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I'm Sorry Sugar

I have been super busy lately. Busy watching TV and neglecting social obligations! (High five?) Well, neglecting this blog for sure. It even went down for a few days when my web host’s server was hacked. But no one noticed – including myself until well into day 2.  Anyway, it’s back up so I can tell you the important things like how I finished season 2 of Orange is the New Black. Hubs made me stay up until 2am on a school night just to watch the last three episodes. If there’s anything I love more than TV, it’s sleep. So trust me when I say that was not my choice.


And because animals falling asleep are adorable.

I need a duck and a meercat.

I loved season 2 as much as season 1 but I think it took 3-4 episodes to get going. Those first episodes didn’t have any direction, which really bothered me, because my entertainment bar is set too high apparently.

Then I finished season 2 of Orphan Black. On demand is a beautiful thing. I didn’t really care for the finale, but then again I didn’t really care for the season 1 finale either. It’s still a great show and you should watch it so we can talk about it.

Now I’m moving on to season 8 of Weeds. Where have I been that I didn’t know Weeds ended two years ago?

After Weeds, I will be out of shows to watch so I’ll either need to find something new or do something with my life.

Last weekend, hubs threw a pool party at the house for his work peeps because he’s an appreciative guy like that. He set up the whole thing, cleaned the house for weeks, picked up some BBQ catering, and spent the whole party making frozen pina coladas and margaritas for everyone. I did nothing. Ok, I helped in the only department in which I am useful – booze and desserts. I made this s’mores dessert.


It was delicious and just so bad for you. You could feel a future heart attack with every bite. I did use fat free Cool Whip, so I guess it was kinda healthy. Plus, Cool Whip is basically dairy and dairy has protein, which is good for you. Logic.

I also made these “swimming pool” blue-raspberry Jell-O shots with coconut vodka.


I know. Adorable. But it doesn’t end there. I also made these giant “beach” Jell-O shots.


I’m quite the hostess. It’s true.

The sweets kept on coming as people arrived. My friend, Jamie, made boozy pudding pops with Kahlua that were pretty amazing and these roasted s’mores shots. I repeat, roasted. s’mores. shots.


Basically I ate sugar all day long. I’m not proud. Well, I kinda am proud because it was impressive, but no. It was bad news. It made me reasses my eating habits because the party was not a one-time thing. I eat a lot of crap. So after the party, I decided to quit sugar.

I know.

I know.

Sugar is the the reason I exist so don’t think I’m happy about it. It’s only been 8 days and I want to make it to 30, which is like a year in Paula time. So we’ll see. I’ll write more on my complete misery without sugar in a week or so. The good news is my work twin, Cheyanne, quit sugar with me so it makes my heart happy to know she is miserable too.


I’m definitely drunk there.

Oh and lastly, marathon training officially started Saturday with a hot 10-miler and an early wake-up. I will miss my sleep-ins and leisurely runs at the gym while watching bad TBS movies. Now that training started, I’ll be updating my FB page a little more than usual with running bitching updates since the blogging thing seems to happen once a week these days.




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Stuff Lately

1. I ran 3.11 miles in 30 minutes last night. That’s not my goal pace and my lungs were ready to quit at the end, but I didn’t need to walk and it’s a full minute faster than the pooptacular that was Sunday’s run. Sure, it was on the treadmill and in ideal “weather” conditions, but it was enough to make me think I’m magnificent again.

2. I finished Orange is the New Black (*love*). Then I started watching House of Cards. Then I started watching Parks and Recreation. Then I watched some movies.

Don’t even need 15 seconds. I’m not doing anything with my life ever.

3. Is everyone watching Dexter but me? I feel like I’m the only one that’s still a part of this CBS/Showtime blackout. There’s nothing worse than watching half a season and then not being able to watch the rest. Plus, Homeland is back in a month. Showtime is cutting it a little close for my taste. I know that I could “go outside” and “enjoy nature” with the time I have back in my life each week, but that won’t happen. I’m sitting on the couch and waiting for it to come back.

4. Hubs tried to read my blog at work the other day and found that it’s blocked now. He sent me this screencap. Luckily, it gave me official proof that I am entertaining.

I’ve been telling hubs that I’m entertaining for years.

