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Flashback Friday: New House Renovations

Just over a year ago, the hubs and I moved into a new house. We loved it right away, but like our last house, we don’t feel like it’s really ours unless we at least choose the color of the walls.

After our last house, we realized that painting the walls yourself stops being fun after the first room. We did not want to paint another house. Then we realized how much money we were already spending by having flooring and a few other things professionally done, so we sucked it up.

There were a lot of things we wanted to do:

  • Paint all the walls.
  • Change the dining room into an office by putting up walls and adding a door.
  • Rip out all the carpet and linoleum and replace it with laminate (family room, office), tile (bathrooms and kitchen), and new carpet (bedrooms).
  • Refinish all the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

For the kitchen, I was really inspired by this picture.

I loved the color contrast of the white cabinets and the dark walls. So, I knew that I wanted the cabinets to be refinished white. Once I got the color sample on the wall, I thought it looked like poop (I’m really picky with browns), so I changed up the shade a bit.

Here’s some before and after pictures of how everything turned out.

We knew from our last house that we would never use our dining room for anything but storage, so before the cabinets were done, we had a new wall put up to block off the entrance from the kitchen to the dining room.

The dining room is now our computer room. Hey ya’ll! I be bloggin’ from there! Here you can spot the new wall.

The guest bathroom had some nasty looking linoleum, but otherwise it was in good shape. I knew I wanted a black and white theme, so we had the cabinets redone, black tile installed, and I painted the walls gray. I wanted to get the countertops redone too, but my wallet told me to go to hell.

The master bathroom had cabinets redone and white matte tile put in (hubs HATES shiny tile), which you can’t see from the picture. I don’t love the color of the bathroom but it was such a bitch to paint that I didn’t want to do the room over. Plus, it was sort of complimentary to the master bedroom color – and you can see the bathroom from the bedroom.

To the right of this view, there’s another little room with a door that has the shower and toliet.

Here’s the master bedroom. We layed down new carpet (and by we, I mean carpet installers we hired) and painted the walls a Paula approved non-poop brown that was also on an accent wall in our last house. I didn’t want to pick another new color and still liked this one, so it worked.

Magic happens here, folks!

And finally, the family room. Puttin’ my man to work!

We used about 10 samples on the walls until we found the accent colors we liked. Hubs did most of the painting and I did most of the trim.

Our little breakfast table and our 1980 $5 phone on the wall that still works.

Hubs had the idea to make the baseboards black instead of white. I was really hesitant at first but it turned out awesome.

The rooms I’m missing is our guest bedroom which has a Murphy Bed in it and doubles as hub’s man-room (i.e. Alien and Predator figurines everywhere) and our gym, which I’m sure you’ve seen countless pictures of Pants working out in.

“She’s up in the gym just workin’ on her fitness.”

All of this took a lot of work. It took a lot of rescheduling of contractors, meeting contractors, trips to Home Depot, one food poisoning (tile installation guy), two idiots who couldn’t order the right tile, a second search for the right tile when we had already found the one we loved, and one moron who gave me satin paint instead of semi-gloss which caused me to have to redo the entire master bathroom. It was 2 months of stress and it sucked.

But it was worth it. 🙂


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By the time you read this, I should be waiting to get on the cruise to the Bahamas. I’ll see you all on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. 🙂


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