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Bobby Lee at the Improv

Saturday night, hubs and I met up with our friends Nicole and Kevin to see Bobby Lee at the Orlando Improv. Bobby Lee is from MadTV and was recently in The Dictator (which I will never see because I can’t stand Sasha Baron Cohen).

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know we saw Bobby Lee last year and he showed me his balls. I couldn’t miss out on the possibility of that happening again, so when hubs heard he was coming back, we had to get tickets.

Hubs and I left pretty early so we could get dinner beforehand. We ate at Adobe Gillas, one of our faves, which is about 50 steps away from the Improv. After we were done, Nicole and Kevin had arrived so we made our way into the Improv and got our seats.

We weren’t really close to the stage this time but we were in the center so we had a good view.

Kevin and Nicole also had a good view. Of something.

(By the way, Nicole has a new blog you should check out. She writes stories of ridiculous things that happen to her. And they’re all true. Which makes them awesome and sad all at once.)

Before the show, I really tried to get some nice pictures of the four of us, but they all came out like this.

So I stopped trying.

There were a few comedians that opened for Bobby. One of them was a girl that is on some show on TBS. (I know, helpful information there.) I can’t remember her name (also helpful) but she was actually pretty funny and I’m not usually a fan of female comedians.

Bobby was hilarious as usual. He got naked as usual. And gave a random man from the audience a lap dance as usual.

Before the lap dance, he asked the audience to give him a stipper name. Nicole shouted “Asian Orange” and Bobby was so impressed with how awesome and clever she was, he used it. 🙂

While still naked, he thanked us all for coming out. It’s more heartfelt when you’re naked.

Bobby is still in my top three favorite comedians that I’ve seen live. If he comes to your town, you need to see him. He’s so hilarious, you’ll either pee your pants or get a good ab workout trying not to.

I think his tour ended this weekend since he’s in some new show on NBC called Animal Practice. I can’t say if the show is good or not. I mean, it has Justin Kirk from Weeds which is awesome but it also has a monkey which is not awesome. <—- not a fan of monkeys

Anyway, after the show, we hung out at the bar at Fat Fish Blue, which is the restaurant attached to the Improv. I’m not even sure what happened there but this is one of my only pictures.

I feel like I missed something good on the ceiling that night.

Once everyone filed out of the show and the next show was seated, the restaurant was pretty empty. We looked up and saw Bobby at the opposite end of the bar talking to a waitress. So of course, we all shouted “Asian Orange!”  And he didn’t even look at us.

So we walked down to the end of the bar and asked him for a picture.

So awesome.

The show was over by 9:30pm and by 10:30pm, I felt like it was already two in the morning. I was done. I chugged a Red Bull before the drive home, we said our goodbyes, and I was in bed by 11:30pm on a Saturday. I think that’s a first for me – even during marathon training. *so old*


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The Good Stuff

I spent so much time whining in the last post that I forgot to tell you the cool stuff about the weekend. Stuff that didn’t make me cry in a grocery store. So, let’s do that now. 🙂

1.  Friday, I got my hair done. Yes, again. It’s a sickness. I haven’t had my hair cut in over 6 months, so I had it trimmed and had my layers shaped up. And I went back to red. My goal is to eventually look like Emma Stone and take over her career of being adorable.

You’ve already seen that picture if you like the blog Facebook page. Sorry I’m too lazy to take a new picture. Or smile. I am however, not too lazy to spend 10 minutes finding an Instagram filter that covers up all my wrinkles.

2.  My stylist told me that if you want to keep your color longer, use a sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair in cold water. I bought this stuff at the salon.

It was really expensive ($18) but it smells like angels. Plus I like to say the name of the shampoo really loud in the shower every time I use it.

3. After I bought my $18 shampoo, I found a whole line of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners from L’Oreal at the grocery store for less than half the price. So I bought some of that too.

I’m not really a “rosemary mint” type of girl, but this stuff smells really fresh. And it’s one of the few conditioners that allows me to actually brush through my hair without little pieces breaking off and covering the counter top with hair balls.

4. I’m not sure if it’s because I just had my hair trimmed and it’s looking more healthy because of that or if it’s my new hair products, but HOT DAMN my hair isn’t frizzy and dry anymore. It’s so soft that I want to take the day off so I can go home and touch it all day.

That’s me today. Blow dried only and no hair products. But, it doesn’t look red or highlighted there. What gives?

I feel like I should apologize to my 5 male readers for talking about my hair so much but I doubt they made it this far. At least I’m not talking about pooping this time.

5.  Friday night, hubs and I went to see Orlando Jones at the Improv. It was a last minute thing since we scored free tickets a couple days earlier. Orlando Jones has been in a ton of movies and guested on a lot of TV shows, but he’s probably most famous for being the 7-Up guy. (Remember “make 7-Up yours?”) Anyway, neither of us thought his stand-up was that funny but we thought it was super cool how appreciative he is of all his fans. He thanked everyone for being at the show and even stayed afterwards for pictures and autographs. Oh looky! A new picture for my Celebrities page. Smile

Anyway, he was seriously one of the nicest, most sincere celebrities I’ve met. He wanted to talk to everyone and shake everyone’s hand. He just seemed like a really good guy.