5. This.

6. And this. (< — 24 Times Leonardo DiCaprio was a Total Bad Ass)

7. The best and worst decision of last weekend.

That’s a Reese’s Chocolate Molten Lava Cake from Chilis. It has liquid Reese’s on the inside. Liquid Reese’s! Looks like poop on a plate, tastes like heaven.

8. If you’re not already watching Breaking Bad, for the love, you need to do that now. Just drop everything. Even babies.


Ok, don’t drop the babies. Just place them in a cage with some water until you’re done. I’m not a monster.


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What I'm Watching

I feel like talking TV today so let’s do that, mmmkay?

I’ve been trying my best not to watch new shows because I watch so many already, but I gave in this season and picked up a few newbies in addition to the mass of other shows I already watch. I probably didn’t need those brain cells anyway. So here we go.

The Following

I really liked this at first. I guess I still do. But recently, I feel like they get so.close to catching the bad guys and they always get away because a follower happens to be there. It’s almost too convenient and having so many followers in the police department and FBI just seems ridiculous. And really, how can one guy orchestrate that much stuff from jail?

Also if James Purefoy says, “I haven’t even begun” or  “this is just the end to the first act” or a similar statement thereof one more time, I’m going to flip out. We get it. This is going to go on and on forever until you make me stop watching the show.

I do love me some Kevin Bacon though, so I’ll finish out the season and see how it goes from there.

The Americans

I really like this show. And I really, really like Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. But I’m not sure I understand completely what’s going on. Is there a game plan here? Or are they just taking orders as they come and trying not to get caught by the FBI agent next door neighbor? I’m not sure I get the big picture. One thing’s for sure, Keri Russell is a saucy little minx in this show and she is staying on the list, if you know what I mean. Meow!

The Mindy Project

I’m finally watching this after much badgering from Michelle and Melissa. Are you guys happy now? Well, are you?

The show is super cute and funny. I love it and I am not even a big fan of Mindy Kahling but she kinda won me over. Plus, I love Morgan. Like, so much. I even loved him on MadTV so it was pretty much guaranteed that I’d love him here.

Being Human (Canadian version)

I’m still watching this one. I picked the Canadian version over the British so I didn’t have to go back and watch a bunch of seasons (British version has been on longer). I hear they are extremely similar. Probably my second favorite show on right now and one I watch right away on the DVR. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and now maybe zombies? Yeah, it’s got it all.

Raising Hope

This show has gotten even funnier this season. The episode with all the characters from My Name is Earl last week was freakin’ hysterical. It’s dumb, but it’s got heart and I love, love, LOVE the dad (Garrett Dillahunt).

The Office

I know a lot of people that stopped watching when Steve Carrell left, but it’s still just as funny to me. It’s in the last season and I think it’s even better now than it was the past couple of years. Plus, I’m really liking the Pam and Jim story right now. I hope they don’t break up!

That’s supposed to be an adorable gif but I can’t get it to work so use your imagination.

Cougar Town

Now that’s an interesting promo picture. Hey there flamingos.

I’m so on and off with this show. They’ve had such crumby episodes the past two seasons (Stranger touch? Come on. So lame), but then they totally bring it back with a winner just to keep me hanging on. So I keep watching. But really, nothing beats the first season.

Walking Dead

This is the show I look forward to the most each week. It’s so good this season even though Andrea is a huge pain in the ass that needs to be shanked. (She’s so cool in the comics. If you don’t read them, you should. It’s like the show but a billion times better if that’s possible.) Also, I don’t get the hate for last season. Even a “bad” episode is still pretty good and even a slow episode is still pretty interesting.

What are you watching?


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Wasting Time

I got home from Arizona on Saturday afternoon. Spent Saturday night drinking lots of booze and then spent Sunday watching eight hours of television. Eight. That’s three hours of Dexter, three hours of Homeland, and two hours of 30 Rock. That equates to a full day’s work or a good night’s sleep for most people. I really wanted to be productive because I have so much to do, but it just wasn’t happening.

By the end of the night, I was stir crazy from too much TV, but I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off.

I’m actually looking forward to the three week break from new episodes over the holidays. I spend way too much time in front of the TV. Way too much time. I would like to do anything else. Maybe I’ll count my split ends. Or fashion a kayak out of a log. But most likely, I’ll spend time with friends.

Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch2

Anyway, while I was out in Arizona, the hotel that I was staying at had soft water. Have you ever taken a shower in that? It feels like you can never get all the soap off your skin no matter how hard you try. So, once I washed and dried my hair, it looked like I hadn’t washed it in three days. The roots actually looked and felt waxy and everyone thought I was crazy because I was complaining about my hair for two straight weeks. I tried everything to make it look better. Everything.

Billy Madison

On the  last night, we stayed at another hotel near the airport in Tucson. I worked out that night in the hotel gym – over eight miles on the treadmill, thank you very much. I never got tired during that run either but it probably had something to do with my meals that day.


Plus an unpictured cream cheese danish that I tried really hard to say no to. Well, not that hard.


Ok, that was dessert. I ate all of it except a really small portion of the middle but only because it didn’t have frosting on it. That pizza cookie was after a huge Mexican lunch which also included sopapillas for dessert. So we’ll just call that cookie Dessert #2. Try out that meal plan if you want to run eight miles and never feel tired.

So, back to my point. I washed my hair after working out and I could tell the water was much better at the new hotel, but when I dried my hair it was still nasty. To make a long story short, which is probably impossible at this point, it was my shampoo. The same shampoo I’ve been using on and off for years. To which I was all…

So I looked terrible for two weeks and could have done something about it had I listened to my co-worker that “maybe it was my shampoo.” Not my brightest day weeks. At least it’s really making me appreciate clean hair now.

There you have it. Two pointless stories. I’ll be more pointful later but probably not.


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What I'm Watching

It’s time to talk TV. It’s no secret I watch a lot of it. Way more than I could ever put into this post or that is healthy for the average human being. I’m even trying my best not to pick up new shows this season because it’s hard enough keeping up with everything I already have on the DVR (life is hard). With that said, I still probably need an intervention.

Here’s what I’ve been watching lately:


Last season of Dexter was mediocre at best. I didn’t think Colin Hank’s was a good choice to play his character and I guessed the ending of the season during the FIRST episode. I am horrible at guessing endings and the fact that I did it made the whole season even crappier. Yes, it was better than most TV out there, but as far as Dexter standards go, it was lacking. That’s why I’m super stoked that this season has kicked ass so far. I could use a little more Masuka because he’s awesome, but other than that, I have no complaints.


I’m normally not a fan of “politically charged” shows, but this one is amazing. It’s so good and so twisty. Claire Danes is even a bigger freak show this season than last, so I’m sure she’ll have no problem winning another Emmy.

Bob’s Burgers

I know. Homeland and then this. But you gotta balance out the smart with the dumb. This show is so funny but we have yet to find anyone else that watches it besides us. It’s our first choice to watch on the DVR after Dexter and Homeland, and one of the shows we actually started missing when it was off the air for the summer.

Raising Hope

Again, I don’t know anyone else that watches this show but each episode consistently cracks us up. It’s funny but it’s also sweet, kind of like Cougar Town can be. Garrett Dillahunt (the dad) is the BEST part of the show. After seeing him in The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a terminator, I wasn’t convinced he could do comedy, but he proved me wrong. Oh, this girl says this show is dumb but she is WRONG. 🙂


This is the only new show I’ve watched. The first episode had a lot of promise but it completely lost me during the second episode. I loved Lost, but I just don’t think I have the energy to ever take on another show with flashbacks and deep-lying story lines that take the entire series to resolve. I felt the same way about Flash Forward and The Event – started out awesome and then tanked 4 or 5 episodes in.


WTF is up with Silas being so hot all of a sudden? It’s like, he ages 7 years, gets his little chicklets fixed, and BOOM goes the dynamite. He is ridiculous and should have been picked to play Finnick in Catching Fire, but I digress. I just finished season 7 and I’m a few episodes into season 8. It’s one of the those shows where I love all the characters and think it gets better with each season.


A few of you recommended I watch this and honestly, I was a little apprehensive. That poster isn’t doing the show any favors and after feeling lukewarm about The Wire, I wasn’t sure about another show with Idris Elba. Well, I’m glad I listened to you because I LOVED it. I’m not a fan of cop-like dramas (like NCIS or CSI) but this one is so different from the rest. Plus, it gets bonus points for having one of my favorite Massive Attack songs as the theme. So thanks to Julia and Misty for recommending it. 🙂


The first five seasons of this show were so good and so well written. It’s funny and dramatic and occasionally creepy. I don’t think it gets the credit it deserves because it’s on The CW.  Season 6 and 7 went downhill a bit when the creator left the show, but season 8 seems to be back on track so far. And really, I’ll take any opportunity I can to see a future husband every week.

