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So, I’m running again…ah who cares, Lindsey came to visit!

I’ve had a half written post saved in my blog for a month now about how I’ve been running again for the past couple months. But now that post can wait cuz look who came to visit me!


That’s my online turned IRL lovah, Lindsey and that picture was from the last time I saw her in June 2015. And then in April 2013 before that.


It is clear I cannot decide on a hair color.

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve seen Lindsey and Evan, so I was super excited when she told me she was coming to Florida. Before she left, she asked if I had any requests for Canadian food so of course I needed some ketchup chips. She was nice enough to bring me an already open bag.


Ahhh, the land of English and French.

Ketchup chips sounded horrible to me at first but I was proven wrong by those delicious beauties. President’s Choice ketchup chips are good and I plan to eat every last one, but I think Lay’s wins the ketchup chip game so far.

Anyway, Lindsey and Evan arrived before noon on Saturday and hubs and I had quite the touristy day planned for them. Our first stop was the Black Hammock air boat ride.


Black Hammock is on Lake Jessup, which is the most gator infested lake in Florida and 6 feet deep on average. Problem gators are brought to this lake from other lakes. So yeah, lots of danger! If you read Lindsey’s blog at all, you know there is no lake she won’t swim in, so this lake made her quite sad. We had a little time before our boat left, so we walked around, checked out the (caged) gators and got our picture on.



Any my favorite picture of the weekend…


The side view of Evan posing in that wooden gator was much more delightful than the front view.

Then it was time for the airboat ride.



The ride was a good time but since it’s cooler in Florida this time of year, there weren’t as many frolicking gators. The first time I rode the airboat, gators were aplenty. But still, it was fun riding through the marshes of Lake Jessup. There were a few places I wasn’t sure the boat should be and other times that people on the sides of the boat had to duck to avoid getting hit in the face with a branch. I like danger in my air boat rides.



After the boat, we had lunch at the Black Hammock restaurant which was delicious. We also got to hold a baby gator which Evan took a hard pass on.




After the Black Hammock shenanigans, we went back home, chilled for a little while out at the pool, and then got ready for the night’s adventure: a ride on the Orlando Eye.


The Eye is 400 feet tall and instead of seats, you stand in little air conditioned pods and listen to music while taking in views of the city.


I was a little bummed that the eye was completely red. It’s usually a ton of different colors and constantly changing, but Coke just sponsored it so now it’s red 90% of the time. Meh. I do not look at an all red Ferris wheel and think of Coke. We actually thought it was closed when we saw it from a distance because of the color. At least red and white would be better Coke colors, but I digress.

It takes about 30 minutes to make a full revolution, and let’s be honest, this is Orlando we’re looking at. It’s flat and it’s cool to see everything from above, but it’s not like we were looking at a million skyscrapers or mountains. Either way, I was glad I did it because I’ve been wanting to go on it for a year now. Evan is not a fan of heights and was not looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure he did it out of pure love for Lindsey. He was a trooper.

After The Eye, we went to dinner at an awesome tapas restaurant called Cafe Tu Tu Tango. And this is where I realize I took no pictures of food over the weekend. I used to take pictures all the time, never use them, and delete them when I realized I had tons of pictures of food for no reason. Now I could use them and don’t have them. Just know that I am still adhering to the “Eat” portion of my blog name.

We were pretty full after dinner and not really in the mood for drinking, but we hit up a bar anyway because going home at 9:30 is lame. Around 11:00, we still weren’t feeling it and ALMOST went home. That’s when the music at the bar markedly improved (ahem, Kesha) and we all got our second wind which consisted of a lot more drinks, darts, and giant Jenga.

I only managed two pictures at the bar. Lindsay and I doing our best Trump impression.


Hubs playing the ground guitar.


And the bathroom door from the inside.



Edit: Ok, that was three pictures.

The night turned out to be a fun time and I’m happy our second wind hit us. However, not all of us were happy about that second wind the next morning. We had some more fun, light shenanigans on Sunday, but more on that in the next post.


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