6. This girl posted the Tower of Terror 10-miler medal on her Facebook page, which just happens to be the next race I’m registered for. It glows in the dark and has a freakin’ working elevator.


I think I just peed my pants a little.


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Celebrity Balls

Those are the first two words my husband uttered to me after the Bobby Lee show at The Orlando Improv last night.

And I saw them. Up close.

But let’s go back to the beginning for a second.

We originally had tickets to see tonight’s show but decided to buy tickets to last night’s show so our weekend wouldn’t be so jam packed with back-to-back plans. Our tickets for tonight’s show went to my friend Sara. (Oh, Sara. You are in for a treat. And when I say treat. I mean balls.)

After work, the hubs and I headed down to Pointe Orlando where The Improv is now located.

Pointe Orlando is a more upscale shopping and eating mall on International Drive. International Drive a huge tourist area because it’s right near Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Wet n Wild.

The Improv used to be in Downtown Orlando and closed a couple years ago, which was a total bummer because we loved it and used to see a ton of shows there. Now it’s back (yay!), in a new location, and the place is WAY nicer.

Usually when we arrive to a show, there is already a line of people waiting to get in. I guess we were early because there was no line. We were seated at the front with another couple.

This is our table.

Yes. That is the stage right next to me. My beer could have touched the stage if it wanted to.

My tweet – or cry for help – after we were seated.

After a couple of opening comedians, the show started.

Let’s just say Bobby Lee really interacts with his audience. Within 10 minutes of his show, he had already hugged me when he saw me laughing and told me, “thank you for getting my joke white lady.”

There were no pictures allowed because they can distract the comedian, but I managed to get two terrible pictures in. Here’s a shot of him in the audience touching random people’s faces.

If you’ve seen him on MadTV, you know he has NO problem stripping down to his underwear. His tiny…striped…underwear. Last night was no different.

Bobby gave a very limber lap dance to an audience volunteer. He told the guy right before he did it, “you’re going to hate this.” Smile  Before the lap dance, random people were putting money in Bobby’s underwear.

After the lap dance, he put his pants back on. But I started laughing so hard because all these tags were hanging out of his underwear and it looked ridiculous. Then, a bizarre domino effect happened and that’s when I saw them.

THEM. You know the ones.

Bobby heard me laughing, turned around, asked me what was so funny, slammed his microphone down on the stage, pulled down his pants to his tiny, striped underwear and stood right in front of me. And there they were. I saw them. Eye level and everything.

Bobby bent down and gave me an almost naked hug and kiss and then pulled his pants up.

After the show, we met one of the opening comedians who was really funny – and got a picture with him. He’s doing a mother’s day show on Sunday if anyone doesn’t know what to do for their moms in the Orlando area.

We also met a couple that were sitting at the table next to us.  The girl high-fived me on the way out for being awesome and getting so much love (if that’s what you want to call it) from Bobby Lee.

She REALLY reminds me of someone famous but I can’t place her.

I don’t remember this one being taken.

I guess it makes sense though. If I’m comfortable with celebrity balls in front of me, I’m also comfortable with strangers hugging me and touching my face.

So there you have it. The story of seeing my first celebrity goodie bag. Smile

Bobby Lee was so funny that I started tearing up. I would put him in the top 3 of all the comedy shows I’ve seen (and the hubs agrees). We’ve seen a lot of shows too – including Dave Chappelle, Tracy Morgan, Eddie Griffin, Bob Saget, Kevin Nealon, Christopher Titus, and Chris Tucker. The other two comedians in the top 3 in case you’re wondering: Harland Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait. (Not kidding about Bobcat. His standup is hysterical.)

Do you go to comedy shows?

Who’s the best comedian you’ve seen live?


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Sometimes I do…

So, I have a confession to make.

Remember that 100 Push-up Challenge I mentioned awhile back? Well, I haven’t been doing them for about 2 weeks now. I write down the sets I’m supposed to do on a sticky. Put the sticky on the coffee table so I remember to do them. And then use the sticky for a coaster for my margarita.


Ok, that’s not a margarita. That’s me in Vegas (at Cathouse in the Luxor) about 3 hours after I got married. But the point is…I look just like that with a margarita on my couch.

How am I such a slacker that I can’t even complete 6 weeks of this?  Well, last night,  I decided to finally complete Week 4 Day 1.  I probably wouldn’t have done them if Stephanie didn’t make me feel like such a slacker. Not only is she still doing her push-ups but her whole family is doing them with her.

Way to make me feel lazy, Stephanie! 😉 Only 3 more weeks and I never have to do them again, right?

 In other news, I.am.so.excited!

I just found out the Bobby Lee is coming to the Orlando Improv and I will SO be there. Just bought my tickets. 🙂  If you watched MadTV, you’ll remember him from there.


Or maybe you remember having this poster on your wall back in the day. Or even right now in your family room…


No? Well, I don’t have that poster either. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, in all my excitement, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite recurring characters he did on MadTV – the North Korean Scientist. Enjoy! And laugh. And if you don’t laugh…you are dead to me! (Just kidding, I love you)

Did you ever watch MadTV? Do you miss it like I do? It was so much better than SNL.  Such a bummer it was cancelled 2 years ago.


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