P.S. Dear Jared Padalecki, please cut your stupid hair. Love, Paula.

Key and Peele

Key and Peele is a sketch comedy show with two of my favorite guys from MadTV. The sketches are hit or miss but when they are on, they are really on. If you love dubstep, you probably need to watch this skit.


Also on my DVR:  The Simpsons, SNL, Tosh.O, American Dad, and Modern Family. Season premiere of American Horror Story is TONIGHT. Yay!

What are you watching?


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Dressing Up

My Netflix queue if finally full of TV shows I don’t need to watch thanks to all of your suggestions. I will remember who suggested what so if I hate a show and then you find a flaming bag of poo on your doorstep, you will know it’s from me.

I’m starting with The Wire. Since it isn’t on Netflix streaming and I’m far too cheap to buy or rent it, my friend, Chris, graciously let me borrow his box set.

Note to Chris: no box sets were harmed in the taking of that photo.

Four of you suggested that I watch The Wire, so I have four bags of poo on standby. I’m six episodes in and while it has gotten better the last two episodes, I can’t say I love it. I’m still trying to give it a chance but I’m not sure I’ll make it to season 2 at this point. Pant’s agrees.

In a little over a week, I’ll be running the Disney Tower of Terror 10-miler. I’m running it with my friend, Sheila, and if we can ever get our schedules to mesh, we are going to dress alike and be those annoying, excited girls that other girls glare at. We’re hoping to dress in costume if we can find something that’s running friendly at the last minute.

A couple months ago, Sheila hurt her ankle and was benched from running by her doctor. She hasn’t run more than three miles in a few months, so she’s worried about keeping up with me during the race. (<— ha!)

My plan is to run with her the whole time and go at whatever pace is comfortable for her. Disney has a lot of photo opportunities on their courses, so we will probably take advantage of those. I’ll run a more serious race for the Space Coast half, hopefully. Although, Shelia is one of those people that says she can’t do something and then she does double what she said she couldn’t do and makes you look like a fool.

So tonight is all about getting ideas of what to wear for the race (any suggestions?) and then do a little shopping for hubs. His birthday is Saturday and I am seriously running out of time to get him something. Is it wrong to give your husband cash? Or maybe I can just promise not to wear yoga pants and dirty t-shirts for a week. That’s a good gift.



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Friends with Benefits

Hubs has been super busy with work lately. He’s literally been putting in 70 hour weeks for two months now. So, our quality time has turned into TV time for me. Ok, our quality time is TV time normally, but I have to find new (to me) things to watch that he’s not interested in so we can still watch our shows together.

Last week, I watched season 1 of Friends with Benefits, not to be confused with the JT and Mila Kunis movie of the same name (which was also awesome).

Have you heard of this show? Netflix recommended it to me and once I saw that Ryan Hansen was in it (a.k.a. Dick on Veronica Mars), I had to put it in my queue. I will watch anything with actors from Veronica Mars, except Piz. He ruins fictional relationships, therefore I hate him. Speaking of that show, where has Wallace been? I had to put his Orbit gum commercial on loop just to see him again.

Anyway, I watched the whole series in two days. It was really cute and funny. There are only 13 episodes (sniff-sniff) and I don’t remember the show being on TV in the first place, but I’m sad it was cancelled. It also gave me a whole new appreciation for Ryan Hansen. Meow.

It also stars Danneel Harris, who is my arch nemesis. I refuse to acknowledge her married name, Danneel Ackles, because she is presently married to my future husband, Jensen Ackles.

He’s on the list. That makes it official.

I hate to admit how much I liked her in this show. She’s super cute. Not only does she get to be married to my husband in real life, but her career includes getting paid to make out with Ryan Hansen and Mr. Awesome from Chuck, (< — you should click that link and thank me later) who guest starred on an episode. We get it, Danneel. Even though your super cute and funny show was cancelled, you still win.

I’m still trying to figure out how to get my husband to dress like me. So she wins at that too.

She also wins at looking adorable and rocking orange purses. I’m sad the guy in the sweet spider web pants on the right just doesn’t care.


My point here is that you should check out the show. I kinda loved it.

So what else is out there that I should watch? (I really want to see The Wire because everyone raves about it, but it’s not on Netflix streaming. Boo.)





