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Race Review: Jim Payne Kid’s House 5K

Chip Time: 29:29
Date: May 15, 2010
Where: Sanford, FL

Swag: A cotton t-shirt that faded during the first wash, but I still wear it now and then. The shirt is close to my heart because this was my first race. Also, because I wear it over my chest.

Like I said, this was my first race. Ever. Running 3 miles was nothing new to me but I had already planned my first half marathon and wanted to know what to expect when it came to running with more than one person. Myself. I’m like Billy Idol. Except, I’m Running With Myself.

If you know anything about Florida, you know it’s hot. Real hot. Like, desert hot. But not desert hot because at least the desert has no humidity.
This race started at 6pm, which I thought was a great idea because it’s cooler in the evenings. Well, it’s not. It’s still hot. At the end of the race I looked like this (minus the snail):

The course was boring, and the race was crowded. I spent all of my time weaving in and out of walkers and slower runners. I’m not even fast but the entire race was an obstacle course of sweaty people. When I was done, I was never happier to stop running. Well, maybe except for after my first half marathon. But that’s another story.
I’m glad I did this race for several reasons:

  1. I know what running in hell is like. Hell is actually Florida in May at 6pm.
  2. I learned how to put on a D-tag and a bib. Bonus!
  3. We got free water bottles at the end. Say what!? I got something FREE! This was new to me. I did not know races did this.
  4. I got a free beer and there were all you can eat soft pretzels afterwards. FREE beer and soft pretzels?! Now THIS is how races get you coming back for more.


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