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The Rest of NOLA

Alright, so back to the New Orleans thing. I ended the last post with our second night out on the town.

Jamie and Ken had dinner plans with her dad, so hubs and I made dinner plans with Rich and Ed. I ordered a beer. They did not.

After dinner, most of our group met up at the courthouse for a truly horrible two hour walking ghost tour.

The tour had about 25 people. We walked around and made stops where our guide told us stories about ghost sightings in certain buildings.

We did not go into the buildings. We just saw them from across the street. Then, she would show us where certain sightings happened and told us to take a picture of the area, and we might see a ghost in our picture…once we uploaded them to our computers.

I would highly recommend avoiding a ghost tour in New Orleans. Watching that $20 swirl down the toilet might be more fun.

After our tour, we were more than ready to get a drink. Or ten. So we headed over to The Dungeon where we stayed all night. No pictures are allowed in The Dungeon, but I snapped this one of Nate just outside.

“Yep, it’s made with bits of real panther, so you know it’s good.”

The next morning, hubs and I were on our own for awhile, so we booked a walking cemetery tour of the St. Louis Cemetery One.

I love that the city is fun but also has a ton of history. Our tour guide was super knowledgeable about the history of New Orleans, so we learned a lot of interesting things.

This is the grave of Marie Laveau, a Voodoo priestess. According to our tour guide, it’s the second most visited grave in the world (next to Elvis).

If it is the second most visited grave, my guess is because the traffic is so high in this cemetery and not because people want to see her grave.

Visitors often mark three X’s on her grave, spin around three times, and leave an offering to get a wish granted. I asked why so many people left lip gloss (there was tons of it) and my answer from the tour guide: she was a hairdresser.

St. Louis Cemetery One is still active, meaning people are still buried there. If a grave is left unattended for 50 years, the church has the right to re-sell it. So I found this fixer-upper if any of you are interested.

Other things we learned about the city in general:

  • People are only buried above ground.
  • New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz. (Not sure how I didn’t know that.)
  • Even if you live in New Orleans for years, you still won’t see 70% of the city because it’s mostly enclosed courtyards.
  • New Orleans burned down twice. Once in 1788 and once in 1794. They stopped using wood to build after the second one.
  • Any restoration done in New Orleans can only be done with the original building materials to keep the town’s authenticity. That’s why a lot of the buildings are so aged – because the materials don’t exist anymore.

After our tour, we met up with Jamie, Ken, and Nate for lunch. I stuffed myself with a Po-boy and pecan pie and then still insisted we get more beignets afterwards. I wasn’t hungry at all but thought as long as I was in New Orleans, I was gonna shove food in my face.

On the way, we found cop cat.

Once we got to Café Beignet, we knew we’d been followed.

Seriously, that freaked me out. Everyone else was like, “oh hey, there’s cop cat. *nom nom*”

I ate three beignets. One when I bought them and two for dinner. I am certain if I lived in NOLA, it would be the death of me.

We were all so full, we waddled back to the hotel to pick up the rest of our group and headed to the airport. I’m pretty sure that’s where hubs picked up the flu and then gave it to me for an early Christmas present. Winking smile


My DVR didn’t record American Horror Story last week, which is why there was no recap. Once it shows up on demand, I’ll get caught up. (Not that anyone asked.)


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My First Trip to New Orleans

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are having a fabulous day filled with stretch pants and gravy stains on your shirt. However, this is not a Thanksgiving post. I don’t cook or do anything out of the ordinary on Thanksgiving, so I guess I am just thankful for my average, everyday, boring life. It’s pretty great.

Now on to other things.

Some serious anti-training went down last weekend. Actually, it’s been going down for two weeks. Why I thought it was a good idea to sign up for a half marathon on Thanksgiving weekend right after a vacation is beyond me. It’s almost as smart as the time I ran a half marathon in Vegas. But I’ll whine about that another day. Today is all about New Orleans.

Hubs and I were in NOLA to celebrate our friend Jamie’s birthday. Fifteen of her friends flew out for her birthday and we knew exactly three of them. On top of that, Jamie and her hubs, Ken, are newer friends of ours so we were a little nervous at first since we didn’t know anyone really well and weren’t sure how it would go.

Well, it started out pretty good even before leaving the airport.

(From left: Ken, Earl, Jamie, Hubs)

A bunch of us were on the same flight, so Jamie arranged for us to be picked up at the airport…in a stretch Escalade.

With champagne.

