and I did our traditional midnight gift exchange a little late. I got some fun stocking stuffers, new clothes, an awesome jacket that the weather really needs it to get cold for, Evanescence concert tickets, and this thoughtful running trophy that the hubs had made.

The base has my name and says “1000 miles and 2 marathons.” Smile

After gifts, we watched the end of A Christmas Story on TV and went to bed. By that time, it was 4:00am and we were beat.

Christmas Day was a pretty lazy day. We exchanged gifts with the in-laws in the afternoon and then with a few friends in the evening. Later that night, we made a couple drinks and got in the holiday spirit with this Christmas classic.

I’m not kidding. We watched that.

I had a nice holiday and now I’m bummed my 4-day weekend is coming to an end. I really need to figure out how to pay bills and have disposable income without actually contributing to society. I hope you all had a great holiday as well. 🙂


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The Holiday Post

I was in such a bad mood yesterday. Everything was upsetting me and nothing was making me feel better. My Christmas shopping isn’t done, I hate my hair, I don’t get to see my family for the holidays, and when I stepped on the scale, I got the high score.


Just when I was starting to feel a little better later in the day, this happened.


I didn’t even know nail polish bottles could break without some major effort. That happened after a 2 inch fall from my hand to the floor. Polish got all over my bathroom floor, cabinets, and me. Freakin’ awesome.

Anyway, since the holiday season should be filled with cheer and all I’m doing is whining about my first world problems, I thought I would list a few things that make me happy about the holidays in an effort to stop being such a whiney baby.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Probably my favorite Christmas movie of all time. I swear I laugh every time I see Clark running up the stairs with the squirrel on his back. And apparently you can buy that squirrel.

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Egg Nog

People seem to either love or hate egg nog. I love it. Especially on top of vanilla ice cream. I love it even more now that I found this when searching for pictures of egg nog.


Everything is closed Christmas Day

I always have to be doing something or running errands. It’s annoying. When I’m watching TV, I can’t even make it through a commercial without feeling the need to get up and clean or go somewhere. So I love that Christmas forces me to do nothing and relax. And I love going to the movies on Christmas Day.

Cold Weather

I love the cold. Not that I would know anything about that since it was 85 degrees in Orlando yesterday and my 8 mile run this morning was done in shorts and a tank top. Lame. I am in serious need of a cold front.

Boots and Scarves

It’s a scientific fact that I look better in boots and scarves than in any other article of clothing. Something about the fat calf to double chin coverage ratio that really works for me. Plus, if you wear a scarf just right, you only have to style the top half of your hair.

So tell me, what’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

Do you and your significant other set a limit on how much money you spend or have a limit on the number of gifts you buy for each other?


I hope you all have a really safe and happy holiday. 🙂


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