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Getting Better

I’m in a much better mood today than I was the other day. Probably because I know I don’t have to be anywhere after work. Usually all my workouts during the week are scheduled for the month. I give myself just enough time to get home from work, quickly eat something, change my clothes, and head back out the door. So basically, all my days are just a rush to be at the next place and it gets stressful after awhile. I think that’s why I love having no plans. I could never leave the house and be happy. I have no idea how I got this way because I used to be such a “let’s do things!” type of person. Now I’m lame, old, and lazy.


Ok, let’s get our numbers on since this is going to be random.

1.  Sometimes I feel like I should have kids just so I can use the “I don’t have a babysitter” excuse to not do something. Because I know all of you with kids do that. You just don’t talk about it. It’s like a secret society and those without kids can’t call you out because if we do, that will probably be the one time you really couldn’t find a babysitter. Well, I’m on to you. And in an effort to bring equality to this world, I’m going to dress up animals and pretend they are my children so I can use the excuse too.

2. I finished season 4 of Breaking Bad. The DVR is 94% full because we’ve neglected it for so long. In a way, I’m relieved that I won’t be spending every waking hour wanting to watch it but on the other hand watching anything else now seems super strange. Like these guys:

(I just wanted a reason to post that. I can’t stop watching it.)

3.  Season 4 was awesome, but I think I still liked seasons 2 and 3 better. No spoilers, so don’t worry – but Walt seemed like so much more of a jerk than usual. I have no sympathy for that guy anymore and he deserves anything that comes to him. Jesse on the other hand, has an open invite to my house.

4. And while we’re still on the subject of Breaking Bad, I find myself looking forward to what over-sized, terrible t-shirt Jesse is going to wear next. He wore a sparkly one in season 4 that was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t find a picture of it anywhere. So enjoy this instead.

5. The past several days, I’ve been super sore from Crossfit and weight training. So it came in handy that I was sent a cute little package from Laforce +Stevens to try out BenGay Zero Degrees. Check out all the fun stuff they sent!

(Hair ties, hair spray, a workout video, an insulated bag, and a gym towel.)

BenGay Zero Degrees is similar to Icy Hot and BioFreeze, which I basically lived on during marathon training when I had so many knee and foot problems. Except, you can store Zero Degrees in the freezer for that extra jolt of holy crap when you put it on your muscles. Plus, it comes in packaging that looks like a stick of deodorant instead of a hand pump or roll-on.

Here’s what I thought: I liked it better than BioFreeze. Not because it works better, because I think they are both equal in terms of soothing muscles. But I liked that it was easy to apply and I didn’t have to put it on my hands.  I also thought the cooling sensation lasted a lot longer. An hour and a half later, I could still feel it working. Basically, I didn’t need to reapply it. So if you’re in the market for something like this, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Just don’t tell your husband because when you ask for a massage, he will throw this at you instead.

6. I bought some more sparkling water. This time I’m trying out La Croix grapefruit flavor.

I’m not sure why every blogger recommends this stuff because it tastes like carbonated nothing and it gets worse the more I drink it. I don’t taste grapefruit at all. Then again, maybe my taste buds are numb from years of Diet Coke and Splenda.

7. I think this is the longest post about nothing that I’ve ever written. You can all rest assured that my Breaking Bad love will be on hiatus until season 5 and until then, you won’t have to hear about it anymore.

Just kidding. Yes you will.


Seriously, someone go watch that show so we can talk about it.



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I Watch Too Much TV

1.  With all the famine, disease, and poverty going on in the world, you’re probably wondering how my box of chocolates fared overnight at work.

However, I think the person got my love note because the box was in a different position this morning. (Why, yes I placed the middle part of the heart directly against the corner of a picture frame on my desk and noticed it was inches away from the frame this morning. What? You don’t do that?) I didn’t even care if they took more chocolate, I just wanted them to know I know. You know?

Oh yes I did!

2.  I went to the gym for a speed workout on Monday and it was awesome. I ran my recoveries for the first time ever. Usually I have to walk them all because I’m so out of breath. Is it even possible to be faster after only 2 weeks of speed work? Doesn’t seem right for some reason. Now if I could only have a personal air conditioner on me at all times during races, I might be able to PR again in this century.