(From the back: Laser-eyes Earl, Bryan, Ken, Mark, Hubs, Me, and Ashley (Mark’s gf and Jamie’s BFF))

You got all these new names and relations? There will be a test later.

We stayed at the J.W. Marriott on Canal Street, which is about a block away from Bourbon Street. (Hint: Check the closet for the hair dryer. I had crap hair for two days until I figured that one out.)

Once we all settled into the hotel, we met for dinner and hit up Bourbon Street.

After dinner at Oceana, we walked over to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, the last bar at the end of Bourbon Street. Everything after this place is residential. It’s also America’s oldest bar.

In fact, I’m not even sure they had lights. I looked and couldn’t find any. The entire place was pitch black at night and lit only by candles so I didn’t take any pictures inside, but it was definitely a cool place.

After Lafitte’s, we made our way to the Old Opera House, which did not play opera by the way. Unless Van Halen is the new opera.




(From left: Ken, Nate, Rich, Ed, Bryan)

(Jamie and hubs. Seriously, how cute is she?)

At Old Opera House, you can find a shot girl that looks exactly like Uma Thurman. In fact, when I mentioned it to her, the look on her face said that she hears it all the time. I wish I had gotten a picture with her, but she started telling me all about her finances which was fairly awkward, and there’s just no good way segueway from that.

After the Opera House, some street shenanigans occurred. New Orleans is like Vegas in that you can walk around anywhere with a drink, which I think is so awesome that if I met a genie, I might make that one of my three wishes for Orlando. So, when we weren’t inside some establishment, we walked around and checked out the crazies.


This guy is not walking across the street. He’s just standing completely still in that position.

Until somehow we became the crazies.

Bryan took his shirt off for beads.


And then my favorite picture of the trip happened.


By the way, Nate is wearing a shirt with a picture of a moose with a moustache that says “Moosestach.” That shirt sealed my love for him.

The next day, we walked around the city.



There was a whole area with awesome local art for sale. I wanted these paintings of cats holding random objects SO bad but they were $85 each.


Seriously. I want those cat paintings.

We took a donkey-drawn carriage tour of the city and learned a bunch of history about the different buildings and the city as a whole. The carriage tour included a stop at Lafitte’s for a Hurricane. < — can this city GET any better?

And then we were ready for dinner and another night on the town, but this is getting long so I’ll finish this up in my next post.

I honestly had so much fun. I laughed so hard and so much every day that my face hurt. And I met so many new, cool, and completely different people that I can now call friends. I had a really great Jamie’s birthday. 🙂


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Lucky Number Seven

I’m back from New Orleans and there’s seven pounds more of me to love for it. It should be noted that I was walking around the city 50% of that time and I still gained seven pounds.

There will be no Thanksgiving dinner for this girl, therefore I’ve decided to cancel the holidays. I wanted to let you all know early in case you had plans.

During my four days in NOLA, my diet consisted of lots and lots of drinks. They started at the airport before we ever left Orlando.

My new favorite shot is a Fireball. So, so good. It’s cinnamon whiskey and it reminds me of After Shock. Does anyone remember that stuff or am I dating myself?

Alligator sausage and crab cakes from Oceana.

A fried shrimp platter evaded the camera, so just imagine a giant plate of fried shrimp and fries in my mouth.

Gumbo from The Royal Oyster House.

I don’t even really like gumbo, but I managed to eat it twice anyway.

Po-Boys from The Gumbo Shop.

Delicious. Whoever invented these sandwiches is the devil.


I ate so many beignets that it crossed the line of normal consumption. First at Café Du Monde and then at Café Beignet because I had to compare them, of course. Also, after the beignets were eaten, I just shoveled the powdered sugar in my mouth with my fingers. Not a proud day days.

The worst photographed but best tasting roasted beet salad ever from The Bourbon House.

Buffet at the Court of Two Sisters.

That’s just plate one of three. (Also, they had the best pecan pie I’ve ever had in my life there.)

So much food didn’t get photographed because the lighting was too dark or I inhaled it too fast. But there was also omelets, pancakes, pizza, hot dogs, boudine, and lots of eating off other people’s plates. The only thing I managed to avoid were the frozen drinks (because I’m  not a big fan of daiquiris) and bananas foster (because I’m not a fan of bananas.) Although, had someone put one of those in my hand, I’m sure I would have consumed it.

Overall, I had an amazing time. I’m back at work and have to be all responsible again, but I’ll be back with all the awesome things we did a little later. 🙂


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