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I got new shoes…again.

I know everyone says they’re busy and no one likes hearing about how busy other people are, but I’ll say it anyway: I’ve been really busy.

Besides some random stressful things that I’ll talk about one day, school has been kicking my ass the last two weeks of the semester. The instructor doubled-up some writing assignments and back-loaded most of the quizzes while we’re also supposed to be working on a 20-page annotated bibliography (because that will help us in life). I can’t wait to write the end-of-semester evaluation for the class because I’ve got a whole page of “recommendations” already written out for that mofo.

Anyway, enough about that. More importantly, a new shoe purchase was made.

Those are the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10’s and so far I mostly like them. They have a raised area in the heel that feels a little weird but my speed runs in them have been pretty good, so maybe I’m just not used to it? Either way, I think they’re cute and looking cute is important to my vanity. I’m not sure if they’re good for distance yet, but I’ll find out next month when half marathon training starts.

I also tried out the Hoka One One courtesy of my running wife.

I highly recommend running wives. They buy new shoes and let you try them for free.

The Hokas were nice and cushy but rubbed my pinky toe a little. Not enough to hurt but maybe it would if I ran a longer distance in them? My legs are definitely not used to the 5 mm drop because my calves were already getting sore at the end of a mile. I can say, if I decide to go to a lower drop shoe, it would be these. I like lightweight shoes without feeling like I’m running on bare pavement.

Even though I bought new shoes, I’m still considering buying another pair. I’m deciding between the Brooks Ghost 7 and the Mizuno Wave Rider 18’s. I used to like the Ghost 5’s but the new models are heavier which I don’t like. The Wave Rider 17s caused my hip problem so I’m apprehensive about the 18’s. So to sum this up, I have shoe anxiety and I’m never happy. The end.



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