Mile Pace
.50 10:00
400 (1/4 mile) 8:34
400 8:00
400 7:54
400 7:48
.50 10:00
4 x 400 7:48
200  12:00

In between each 400, I ran a 200 at a 12:00 pace. Slow yes, but not walking. Smile

3.  Are you sick of hearing about my shoes yet? Because I’m tired of talking about them. But I still will. The good news is that during that speed run, I had no calf pain in either leg. The bad news is, my sock was bloody from a blister. Incidentally, it was in the same place that my past Nikes have given me blisters. So, I guess I’m going back to doubling up on socks and wearing lots of band aids to try to prevent them.

4.  Did anyone notice Breaking In is coming back from cancellation?

No? Just me?

I read a bunch of articles awhile back that said this show had decent ratings compared to it’s competitors at the time so no one understood why Fox cancelled it. So, hubs and I were psyched (and confused) when we saw a commercial for season 2 last night. We love this show. It’s so funny. And it looks like Megan Mullally is joining the cast this time around (to replace Odette Annable, who’s on House now.) And really, I’ll watch anything with Christian Slater. That man keeps getting better looking and the 1980’s woman in me will love him forever. Until it premieres at the beginning of next month, I will have Pump Up the Volume on constant play. I would watch Heathers, but Michelle won’t give that back to me. *cough* I might even bust out my Christian Slater pose again.

5.  Hubs and I started watching Key and Peele on Comedy Central.

It’s on after Tosh.O and it’s a sketch show with two of the guys from MadTV. It’s actually pretty funny. Is anyone else watching this? There have only been 2 episodes aired so far, but it might be a new favorite. I hope they get some MadTV peeps to guest star on this one because I miss that show. It was so much better than SNL.

6.  I finally caught up on Ringer last night. I swear, just when you think you know what’s going on – you don’t. That show is straight-up ridiculous in the best possible way. Plus, that storyline with the teacher keeps getting more crazy. I love it.

I’m not sure how life existed before DVRs. I wanna snuggle with mine and knit it little outfits.



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Things I Do While Sitting on My Butt

I saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sunday night (which was apparently my non-anniversary).

I loved it. On the way to the theatre, hubs told me the movie was 2 hours and 38 minutes long which almost made me turn around and go home. I swear my movie attention span is around an hour and 50 minutes until I get so uncomfortable in the seat that both of my ass cheeks start going numb and I get antsy because I can’t stretch out my 5’9” body.

I saw the second Harry Potter in the theatre and vowed to never see another long movie in the theatre again. Now, all Harry Potter movies are watched at home over a 2-day span. The point of telling you all this is that the movie didn’t feel like it was almost 3 hours long. Even with the 20 minutes of trailers beforehand. And if you are one of the few people that haven’t seen it yet, it’s so worth it. And this is coming from someone who hasn’t seen the foreign version of the movie or read the book. And hates long movies.

If you’re looking for alternative movie posters to capture your interest because me telling you the movie is awesome doesn’t do it, maybe this will work for you.


I also watched Fright Night recently. The new one. Not the one from the 80’s.

Is that a Canadian movie? What’s with the spelling of neighbor? Anyway, I thought it was pretty entertaining. It’s funny and gory and I like funny and gory. I can’t stand Colin Farrell either, so it helped that he played the bad guy. Just know that I have a really low threshold for horror movies and ones that everyone in the world might hate, I will like. Go forth and see this movie with caution.

Hubs and I took a short break from watching Mad Men and started watching Homeland.

We’re 5 episodes in and sweet kitten dumplings Claire Danes is good in that show. I never would have picked her for that type of character, but man, she is great. Hubs compared the show to a more believable 24, which I think is what makes it so good. It seems like it could really happen and it’s really interesting. Anyone else watching this?

And since I obviously don’t watch enough stuff already, I watched the series premiere of House of Lies.

It’s on Showtime and is a comedy about a management consultant firm. I actually didn’t care what it was about because Kristen Bell is in it and I would have her babies if she let me. She’s great of course and I’m not just saying that cuz we’re besties.

I’m not sure I’m sold on the show yet though. Don Cheadle plays a womanizer which I can’t really get into. Not the character so much, but him playing it. I’d rather see him as a nice guy saving children in Rwanda or some crap. Also, they pause the action a lot so he can talk to the audience and explain what’s happening. It gets a little old because it happens so much, so maybe they’ll tone that down in future episodes. I’ll keep watching for awhile and see if it gets better.

What are you watching now?


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