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Birthday Goodness

So, the birthday was good. Really good.

I took the day off work and slept in, continuing my long-standing tradition of never working or going to school on my birthday. When I woke up, hubs had already made a trip to Publix for some groceries (I love when I don’t have to grocery shop) and then he brought me breakfast.

Hubs never calls me Paula, so it’s weird to see my name on the cake. That’s a chocolate chip cookie cake with a layer of frosting in the middle. If you think there’s too much frosting, then we just can’t be friends anymore. Or, we can be friends and you can give me all your extra frosting. Yes. That sounds like the right thing to do.

Speaking of that cake, I’m not proud of what I did.

I am not exaggerating –  I ate that all in one day. Hubs had two small bites. When he saw the cake later that night (because apparently he has self control and wasn’t hovering over it all day), he said, “this is why we can’t have sweets in the house.”

After I had my way with the cookie cake, the presents started rolling in. I’m going to assume there was no hidden meaning when the cake was immediately followed by a new pair of Crossfit shoes and running shoes with a note that said, “Use these, fatty.”  < — part of that sentence may be false

I got pink New Balance Vibrams for Crossfit. Super cute.

And Brooks Glycerin 10’s for running.

I can’t believe hubs bought me something that has to do with running. Ahhh. #love

I tried on the 11s and they felt super weird compared to the 10s. I didn’t like the look of the 10s on the shelf but loved them on my feet. Since they didn’t feel any different than the Ghost 5s (which I currently wear), I decided to take a chance on a new style (a.k.a, there could still be a bitchy post about them later on, but I’m pretty sure I’ll like them). I’ve been eyeing new running shoes for awhile now, so I’m excited to try these out.

Ok, slight detour there. Let’s get back to birthday stuff. After gifts, the foodapalooza of things I don’t normally eat started and went on all weekend. Like, this Reuben from 903 Mills Market. (That place is amazing if you live in Orlando.)

See how I got the thousand island on the side? That makes it healthy.

There was also pizza from Ale House which is mostly a seafood restaurant, but we went there specifically for pizza. That’s when you’ve hit rock bottom, my friends. When you just pick the closest restaurant you know of with pizza.

It was still delicious. There were also steak quesadillas, a bacon cheeseburger, fried cheesy jalapenos, tater tots, and nachos that all went unpictured because they were covered in my shame.

Ok, so the birthday festivities started at Mucho. Mucho is a Mexican restaurant/bar that I frequent because they have my favorite drink in the land. If you come to visit me, I will take you there, but you will probably have to drive me home.

Lisa (the BFF), moi, and Janice while I was still coherent.

There were so many friends I didn’t get a picture of that came out to help celebrate, but I guess not thinking about pictures is a sign that I had a good time. I did manage to get one of Michelle who decided that I was more important than her baby and made her first sans-baby appearance. Smile

After Mucho closed, I really wanted to go next door to The Abbey, but they were booked for a special event. The Abbey usually hosts small concerts, plays, and private parties, but late at night on the weekends, they open the bar to the public. The place has good music and really cheap drinks, especially for being downtown, so I was bummed we couldn’t get in. Little did I know my friend, Greg, went next door, noticed the party was dead, and talked the host into letting 15 of us in. So, we ended up crashing someone else’s private party.


That’s Greg, charmer extraordinaire. I swear he can talk people into anything. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Teri (on the left) is lucky to have snatched him up. (Ok, she’s not bad herself.)

Did I mention it was a masquerade party? We were slightly under-dressed.

The girl in the costume was celebrating her and her fiance’s mutual June birthdays and their engagement. I can’t even tell you how many times I thanked her for letting us join the party. I even donated money to her face-painting friend that was raising money for some important charity that I can’t remember, like Lonely Kittens Against being Lonely.

The next day, when I looked at the pictures on my camera, I was a little bummed that hubs and I didn’t have any together. At least, I thought we didn’t until I found our only commemorative birthday picture posted by our friend on Facebook.

Yep. That’s about right.

So basically, I had a fabulous birthday hanging out with good friends and strangers dressed like Downton Abbey. Then it took me two full days to recover which has never happened before.

I am officially old.


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I'm all a-boot the Fun

I have been in a major funk. Like, major major. It’s been happening for two or three weeks now. Not only do I have no interest whatsoever in exercising or eating right, but I’m in kind of a professional slump as well. Put those two things together and it’s like they make each other even worse by happening at the same time. I think that’s why I was extra excited about these crazy Canadians coming into town on Thursday.

I mean, seriously. I even told hubs on Tuesday and Wednesday that I wished Lindsey and Evan were here already because I was in need of fun. All my funkiness and three weeks of being sick has given me serious cabin fever.

Lindsey and I made plans over the phone Wednesday night and as we were hanging up, I got very excited when I thought she was about to say, “I’m so excited to meet you!” but then she said, “I’m so excited to meet Pants!”  So yeah. Awkward. When she got to my house the next night, it took her exactly four minutes to find Pants and molest her.

Pants definitely looks like she’s loving that lovin’ in her own way. That furry diva is so popular.

After Lindsey and Pants got their snuggle on, the four of us headed downtown to our first stop, Mucho. (I have been calling it Muchos for two years. Very disappointed to find out there’s no S.)

Mucho is the home of my favorite drink in all the land, the Eola 101.

That’s tequila, champagne, agave, lime, and kitten tears. Dee-lish.

So, if you read Lindsey’s blog and think, “that sounds like a fun girl,” you would not be wrong. We ended up going to several places, having several tasty beverages, and taking pictures I don’t recall that will probably end up on her blog. The night ended with Lindsey telling our bartender he looked like the devil. (He did by the way. Straight up devil.) It was a fun night. Really fun. I love meeting someone for the first time and having so much to talk about. Why do I meet such amazing bloggers that live so far away? It’s not fair.

The fun didn’t end on Thursday. I drove down to Bradenton on Saturday night to see her and Evan again before they went back to stupid, far away Toronto. From now on, I’m drugging all my favorite bloggers and keeping them in the basement so they can never leave me.


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